R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Find Out What It Means To Your Employees

If you are looking to harness a greater level of productivity within your workplace, you need to look to your employees. These are the individuals that will make or break the success of your business. As a boss, you need to forge a cohesive team that works well together, that gets along and that has the expertise that you need to help your business to thrive. However, if you walk into the office every morning, only to see an ocean of yawning faces and hear a deafening silence, then something is wrong. To harness a more dynamic and productive environment, you need to show your employees a certain level of respect to boost morale. Take a look at the sorts of things you can do to show respect to your workforce.

Office Environment

Your employees will not enjoy coming into work every morning if they have to make do with stained beige carpet tiles, a musty atmosphere, and dodgy office furniture. They will not be inspired to excel. Instead, whip out the white paint, go for an achingly cool Scandinavian office furniture style, and add some greenery around the workplace. Put up some awesome local black and white photography and ask your employees what chairs would suit them best. By empowering them to voice their opinions on their place of work, you are showing them respect. Being in an inspiring, bright, and airy workplace that is conducive to collaborative working will boost team morale and help productivity to increase.

Professional Development

To show the ultimate level of respect, you need to put your money where your mouth is. You need to invest in your employees to help them grow professionally and bring new skills to the working environment. Focus on their career goals and help them to achieve them (hopefully with your company.) Some employees may be keen to gain broader skills like fire warden qualifications. As fire safety at work is important, it makes sense to train up some of your staff to benefit your office space while enhancing their resumes. Some of your team may want to go on courses or shadow other staff members in more senior roles. Embed a staff-focused practice of empowering people to succeed.


Many staff members often feel shut out by their boss because communication channels are inefficient. You need to ensure that you have a morning briefing every morning to detail targets for the week, important news, and to give your staff a chance to air their views. Have an open-door policy where your team can come and confide in you as necessary. Ensure that you celebrate successes, name check individuals who go above and beyond, and welcome challenge. This shows maturity as a boss and a willingness to empower and respect your team and all that they have to offer.

Show respect to your employees and you will find your staff team will be happier, more productive, and passionate about implementing your business vision. Follow this guide and your business will thrive.

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