Get stuck into an escape room puzzle you can enjoy from home

A new kickstarter campaign aims to bring escape room puzzles into your home and keep your mind active in the countdown to Christmas with the world’s first Escape Room Advent Calendar.

PETERBOROUGH, UK; 15 July 2020 – No one could have predicted the unprecedented boom of the escape room industry, which started to appear around 2009 and has since grown exponentially. Now, as physical escape rooms are suffering in the wake of Covid-19 and people are unable to gather in confined spaces, one team of innovative escape room architects has created a new way for people to get their puzzle fix – in the safety of their own homes!

Thinking Outside the Box Escape Rooms based in Peterborough, UK, have been creating 5-star brick-and-mortar escape rooms experiences for the past 5 years, and have now turned their skills to a novel new enterprise – the world’s first Escape Room Advent Calendar.

Instead of numbers on the outside of these A3 calendars, there are clues and players need to work out the daily answer in order to follow the correct path through the calendar. Each correct answer gives you the next door to open, combining the satisfaction of solving a puzzle with the joy of eating chocolate as each door opens.

We have spent a year of planning and testing to make sure these calendars are fun for the whole family to enjoy, so the puzzles are intended to be solvable. We’re confident there’s enough information inside the advent window and on the calendar box that you would not need to randomly guess, but still challenging enough to be enjoyable” explains Thinking Outside the Box Escape Rooms founder Jason Stroud“We really hope that people enjoy playing the puzzles together and look forward to opening each window before the big day.”

As the Escape Room industry has grown, so these experiences have started appearing all around the world, offering an array of entertaining puzzle themes to try and solve. These experiences are enjoyable as team-building exercises for companies, encouraging new learning techniques for schools and simply, as a fun and different night out with friends. The Escape Room trend has since branched out into board games, video games, online events and now, with the launch of the Escape Room Advent Calendar… Christmas!

Thinking Outside the Box Escape Rooms have created two advent calendar themes to choose from, each of which will be produced using 100% recyclable materials and containing individually-wrapped 5g dark chocolate Neapolitan chocolate in every window. The chocolate will be made with natural ingredients to a gluten-free and egg-free recipe to be suitable for both vegetarians and vegan.

Escape Room Advent Calendar is now live on Kickstarter where you can support the project by pledging to one of the rewards and be one of the first to receive this exciting new puzzle-solvers Christmas wish come true!

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