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Bluewater Flow

Bluewater to Transform UK Water Dispenser Market with Innovative Bluewater Flow Launch

Bluewater to Transform UK Water Dispenser Market with Innovative Bluewater Flow Launch

London, June 3 — Bluewater, a global leader in innovative water purification and beverage solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its ground-breaking drinking water dispenser, the Bluewater Flow, in the UK. Following its success in the United States with over 14,000 installations, the Bluewater Flow is setting a new standard in the UK and Ireland. It provides on-demand, pure, great-tasting water free from contaminants like toxic PFAS chemicals and waterborne germs, making it ideal for offices, gyms, hospitals, and schools.

The self-sanitizing, free-standing Bluewater Flow indoor refill stations are designed for simple installation and connect to any potable water line within a 100-foot range for easy replacement of existing water fountains, water coolers, and large jug dispensers. Users can enjoy chilled, fast-flowing water that undergoes a revitalizing process including the infusion of electrolytes, increased alkalinity, oxygenation, and trace minerals, providing a great-tasting hydration experience.

Bluewater Flow 7 x Advanced Purification uses an existing water source and removes up to 99% of any impurities that can be found in typical tap water. The Bluewater Flow purified water system also improves the water by adding trace elements of essential minerals and electrolytes, and finally, finishes the water through a coconut carbon filter for a crisp, fresh, delicious taste.

The new Bluewater Flow refill stations for easy access to pure drinking water offer the following product highlights:

– Great-tasting, high-quality water free of lead, toxic chemicals like PFAS, and other contaminants

– Convenient small footprint

– Easy to install and maintain

– High capacity, rapid filtered water dispensing

– Serves both cold and hot water

– Sustainable, cost-efficient solution that reduces single-use plastic bottle waste and energy usage

– Foot pedal for no-touch dispensing

– Competitively priced with finance purchase or leasing packages available

Bluewater key account sales manager Antonio Tedeschi says the advanced filtration technology offered by the Bluewater Flow indoor station is a game-changer in the drinking water dispenser industry. Offering reliable and eco-friendly access to clean water, the Bluewater Flow is already a top seller in the United States with thousands installed at premium brands such as Red Bull, Apple, Marriott, Peloton, United Airlines, and Google as well as many state schools and other educational institutions.

“Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is exemplified by the Bluewater Flow station that delivers business customers the opportunity to provide healthier drinking water to customers and staff while reducing their environmental impact.,” Antonio Tedeschi said.

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