5 Reasons To Hire Temporary Staff During Challenging Times

5 Reasons To Hire Temporary Staff During Challenging Times

With the Australian economy set to shrink by 10 per cent and over 1 million Australians expected to lose their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic, we know that it’s a challenging time for all companies right now. However, temporary staff can add much-needed value to your business even during recessions and hiring freezes. Here are 5 reasons you should consider hiring temporary staff to support you during the pandemic.

1: Enjoy short-term, demand-driven support

During a hiring freeze, it’s problematic if there’s a sudden upturn in demand. Temp staff solve this problem because they help you meet the demand without hiring costly permanent employees.

2: Bridge the skills gap

A good temporary staffing recruitment service for corporates can source highly skilled employees. These personnel immediately add value to your business because they already have the experience and knowledge to take on challenging roles such as executive assistant hiring and secretarial positions.

3: Embrace cost-effective recruitment

Hiring temp staff is extremely cost-effective because you’re only paying them for the hours they actually work. In other words, you can save money without sacrificing business efficiency or employee productivity.

4: Cover staff absences

Staff absences are a huge problem during the pandemic, because so many employees are forced to self-isolate for at least 7 days. However, fluctuating employee attendance levels shouldn’t disrupt your business operations — temporary staff can help to keep your company running.

You could also consider using the help of conversational AI for all your customer service needs so that your customers can get help no matter what time of day it is.

5: Build a relationship with a hiring agency

When you work with a temp agency on a regular basis, you know that you can rely on them during times of uncertainty. Stop worrying about where to find reliable temp staff when you need them — partner with an Australian temporary staffing agency and take a weight off your mind.

A temporary staffing recruitment service for corporates

We are an Australian staffing agency that provides permanent and temporary support to businesses when they need it most. Whether you require seasonal staff for busy periods or you’re looking for extra support during a hiring freeze, our temp staff can help your company thrive.

We specialise in filling roles such as an Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Team Assistant, Secretary, Receptionist, Admin Assistant, and Legal Secretary. Contact us today to find out more about how you can benefit from our temporary staffing recruitment services.