Amazing Reasons To Build An App

When you are beginning to gain some traction in your small business, there are a lot of different paths you can take to help grow your business and branch out into something more exciting in the long term. When we come to avenues for reaching new people, one of the things which can’t be denied is the power of an app.

Mobile apps can be a wonderful thing for you to have in your business as they will allow you as the business to share a more personal place in people’s lives. Rather than simply visiting a website to see your products, they will be able to create an account and have your app on their phone to use at all times. Today we are taking a look at the top reasons why you should invest in an app this year.

More sales

The first and perhaps the most obvious reason why an app can be helpful for your business is accessibility and extra sales. Most people in the world have a mobile phone and as a result they also use a mobile application. It is much easier for someone to download an app to use on the go and this will encourage them to look at products and buy products while out and about. Techtiq Solutions, are mobile app developers, and they can help you to create an application for your mobile phone which will reach new people and allow you to make many more sales.

24 hours

One of the beauties of the online world is the fact that it never closes for the night. Before the internet and online shopping was a popular thing, many companies would close at a certain time in the evening and no sales could be made until the next day. However with online shopping and applications, people will be able to access your site and order your products 24/7 and this makes it more likely for you to gain sales in the world even when you are asleep for the night!

Less cost

One of the things which can be helpful with a mobile app is the fact that it allows a customer to go through the sales funnel alone. Rather than them calling you or talking with a member of staff to ask about your products, they can access the information instantly and this reduces your labour costs when it comes to employees. Rather than them talking on the phone with you for a long while spending money, they will be able to browse the app on seconds, make a decision and make a purchase. It makes life a lot easier and it will allow you as the business owner to save money on labour and on the cost of making a sale.

Lower marketing cost

Marketing costs are perhaps some of the most annoying when we are trying to reach customers, and they can be incredibly costly. However one of the things which you can do to make marketing easier for yourself is to have an application for people to download. As soon as they have an application on their phone, it will be cheap for you to send out push notifications with special offers and events. It means that your existing app customers will have instant access to your marketing materials at all times and they will be more likely to read the marketing because it comes directly to their phone rather than through email or social media.

Customer experience

Something which you can’t really replace when working with your business to deliver the best is customer experience. From the moment someone makes first contact with you to the time they place an order, you want their experience to be smooth and to be positive. The issue with websites often is the readability on other devices. When you have a website which is optimised for desktop and half of your audience uses their phones, it can make things a little hard for them to enjoy their visit. An application is made for a phone and this means that all of the content on there is tailored to what your audience wants and needs. They will have a much cleaner experience from start to finish and this can make all the difference to their opinion of your brand.

Be one step ahead

If you are still wondering about reasons to create an application for your brand this year, think of the edge. How many of your competitors have an app already? If none, you can be the first one and this will bring you one step above everyone else in your industry. Being able to offer a unique customer experience is something which is great and it will propel you above your competition right away.

Reach more people

One of the things which can have an impact on the way you market for a business is the reach you are able to market to. If you are a local florist you will market your brand very differently to an online fashion store, and this is where an app can be handy. Creating an application and having it on the App Store of peoples phones gives you one massive advantage: you’ll be international. This can be a wonderful way for small businesses to finally make the leap to international sales as the app will be accessible to people all over the world.

Create stickiness

Stickiness when it comes to branding is where the logo, imagery or name of a brand always sticks in the customer’s head. What better way to make this happen than to build an application and have it right there in your customer’s pocket! Being able to stick your brand to everyone around you can make a whole lot of difference because it will allow you to gain an audience without them even knowing it. Subliminal messaging can be helpful for any brand and this is something great for you and your brand in the years to come.

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