4 Prestigious Meeting Spaces in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the land of opportunity, where dreams indeed come true. What better place is there to have a business meeting? Schedule your corporate gatherings at any of the locations below to guarantee a positive experience for you and your associates.

Second Home Hollywood

Do you work best in the outdoors? The fresh air gently caressing your skin and the warm sun glowing down on you can be beneficial to your productivity. How?

Scientists have repeatedly proven that spending time outdoors can boost your mood, reduce inflammation and pain, increase your energy levels, improve your memory, and relieve your stress.

No wonder Second Home was so inspired to integrate nature into your workday!

Along with office workers’ mental and physical wellbeing, Second Home prioritized safety in post-pandemic life as well by offering open-air workspaces, all with the following features:

  • Standalone garden pods that pump fresh air into the workspace
  • Hospital-grade MERV-12 air filters
  • Desks made of the hygienic, non-porous material, Corian (trusted by hospitals)

Access all these perks and more in their wide variety of membership options and meeting venues. You can book a room at Second Home with a $25 Day Pass, 5- ($110) or 10-day  ($200) bundles, a resident membership ($675), or roaming ($400) membership.

Second Home’s main meeting rooms for teams ranging from four individuals to 200 include the Garden Office and the Paul Williams office. Each boasts amenities like high-speed internet and appealing perks such as access to their in-house restaurant and courtyard for dining.

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Ethos Society

The Ethos Society emphasizes communal cohesion in its collaborative workspaces. The organization aims to inspire dreamers to work together to realize their most cherished goals, evolving their talents to become “doers,” ultimately.

There are three main membership options you can choose from to access The Ethos Society’s workspaces:

  • Hot Desk: This ranges from $35 daily to $300 monthly. This is the best option for individual remote or part-time workers or occasional meetings with clients.
  • Dedicated Desk: Startups and small business groups can subscribe to this plan, starting at $400 monthly. You can get access to great collaborative spaces for a larger team daily through this membership option.
  • Studio: If you work on a 1-9-person team, this is the best plan for you. Still, the Ethos Society had companies of 1-100+ members in mind when designing this membership choice, providing long-term private workspaces to maximize productivity.

Regardless of the plan you and your colleagues require, your room will come with the following amenities:

  • Fast internet
  • Micro-roasted coffee
  • Daily cleaning services
  • Printers
  • Concierge service
  • Beverages including cold brews and fresh fruit-infused water
  • Mail services
  • Mother’s Room
  • And more!

The Unique Space

You can find this “unique space” within one of Los Angeles’ Arts District’s historic factories. The spirit of hard work is still alive and well in this venue, persisting through its renovation and re-opening in 2013.

The Unique Space’s management team aims to provide a multifunctional workspace where you can relax and work.

The locally-produced décor elements, along with the gorgeous views on the rooftop terrace and pleasing interior design aesthetics, are all included to inspire a sense of creativity and innovation in each of the venue’s visitors.

Take a look at two of their current openings to get a feel for what The Unique Space offers:

  • Unit 101: Located on the first floor, this small office is ideal for collaborative duos or hardworking individuals. It’s soundproofed to help you and your neighbors maintain focus and decorated with hundred-year-old brick for a touch of inspiring antiquity. Available at $1,200 monthly.
  • Unit 105: Also on the first floor, this office is a bit larger and best suited for teams of 3-4 people. It’s air-conditioned to keep you all comfortable throughout the workday, with gentle light and comfortable furniture. Available at $1,500 monthly.

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dots Space

dots provides coworking spaces for professionals all across Los Angeles county at their locations in Culver City, LA, and Beverly Hills. In each of these venues, dots invites office workers to offices with bright, modern designs for all sorts of work and meetings.

Their rentals aren’t exclusively indoor spaces, though. With dots, you can enjoy a peaceful yet productive time in their outdoor venues, covering over 2,500 square feet. Here, you can use dots’ high-speed WiFi for in-person collaboration or video conferencing with distant colleagues.

There are a few membership options to choose from for those in need of outdoor workspace.

The Starter Spaces plan ($195) is ideal for entrepreneurs who only need a designated space a few times weekly.

For more frequent use, you should consider the Cowork Offices membership option. With this, you can have access to rooms with ample working office space for networking and meeting coworkers and clients.

Do you run a business that hosts regular gatherings, interviews, workshops, and more? If so, you might benefit from the Network plan. This comes with two dedicated event planners who will help ensure your events go smoothly each time.

Whichever membership type you need, get ready to enjoy amenities like complimentary beverages and snacks, wellness perks like a meditation room and strength training, and lounges with your conference and meeting rooms.

Invite your coworkers and clientele to Los Angeles’ distinguished meeting spaces

Liven up your workday by choosing a vibrant, amenity-packed meeting space in Los Angeles. Choose from any of the dynamic venues above, or select another ideal Los Angeles meeting space for your next professional gathering.