What it Takes to Ship a Car to Another State

What it Takes to Ship a Car to Another State

Shipping Cars

Shipping cars to another state can be a task that you don’t know much about. It can be a daunting task that you want to learn more about. It takes just a little research to find the information that you need.

You might have been transferred to another state for your job, or you might have sold a classic car and need to ship far away. Either way you need to ship your car to another state to get it where it needs to be. You need to find out the process to make this happen.

This article will help you to learn more about this process. It will help you to find out what needs to be done. You can also do more research to find the information that you are looking for.

Shipping a Car

There is a lot involved in shipping a car across the country. It is very much like shipping anything else that you want to ship, but a vehicle is much bulkier than those smaller items. It also costs much more than shipping those items.

If you want to ship across the country, you need to choose a professional company. You want to make sure that they are a reputable company to make sure that the job is done correctly. You don’t want to leave your vehicle to anyone because they can end up damaging it.

The cost of shipping can depend on many things including the way that you will ship. You can ship in an open carrier or an enclosed carrier. An open carrier is usually less expensive than the other because it leaves your vehicle open to the elements.

You can get a very rough estimate of what it costs to ship. It generally costs a dollar a mile for anything less than five hundred miles. Between five hundred and a thousand miles, that cost goes down to about seventy-five cents per mile. The price goes down per mile the further the vehicle is shipped.

Of course, this price varies between different companies. It also varies due to other factors such as the route travelled and the type of vehicle you are shipping. As mentioned above, it also depends on the way it is moved.

There are also delivery options that affect the costs. You can have it moved directly from your home to another home, which will cost you a little more. Learn more about those costs here. You could also move it from one terminal to another terminal, which would be a little less expensive.

If you have a typical car that needs to be moved, it will cost you less than if you have a luxury car or classic one. Specialty vehicles will cost you more due to the care that needs to be taken with them. Cars will also be less expensive than SUVs or trucks.

An operable vehicle will also be less expensive because it can be driven into the carrier. An inoperable one will need to be winched onto the carrier, which will be more expensive. It usually costs an extra of about one hundred fifty dollars to move an inoperable car.

The time frame that is needed will be another factor to consider. If you have given plenty of time, you will spend less money. If you need to have the job done quickly, you will probably spend more.

Shipping cars is also a seasonal job – some seasons will cost you more than others. Summer is the most popular time and will be more expensive than other seasons. It is also more expensive if you choose to move it during the holidays.

You want to make sure that the shipping company has the proper insurance to move your vehicle. There are times that damage can occur, or accidents happen, and it can’t be avoided. If the company has the right insurance, your vehicle will be taken care of.

There are ways to reduce the cost of moving your vehicle. You can compare the costs of different companies. Doing this will help you to find the lowest cost – but remember that the lowest cost won’t always be the best service, so you need to consider that.

To find reputable companies that offer lower costs, you can check online reviews. You can also check with FMCSA to see what their recommendations are: https://www.usa.gov/agencies/federal-motor-carrier-safety-administration. The Better Business Bureau can also help you to find reputable businesses.


There are many ways to ship your vehicle across the country. You can do it in an open carrier or enclosed carrier. You need to remember that scheduling your shipment might cost you a little more than if you have an open shipment – this means that the company will decide when your vehicle will be shipped. The distance that you are shipping will also be a factor in the cost.