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Director: Scott Waugh
Writers: Kurt WimmerTad DaggerhartMax Adams
Stars: Jason Statham50 CentMegan Fox

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With 110 (and counting) Disney Channel Original Movies to choose from, sifting through Disney+ to find the best ones can be quite the undertaking. But, hey, it was an (obviously unenjoyable and not accompanied by pizza) challenge that someone had to take on!

The Disney Channel Original Movie lineup is, simply, a goldmine of made-for-TV greatness. Been awhile since you’ve dipped into DCOMs? There are probably some new hits you haven’t seen yet. Or maybe it’s the original heyday of Disney Channel Original Movies—an era that began in 1983 with Tiger Town but didn’t truly pick up steam until 1999—that you’re keen on exploring. (Speaking of 1999, did you know Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, Smart House, The Thirteenth Year and Johnny Tsunami all came out that year? Talk about a blessed time for Disney channel movies!)

Whether you’re in the mood for a modern classic like High School Musical or a quality throwback like Halloweentown, watching these movies is a fun reminder of the crushes, catchphrases and earworms that shaped us. And it wasn’t only us as viewers that Disney Channel Original Movies majorly influenced. A ton of familiar faces got their start in these television films, from Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato to Zendaya and Brie Larson. Revisiting these films is quite literally taking a step back in time, and watching some of your favorite faces take on their first on-screen roles. And if that isn’t good entertainment, we don’t know what is. (Looking for an easy movie night theme? Put together a watchlist based on the films that were released in your birth year.)

When it comes to the best Disney channel movies, everyone’s got their favorite. But we’ve taken the liberty of choosing the 48 old Disney Channel movies we’re pretty sure will live on in the DCOM hall of fame forever, listed here in no particular order.