Businesses Collaborate in Sock Box Campaign for Equal Opportunities

Businesses Collaborate in Sock Box Campaign for Equal Opportunities

Stand Out Socks, a company based in Warrington, has joined forces with the Harrogate Chocolate Factory to create a special gift box for Father’s Day. Both companies share a commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunities for individuals with learning disabilities, and they aimed to offer a gift that combines every dad’s favorite present: socks and delicious chocolate bars.

The Harrogate Chocolate Factory operates as a social enterprise, focusing on equipping young people with learning disabilities with the necessary skills and providing them with work experience to facilitate their transition into paid employment.

Christian Laing, Co-Founder of Stand Out Socks, expressed the honor of collaborating with an enterprise that closely aligns with their values. He stated, “We are excited for our customers to taste their delicious handmade artisan chocolate. By purchasing our gift box, you will not only be treating the most important man in your life, but you will also be supporting both companies in empowering individuals with learning disabilities.”

This partnership is just one of the many plans Stand Out Socks has in store. The company aims to eventually offer similar opportunities to individuals with learning disabilities, establishing itself as a business that promotes inclusivity. According to Mencap, a UK charity, only 5.1% of adults with learning disabilities known to local authorities in England were engaged in paid work in 2021.

Christian further highlighted the lack of representation of individuals with Down Syndrome or other learning disabilities in managerial positions or as entrepreneurs. Consequently, Stand Out Socks strives to empower and create opportunities for those who often face limited prospects after completing their education.

The inspiration behind Stand Out Socks came from Ross Laing, co-founder and Christian’s brother, who has Down Syndrome. Ross’s presence as Co-Founder reflects the company’s commitment to uplifting individuals with learning disabilities. Ross faced challenges in finding employment after leaving education, a struggle common among people with learning disabilities. To address this issue, Christian and Ross established Stand Out Socks, with Ross taking a prominent role within the company.

The choice of socks as the primary product stems from the unique connection between Down Syndrome and the triplication of the 21st chromosome, which resembles the shape of a sock. Through vibrant colors and bold patterns, Stand Out Socks aims to initiate conversations about disability inclusion and raise awareness about Down Syndrome.

The future vision for the brand involves creating an environment where disabilities are valued, and differences are celebrated. Stand Out products, with their distinctive designs, serve as catalysts for discussions on disability inclusion, challenging stigmas, and promoting understanding.

The long-term goal is to offer individuals with learning disabilities paid employment and meaningful roles within the company. By doing so, Stand Out Socks seeks to break the cycle of limited opportunities for people with learning disabilities after completing their education and promote equal opportunities for all.

To purchase the Father’s Day gift box, please visit:

The Father’s Day box includes one pair of Stand Out Father’s Day-inspired socks, four assorted bars of Harrogate Chocolate, one Father’s Day gift box, and Stand Out tissue paper. All chocolate bars are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. Please note that the boxes are available in limited edition.