DIY – REDUCE Regens – Downtime – Maintenance Expenses, ECOFuelMax

DIY - REDUCE Regens – Downtime - Maintenance Expenses, ECOFuelMax 2

For over 15 years, tens of thousands of Auto owners, Transit, Trucking and Heavy Equipment Fleet Managers have been reducing Maintenance expenses using the ECOFuelMax Pollution Solution.

Today’s focus is on the Pandemic Coronavirus; tomorrow it will be Carbon Pollution unless we act. Any Diesel, Biodiesel or Gasoline powered motor can reduce Carbon Pollutants 40% to over 70% without using any additives or doing any maintenance. Installation is simple.

The ECO solution has been tested and has been proven to work utilizing electrostatic energy. NASA, Homeland Security, School, Coach Buses, Waste Trucks as well as private corporations have been successfully using it for many years.

Now Independent Truckers and Automobile owners can deal directly using our wholesale Warehouse Distribution program and save money by reducing Carbon Pollution. Diesel owners can reduce DPF maintenance by as much as 70%, reduce downtime while increasing fuel efficiency. Auto owners using gasoline can help by reducing the +/- 20 pounds of Carbon Dioxide that every gallon of gasoline releases into the air. The reward is improved performance and increased fuel efficiency.

Look around, since the Covid – 19 Pandemic required us to stay at home Scientists all agree that pollutants have been substantially reduced. The air is fresher and our waterways are cleaner. If everyone took action and spent a few hundred dollars the Carbon Pollutants the +/- 7,000,000 untimely annual deaths caused by cancer, emphysema, asthma and COPD could be reduced.

The wholesale cost is negligible ($295-$395) the ROI on a Diesel Truck is less than 10 days, a Bus less than 20 days, an automobile in a few months depending on use. We cannot afford to wait; the time to act is now.

Since 1999 ECO Fuel Systems and its principals have been dedicated to helping the consumer by reducing Carbon Pollution. The ECOFuelMax Pollution Solution has a No Risk Money Back Guarantee. For more information call or go online  GO GREEN – Burn Clean!

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