LISTEN HERE (AI multi-language editions)

UK’s own singer-songwriter Kris James broadens his musical horizons with his new single “Forever Forever,” presented not only in English but also in AI-translated Japanese and German versions, using Kris’ original vocals. This initiative was made possible by the AI song translation start-up,, which utilised a range of generative models for accurate lyric translation, singing voice synthesis, and style adaptation. Experience the fresh single and its translations HERE.

Kris’ decision to launch “Forever Forever” in multiple languages is driven by his aim to forge a deeper connection with his international fanbase, breaking down linguistic barriers and sharing his evocative storytelling and soul-stirring melodies with a broader audience. With the aid of leading-edge AI technology, the translations preserve the song’s emotional essence and lyrical fidelity, delivering a distinctive auditory experience in Japanese and German.

Kris shared, “When the opportunity presented itself for me to have multiple language versions of this release, I jumped at the chance. This is something I haven’t seen other artists do yet, so I feel like I’m one of the pioneers in this space.”

“Forever Forever” spins a mesmerising tale of undying love, soul connections, and the intense desire for a perpetual bond. It explores the core of being profoundly understood by someone, and the longing for that understanding to defy the march of time. Kris remarked, “Inspired by my own personal journey, which, after a decade of solitude, found what was believed to be a timeless love, only for it to unravel, this track stands as a bittersweet homage to idealists and romantics”.

Embracing the harsh truth that sometimes, the deepest bonds might part ways, the song still holds onto the unwavering hope for an everlasting love. It celebrates the endless potential of love, acting as a tribute to the splendour and sorrow of pursuing a love that outlasts the boundaries of time. “Forever, Forever” is more than just a song; it is an ode to those brave enough to love profoundly, dream with courage, and hold onto the dream of a love that spans lifetimes and beyond.

Besides his musical ventures, Kris is the visionary behind Amanzzo, a high-end sustainable menswear label that recently unveiled its inaugural swimwear line.