How To Make Money Around The Sporting World

In this world, those who play sports professionally are able to rack up an awful lot of money. I mean, we’re talking millions every few months if they’re really good at what they do. Hundreds of years ago, if you would have asked a random person on the street if an athletic or gifted technical sportsperson should be paid astronomical wages, they would tell you no and laugh at you for the mere suggestion. It happens, though, and it’s all down to their worth to the game, the team, and anyone else willing to throw money at them.

We’re not all in that particular boat, though, unfortunately. Those individuals or teams make up a small fraction of a percentage of the population. That doesn’t mean we mere mortals can’t also make a healthy profit from the sporting world, though. Just because we don’t possess the kind of God-given talent that the gifted individuals were blessed with, it doesn’t mean we cannot live a blessed life. We may not have the work ethic and determination when it comes to the actual physical challenge of sport, but we can certainly put a lot of work into some of the peripheral aspects! 

Because sports are so important in today’s society and culture, it means there is a huge spotlight on it every single day. People are interested in what goes on – they’re emotionally invested, interested in getting involved from a business standpoint, and many other ways. Each and every one of us can use this popularity and interest to create a happy and fulfilled life for ourselves around it. You may already know some of the basics of working around sports, but there are a lot more than you think. For now, let’s go through some and see if they are of any interest to you. You never know, this time next year, you could be working in a dream job while scooping up a handsome salary!

Writing About Them 

Whether it’s to do with the biggest sporting events of the past week, something about grassroots sports, or simply ways to get fitter, people will want to know about it. There will always be demand for information around sports, so becoming a writer of some kind could stand you in good stead for a while. It would help if you had qualifications in the likes of English or journalism, but you don’t need to be the greatest wordsmith to become a well-known and respected writer in the game.

You could simply begin writing pieces about the sports you’re interested in. If you keep it up, and people like what you’re doing, then you could rise up the ranks pretty quickly. The opportunities in this world are out there, you just need to give them a try. You could become a journalist, or you could even write a best-selling book. 

Blogging is a big part of digital life and life in general, these days. Starting up a blog regarding a sport you enjoy and letting it grow could be the best thing you ever do. You could create a small blog with articles pertaining to recent events and content people would like to read about, and slowly grow it over time. You only need to see the likes of Barstool Sports and Squawka to realize how big a blog could become!  

Create A YouTube Channel

You must have been hiding under a large rock for the past decade if you don’t know about YouTube and the career one can capture off the back of it. People are always interested in video content – whether it’s because they want to watch someone on their lunch break, or whether they see an influential figure to do business with, people will want to get involved. Again, you don’t have to be the greatest speaker or production manager of all time as that will come with practice. Commentating on recent events and talking about certain areas people find interesting are two sure-fire ways of attracting viewers.

Work Together With And Sponsor A Team 

If you already have a business that you’re looking to build further, then you could always sponsor a sports team somehow. Perhaps your brand could be on their jerseys or other pieces of equipment. Not only would you be helping out a team and business that you have an interest in, but you’d also be getting some exposure for yourself. It’s a win-win situation for all parties if things go swimmingly. If you don’t currently have a business up and running, then this kind of move can be part of the plans. Sponsoring a team could lead to further moves in the sporting world. 

Betting And Various Methods Surrounding It 

By no means should you just throw your money away hoping for the right result, of course – that kind of behavior is for nights out when you’re okay with losing some cash! There are many other areas surrounding sports betting that allow people to make money safely. You could use analytics and the balance of probability of course. Matched betting is also an excellent no-risk way of making some money. You could even look into certain theories and techniques surrounding all things gambling. For instance, a little look at the likes of spread betting vs cfds could allow you to see certain financial aspects from a different perspective.


If you’re quite the photographer or amateur photographer, then you could get involved with the sporting world. There will always be demand for photos taken of sporting events, athletes, or even personal trainers. With the likes of Instagram and other social media platforms being a huge part of our culture today, you’ll find plenty of work and money in posting images online! 

Start Up A News Website 

If you aren’t all that interested in writing too much, then you could create a website surrounding the news in sports. Sure, this would involve a little writing, but not paragraph after paragraph, of course. People will want to get the latest information regarding their favorite team or if there has been a huge exclusive surrounding a certain individual. You could end up being the go-to for hundreds of thousands of people. Working with writers, graphic designers, and a web designer might be a little tricky, but it’s a great way of launching something special.

They Need Psychologists And Doctors… 

We’re constantly understanding more and more about how our minds and bodies work as time moves on. We’ve learned just how important mental health is when it comes to the sporting world (and in general life, too, of course). If you’re passionate about the way people feel and the way they behave, then you could, of course, enter the world of psychology. You never know, that could open up doors into sports psychology. They’ll also need their bodies kept in good shape, too, so the position of physiotherapist or nutritionist will never go without demand. 

Become An Agent!  

Agents in sports make a lot of money – you may know this already. There are many famous, well-known individuals that act on behalf of the stars. They do a lot of negotiating for them and represent them in many ways. If you feel as though you’d like to get into a certain game and you know the ins and outs of the formalities, then this could be the route for you. Agencies simply act as a representative for others and act in the best interests of them, taking a cut of any financial transaction in the process. 

Start A Podcast

Similar to YouTube videos, podcasts provide a lot of entertainment and relaxation for anyone listening. People can carry on doing what they wish while listening to insightful information regarding their favorite game or team. It doesn’t always have to be amazingly insightful, of course – it can be funny or wholesome, too! Podcasts can make money from sponsors and other advertisements – if you garner a large following, companies will want to use you to promote their goods and services, and they’ll likely pay very well.

Coaching Or A Managerial Position

Just because you weren’t good enough or disciplined enough to reach the highest level in the sport you loved, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t ever coach or manage others at that level! If you have a real passion for the game and really like seeing others improve, then this kind of thing would be worth getting into. Coaches and managers are able to rack up a lot of money for their services. 

Create An Online Store

People will always be impulsive, and they’ll always want to be good from you if you make them enticing enough. If you feel as though you have a little creative streak inside you and can make lots of sales, then creating an online store might be a tremendous idea. People will also look for things like shirts, hoodies, and all kinds of merchandise. Starting off and learning the basics on the likes of Shopify could set you up for the long-term as you become an e-commerce whiz.

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