Why Employees Need Fire Safety Training at the Workplace

In Australia, less than 50% of occupants in buildings are confident that they know what to do and where to evacuate in the event of an emergency. Because so many offices lack the training and knowledge of what to do in a fire, it can lead to more fire damage and even loss of life. 

One of the biggest benefits of employee fire safety training is that it teaches your employees about common fire hazards in your workplace. Understanding potential risks and threats in your workplace can help teach your employees how to prevent fires. 

For example, if your employees know that damaged power cords are a common fire hazard, they can recognise these as an issue and can do something to prevent a fire, such as notify an office administrator to get it taken care of.

Helps Prevent Fires

Not only does training for fire safety in the workplace teach your employees about common fire hazards in your industry, but it can also help them prevent fires. 

This is one of the most important parts of fire safety courses, as it is much easier to prevent a fire than it is to put one out. If employees in each part of your building know how to prevent fires, you will protect your business from fire damage and can even save the lives of your employees. 

Teaches Proper Response 

In an emergency like a fire, it can be easy to lose focus and panic. However, with fire safety training in qld, you can teach your employees how to properly respond to this type of emergency. 

Have your employees practice their training during a fire drill by going through your fire safety plan, using your emergency exits, and more. This will make it more likely that they will remember the proper response if a real fire were ever to happen. 

Identifies Emergency Exits

A vital part of fire safety is having a fire evacuation plan for your employees. Not only do you need to have a plan, but you want each of your employees to be familiar with this plan. 

With fire safety training, you can identify emergency routes and exits. Physically showing your employees where each emergency exit is will make them more likely to be able to find it, even in the chaos that comes with a fire in the building. 

Having your emergency exits clearly marked and free from any obstacles is vital to having a safe way to get out of the building. Make sure that you do not store anything near emergency exits as they may be necessary to use for yourself and for first responders that come to your aid in a fire. 

Trains Employees to Use Fire Fighting Equipment

Another huge benefit of fire safety training is that it allows a professional fire safety specialist to train your employees to use fire fighting equipment.

A study done by Fire and Safety Australia shows that less than 50% of employees are confident they could use a fire extinguisher in an emergency. 

Most employees don’t even realise that there are different types of fire extinguishers that are used for different classes of fires. 

Because so many people are not confident using any type of fire fighting equipment, this training can help them learn how to use this equipment in an emergency. 

Creates a Communication Plan

Finally, utilising fire safety training is vital because it helps you create a communication plan. In an emergency, it is important that you know how you can communicate with your employees and other people on the premises of your building. 

Having a method of communication during an emergency makes it easier to confirm that everyone makes it out of the building safely and that each of your employees is safe. 

It can also help you find ways to quickly and effectively tell others about the emergency to get the fastest response possible. 

Learn More About Fire Safety Training in QLD or NSW

Fire safety training is an essential tool that can help you and your employees stay safe in the event of a fire and even prevent fires from happening in your workplace. By teaching your employees how to use fire fighting equipment and fire hazards in the workplace, you can potentially save their lives. 

Are you looking for fire safety training in QLD or NSW? Contact fire protection professionals to learn more about fire training services and fire protection equipment to see how they can help your business and employees stay safe in the event of a fire.