Online dating questions to ask before meeting: Getting ready for a date

When talking about online dating questions to ask before meeting, people usually think about safety – just because you don’t know for sure whether your first date is going to go as planned. Meanwhile, meeting someone you’ve been talking to on a dating site, such as, for a while for the first time can be quite exciting. It’s also a great opportunity for questions to ask your date before meeting in online dating that can actually improve your relationship!

If your goal is to get to know your potential partner better, so you won’t feel awkward during the date, then it’s time to add some humor and curiosity. With the help of these questions, you can stand out, so your crush will be way more excited about meeting you in person. Make your first date amazing!

Memory-Making Moments

If you could create the perfect memory together on our first date, what specific activities, sights, or moments would be involved? Paint a detailed picture of the scene and emotions.

Dream Date Scenario

Describe your ideal date scenario in vivid detail. Is it an afternoon picnic in a secluded park, a homemade dinner with candles, or a spontaneous road trip with unexpected stops?

Culinary Curiosities

If we were to have a food adventure, trying something neither of us has had before, can you think of a specific dish or cuisine that intrigues you? What flavors or ingredients are you curious to explore?

Hidden Gems

Share not just a favorite spot but also the story behind it. What makes it unique, and how did you discover it? Is there a personal connection or a memorable experience associated with that place?

Quirky Hobbies

Delve into the details of your quirky hobbies. How did you discover this hobby, and what about it brings you joy? Are there specific aspects that you find especially fascinating?

Time-Travel Tastes

If you could time-travel through various eras, experiencing the dating scenes of the past, present, and future, provide examples of what each era’s date might look like. How would social norms influence the experience?

Personal Playlists

Share not only a list of songs but also why each song holds significance for you. What memories or emotions do they evoke, and how do they contribute to your vision of a perfect evening?

Novel Narratives

If you were to write a short story about our first date, include specific details such as the setting, dialogue, and characters. How would you want the story to unfold, and what makes it uniquely ours?

Dream Achievement

Provide more details about the achievement or experience you’ve always wanted. How do you envision it playing out, and how could we incorporate elements of it into our date?

Laughing Out Loud

Share a funny or embarrassing story in a way that brings it to life. What were the circumstances, who was involved, and how did the situation unfold?

Inspiring Conversations

Specify the topic you’d find most impactful for a conversation. Is it a philosophical discussion, personal experiences, or a particular area of interest? What depth would you want to explore?

Pet Peeves and Pleasures

Detail some specific things that annoy you or bring you joy. What are the nuances that can make or break an experience for you?

Adventure vs. Relaxation

Offer examples of adventurous activities or relaxed settings that resonate with you. How do you define adventure, and what constitutes a truly relaxing environment for you?

Interactive Experiences

Choose a specific interactive or hands-on activity that you find appealing. How do you imagine us engaging in this activity together, and what makes it enjoyable for you?

Traveling Imaginations

Share not only the destination but also the activities and experiences you imagine during our spontaneous weekend getaway. How would you want the adventure to unfold?