Trader Training Hub joins forces with Stage 5 to create unique global trading environment

logo-twitterTrader Training Hub, the London based premier trading education provider, have partnered with major US Futures broker Stage 5.

The two have created an all-inclusive range of products for anyone looking to trade financial futures on a professional basis. The team behind Trader Training Hub have been professionally training people to trade for the last 20 years. You can either choose to train from their London based Fleet Street office or remotely online. Lasting eight weeks they take you through all the topics required to be able to compete in the demanding world of trading.

Following this, for those who ready to trade a live trading account, Stage 5 enters the equation. The US based award winning futures broker gives you direct access to the global futures markets. At Stage 5 Trading, traders enjoy a wide variety of professional-grade trading services. These services include trade analysers, information and training webinars, chatrooms filled with like-minded traders and real-time news services. You are not left alone by Trader Training Hub either. The creation of Stage 5’s and Trader Training Hub’s Trade Desk Management system allows those who request it to be risk managed by Trader Training Hub to aid the correct path of trading.

We have tried to create a process that takes anyone wishing to trade for themselves from the start all the way through. I don’t see the point in teaching someone to trade and then leaving them to fend for themselves after 8 weeks.” Dan Goldberg, founder of Trader Training Hub, commented.

It takes time to become a consistently profitable trader and both Stage 5 and myself want to be there the whole way. From initial training to the tools required to trade thereafter and especially risk management we have tried to implement what is required. This is truly a global proprietary firm. To be able to watch a trader who may be on the other side of the world and help them in real time is invaluable. To be able to help them manage their risk live is something no one else in the world is doing. I’m very proud of what we have achieved.”

Maxwell Timmins, Senior Broker of Stage 5 Trading echoed the TTH philosophy.
At Stage 5 Trading, our focus is on providing traders with the best solutions for trading and monitoring trade performance in the hope that they can reach their full potential in a deliberate and methodical way. We consider ourselves a partner in their progress as a trader”.

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