What Are The Building Blocks Of A Restaurant?

So you’ve had this idea of opening up your own restaurant for a long time, but never really knew how to get the ball rolling. You’re definitely not an endangered species that’s for sure. So many people just do not know where to begin in the restaurant industry. It’s a business for sure, but it’s not unlike any other. Many people dream of opening the doors to their own restaurant but don’t know what they need to make things happen. So what are the building blocks to getting started? Well, you need many things to swim alongside each other without hindered each other’s stroke. The first things will all be practical, as the business is itself a physical entity. You need to find a place to begin with, you need to consider the location, and then the real-world things that will bring the restaurant to life.


The size and atmosphere

For restaurants, the size itself plays a huge role in the overall impact and atmosphere of the business. Smaller restaurants are more intimate, they’re much more casual. Larger restaurants are inherently grand, and they are a showing of ability as in they can seat and serve many people at once. It all depends on what kind of atmosphere you want also as you can have a large restaurant but fewer tables. You can have a small place with many seating areas for customers. Consider the square foot that you’re going to be buying. If the average living room is around 150 sq-ft then a medium-sized restaurant’s main hall should be at least four times that. That would equate to around 600 sq-ft.

The heart and soul

You’ve got to think about what the heart and soul of the restaurant is going to be in terms of the emotion and expression you want with you food. However, the real beating heart of the restaurant will of course be the kitchen. You’ll need contact catering equipment suppliers that can offer you both brand new and refurbished kitchen equipment. Everything from cookers with 6 and 8 tops, fryers, grills, microwaves, sinks, stainless steel worktops, water boilers, ovens and many other things are required. It all depends on what kind of food you’ll be cooking too. For Italian food you’ll need a pasta making machine, but for Greek cuisine you might need something like a large grill rotisserie to cook kebab meat.

The first interaction

The first thing that customers will be interacting with is your seating and tabling. If you don’t have any of these things, there’s no way to serve them. Therefore you need to consider the style of seating you want. Will it be hardwood, cushioned chairs, leather upholstery, or perhaps even contemporary plastic seating? The same goes for the table but bear in mind whatever you choose it has to be rugged and able to withstand different kinds of customers.

The restaurant industry is unlike any other. You’re serving up food which is one of the pleasure of life. First you need to decide the size and atmosphere you want, and then work on getting the right kind of stylish and practical seating and tabling.

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