Unveils Groundbreaking Advancement in Machine Learning, a leader in global identity services, introduces revolutionary mobile identity solutions powered by machine learning, offering unprecedented insights., the global leader in mobile identity services reaching an industry-leading 3bn consumers, proudly unveils a significant advancement in Machine Learning technology.

Teaming up with top-tier global identity providers and esteemed brands, delivers a wide array of identity services, from authentication to mobile insights. With recent investments in Machine Learning data science and a renewed pledge to innovation, is enhancing enterprises by providing unmatched ML expertise and access through key partnerships.

Keiron Dalton, Chief Product Officer emphasises, “The intrinsic value and opportunity attributed to mobile operator data has long since been established and valued, and new services continue to be delivered globally to mitigate challenges that have remained unresolved with more traditional methods of identity verification and authentication.
“Our focus has always been to leverage the existing mobile connectivity in place that serves our daily appetite to engage on the go, to provide the missing identity layer lacking from the Internet, but alongside this we recognise a distinct opportunity to leverage what we now know along with our industry-leading connectivity and influence to provide unique added value to the mobile identity ecosystem through ML.
“Following our significant investment in data science expertise, we are seeing things associated to what we know already that we would not have even dreamed of prior. Machine Learning augments our ability to support onboarding, reduce transactional risk, and provide seamless authentication while offering more insight, more context, and delivering fundamentally better experiences to meet the digital demands of today’s – and tomorrow’s – consumer.
“Our partners are now poised to unearth invaluable insights, empowered by our guidance and technology, overcoming prior limitations in expertise, resources, or financial constraints” is committed to leading the way in thought leadership, consistently delivering solutions with integrity and ensuring that trust in both the technology and the people involved remains a top priority.

Supporting the UN’s goal of achieving “ID for every natural person on the planet by 2030”, this initiative heralds a new era for mobile identity, promising consumers an experience that not only meets their expectations but is also highly personalised, based on billions of consumer interactions worldwide.

Dalton continued, “In the fast-moving identity industry, being first to market is often make-or-break. Only last week saw Microsoft recommending businesses under Machine Learning attacks use Machine Learning to protect themselves, their customers, and their reputation.

“I’d urge any forward-thinking companies to contact us right now.”

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