Is it cheaper to buy glasses online?

Yes! It is cheaper to buy glasses online nowadays. There has been a significant boost in the number of eyewear brands that are emerging to provide an excellent quality of prescription and non-prescription lenses at an affordable rate. 

A post of Telegram states that “The average cost of an eye test is £21.31 in England. But you will pay on top for any glasses that you are prescribed, and you are likely to be offered a range of optional extras.

The range of prices is enormous: an essential pair of glasses can cost £40 from a high street optician while designer spectacles can easily cost more than £200.”

The increase in the cost of eyewear from the local retail or healthcare professional had made consumers life challenging to have good eye health and glasses to restore their vision. The fact that they were placing their trust and money in the hands of a healthcare professional and other offline opticians brought them significant complication and unhappiness with the product quality and reduction in the durability of these glasses.

Since we all are going through drastic changes in our life and eye condition, and deterioration are inevitable to dodge; hence all we expect to have the convenient and affordable advantage of receiving glasses at a cheap rate. Since varifocals cost a lot but while shopping online, you will also get cheap glasses prescription and non-prescription glasses as well.

Buying online usually wins

Buying glasses online has such a huge benefit of just chilling a home in your Pajamas and ordering a french designer or Italian design pair of glasses only by one click. Online glasses brands offer a convenient solution to us with millions of wide range in frames design, colour, style and material. All you need to do is supply an up-to-date prescription and enter the relevant details on the form when ordering. Not only that, they deliver your product faster than you expected while offline retailers take almost a month or two weeks to get them at your doors. 

Where to find the cheapest glasses – Specscart

Specscart provides glasses at a significant rate where you can easily afford them and even buy a few extra frames for their superior quality and style. Basic frames and lenses start from £25 at Specscart, and you are provided with several other benefits that you can not get anywhere else online.

Replacing your lens

There are numerous reasons why you should replace your lenses. For example, experiencing headaches or blurry visions, and when the existing lenses show old age. If the lenses are scratched, or the frames are bent, it might be time for you to consider getting replacement lenses. Keeping the scratched lenses or the bent frames will harm your vision without your knowledge. Replacing your lenses can also help support a lively lifestyle and prevent exposure to blue lights. You don’t need to spend much when buying designer glasses; many online optical shops can help you find the same type of frame without breaking the bank.

Free eye test at Specscart Stores 

Specscart also conducts free of cost comprehensive eye examination for every age group. You can just call and book an appointment at our Walkden and Warby stores, and our expert’s optician will conduct your test and provide you with your prescription stating your eye health. Think before spending £20-£30 on an eye test as Specscart does the same without costing a single penny. 

Free Eye Test at Home – Solution for Busy People

We all are so aware of things we should maintain good health but do we ever take it seriously. Just like planning to enter a gym and forgetting about it, we also ignore coming for an eye test even though its essential for maintaining an enhanced vision. Either we are packed with your exhausting schedule or are merely negligent about it -Specscart provides another excellent solution for that. It offers a free eye test at home where Specscart optician comes to your house and conducts a comprehensive eye exam and gives you your eye report. 

Free Protective Add-ons -Ensuring High-grade lens quality

Specscart provides prescription or non-prescription glasses to it with free protective add-ons such as anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and impacts resistance to ensure excellent protection and affordability among consumers. Many online brands charge extra for this protection, but Specscart wants it, consumer, to have it all in a very less expense. 

Cheap designer glasses 

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a fashionista, Specscart also offers designer specs at bargain-basement prices. Try some frames with Specscart free home trial where you can order any four frames for free and try them on for a whole week to determine what suits and fits you.

Go ahead and buy glasses online with such an abundant range of selection in prescription or non-prescription with designer and unique pair of frames without paying a fortune. 

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