Thursday, February 22, 2024

Telangana 24 Year Old Digital Influencer Lady in Politics


Hyderabad, Telangana: In a significant move that blends social media influence with political aspirations, 24 year old Sirisha, a well-known figure among the youth of Telangana, has stepped into the political battleground. Announcing her decision to contest as an MLA for the Kolhapur constituency in Mahbubnagar district, Sirisha filed her nomination this Wednesday, marking a new chapter in her diverse career.

Sirisha, after completing her degree, initially ventured into animal husbandry, borrowing money from her mother to buy buffaloes. However, her journey took a turn when she embraced the role of a content creator. Known for her engaging social media presence, particularly her viral videos with the catchphrase ‘Hi friends, I am your barrelakkani’, Sirisha has garnered a substantial following.

In a statement to the media, Sirisha expressed her commitment to addressing the challenges faced by students and the unemployed. “I nominated as an unemployed Telangana woman. I may not be able to campaign in this election. Money may not be distributed. But what good are the voters? What is bad? It should be thought. I hope I will have your support,” she remarked, highlighting her approach to politics as one driven by thoughtfulness and a desire to make a tangible difference.

Sirisha’s entry into politics is not just a personal milestone but also signifies a growing trend where individuals from diverse backgrounds, including social media, are seeking to impact traditional political landscapes at just 24 years of age. Her campaign, though unconventional in its reliance on social media and personal appeal rather than traditional political machinery, reflects a new era in Indian politics where the lines between digital influence and political power are increasingly blurring. Credit: M R.