PosecAfrica Launches African Continental on Building Sustainable Wealth

Denis is a young builder in Cameroon who has opened a new office and increased revenues by almost 35%. Esther is a roadside vendor in Nigeria who is adept at saving and reinvesting into her business by making little adjustments on what she spends on. Philemon runs a small production plant where he makes various flavors of popcorn. He has succeeded to expand his production plant’.

What all these hustlers have in common is, they found suitable investment opportunities and raised as little as $1,000 to expand their businesses through collaboration with PosecAfrica. At the back of their successes is PosecAfrica (Political, Social, and Economic Change Through Entrepreneurship in Africa), a 2-year-old platform Gerald Chiatoh Etangayong founded in November of 2017.

PosecAfrica Continental Tour:

Now, Gerald has launched the PosecAfrica Continental Tour to help entrepreneurs build sustainable wealth with through their businesses. The tour which will start in Yaounde, Cameroon, from November 2019, will run under the theme: “Building Sustainable Wealth ‘Money’ How to Make it and Keep It.”

Commenting on the tour, Gerald Chiatoh said:
“This topic has been the one topic that resonates with all our platform members from the moment we began. We believe in teaching people how to build sustainable wealth and by this, we are doing Africa three favors:

1) Helping to create entrepreneurs who will usher in economic prosperity.

2) Empowering people who will create jobs to solve the massive unemployment we face in Africa today.

3) We also believe that the collective impact of these empowered entrepreneurs will bring in the needed economic reforms and even force politicians to make economic and social-friendly policies.”

Besides building sustainable wealth, having the right mindset is uber important for succeeding in business and in life.

As an entrepreneur and founder of PosecAfrica, Gerald Chiatoh understands the struggles of entrepreneurship in Africa and across Europe.
“We create change, starting with the mindset. Our work centers around creating political, social and economic change, not through politics or engaging in policy formulation, but by creating and empowering entrepreneurs. We believe creating millions of entrepreneurs across Africa will usher in an era of prosperity and the need for better economic policies, will bring about needed reforms in the political and social milieu. The impact we create through our network and community of entrepreneurs cannot be overlooked. Society depends on the creativity and bravery of these entrepreneurs to create opportunities for themselves and their communities,” he said.

Living the PosecAfrica dream

Believing that Africans have the power to shape their destinies according to their imagination, Gerald and his team at Posec Africa are out to reset the mindset of Africans.
“My motivation comes from making people believe they can have what they want. Do what they want. Create the change they desire and make the world better.
Changing the mindset of African youths and preventing them from falling into online scams, is, therefore, the sole goal of this vibrant entrepreneur. He aims to create and empower entrepreneurs who will change Africa’s landscape.
“I am excited about the opportunities I see around Africa. That creates a passion in me to make sure that others see it too and take full advantage of it. It was for this reason that we created Posec Africa in 2017 to enable young Africans to maximize their opportunities.

“There are over 600 million youths across Africa. Our goal is to transform one million of them into successful entrepreneurs by 2025. So far, we have almost 14,4000 entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in our network. My goal is to see Africa transformed to become the economic bedrock of the world. Leading in all aspects. To see that goal achieved, I believe entrepreneurship is a fundamental part and milestone to enable it happen.”

Meet Gerald Chiatoh Etangayong

Gerald Chiatoh Etangayong grew up in Cameroon. He holds a B.sc in Political Science and Administration from the University of Buea, Cameroon. He also has Masters in Business Administration with a specialty in International Business.

Growing up, Gerald’s parents made him to believe that the more degrees he had, the higher his value in the job market would be. However, when he started his business, he realized, true value comes from what one can give (talents, work ethics, beliefs, and knowledge).
“I realized that the best education we get is the one we map out for ourselves, not the curricula laid out by pedagogy.”
With that notion, Gerald found his way to the United Kingdom, and that was where he got his vision.
I came to the UK with one goal, learn how to make money to empower others and use my success experiences to teach others to do the same. So far, I believe the plan is working

The power of persistence

A successful social entrepreneur who coaches and mentors, Gerald remains relentless in his fight for a better Africa.
“The first lesson anyone doing anything needs to learn is, believe you can and you will. Nothing has or will ever be achieved if the one bearing the dream or vision doesn’t believe he/she can succeed. After believing, comes action and persistence until success comes. Sometimes, people give up too quickly and easily. Persistence means sticking to it till it’s done, and that’s how you win or get anything done. Strategy is only 2%, execution is 3%, mindset, faith, and persistence make up 95% of success.”

A positive mindset is what Gerald believes can create millions of entrepreneurs across Africa and usher in an era of prosperity.
He’s, therefore, calling on Africans to think positively as limited thinking leads to limited ideas, which stunt growth and performance.

Instagram: @Pose_africa.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/posecafrica/

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