The Hidden Costs Of Heavy Equipment

The Hidden Costs Of Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment is an expensive purchase – and it’s not just the upfront costs that you need to budget for. There are many hidden costs to owning heavy machinery that can catch out business owners. Here are some of those costs as well as ways in which you can save yourself money.

Fuel and lubricants

Unless you’re using electric machinery, you’ll likely be spending a lot of money on fuel and lubricants. If you’ve got lots of heavy equipment, it can sometimes be worth buying this fuel and lubricant in bulk from sites like Buying in bulk can save costs in the long run compared to ordering fuel as and when you need it. Make sure to compare multiple suppliers to ensure that you’re getting the best price.

Repairs and servicing

Heavy equipment needs to be regularly serviced to check for faults and any faults that are identified need to be repaired in good time. Old machinery is likely to need more frequent repairs than new machinery – if you find that you’re constantly having to make fixes, it might be time to invest in newer machinery. Make sure to also regularly shop around to find the best value repair services – while you may not have a vast choice of repair companies in your area, it’s still worth shopping around.

Loan interest

Most heavy equipment is bought on finance. If you choose the wrong lender, you could find that you end up paying a huge amount of unnecessary money in interest fees – especially if you fall behind on payments. Always shop around to see what loan rates are out there, as you may be able to refinance your loan and save money. Aim to always make payments on time to avoid accumulating additional late payment charges. Having a good credit score can also help to get access to lower interest rates. This guide at offers more tips on saving money when financing equipment.


It’s worth insuring your equipment against criminal damage, fire and theft. This can be an additional cost to consider when buying heavy equipment. There are equipment insurance schemes that can cover all of your tools and machinery. This is much less costly than insuring multiple machines individually. You may be able to lower the costs of insurance by also making sure that your equipment is kept secure. Other ways of reducing insurance rates include upping your deductible and keeping a good credit score.

Employee training

Some companies can spend a lot of money training employees to use equipment. While you may be able to hire recruits that already have the appropriate licenses, you may still need to invest time in training these employees how to use your specific make of equipment. Training employees how to maintain equipment properly is particularly important as it can help to reduce faults and bring down repair costs. You may be able to print off handbooks to help employees conduct maintenance tasks without needing to constantly rely on more experienced staff members for reminders.