Avgidea Announces Launch of Avgidea Data Platform to Improve Data Usability With Google Sheets

Avgidea, Inc., creator of end-to-end data management platform, announces launch of Avgidea Data Platform (ADP) to improve data usability with Google Sheets, G Suite.

Open data is provided in all markets worldwide and users need to search through the internet every time in order to find what they need. If you are able to find appropriate data, you download them in local environments, typically as text or CSV files, then use various
tools to modify and aggregate before analyzing them. It’s time-consuming and often blurs what you are trying to achieve in the first place.

ADP’s components, Avgidea Data Search and Avgidea Query Editor, prevent you switching multiple tools back and forth, and minimize tasks related to open data by implementing data search and query features as an add-on of Google Sheets, which is a very popular service as online table calculation.

Avgidea Data Search (ADS)
From Avgidea Data Search, you may search open data which is scattered on the internet and import it to Google Sheets directly with a single click.

ADS supports part of ckan and Dataverse API and you can easily import CSV data from various sites on the internet. ADS maintains the latest endpoints of ckan and Dataverse available globally, therefore you can simply select an instance from the list and immediately start searching data from the instance.

Avgidea Query Editor (AQE)
Avgidea Query Editor can let you submit a query directly to instances compliant to SPARQL specification and import query results into Google Sheets. There exists several SPARQL compliant data platforms such as Amazon Neptune or Virtuosso Universal Server. As long as endpoints are available on the internet, you may
import query results into Google Sheets via AQE.

Avgidea Data Search and Avgidea Query Editor are offered as an add-on of Google Sheets, therefore you may install from G Suite Marketplace using your existing Google account (G Suite or Gmail) and immediately start using both components under free plan.

If you are willing to use the products without any restriction, you may purchase subscription plan from Avgidea’s website. You are eligible to receive updates of new features and

For healthcare agencies / research institutions
For healthcare agencies or research institutions which are willing to access open data for COVID-19 related activities, we offer a free subscription license of ADS and AQE for 1 year.  Please contact us directly if you are willing to use our products for such purposes.
Also, if you already make research data available public through ckan or Dataverse instances, we can register them as endpoints in ADS.

About Avgidea Inc.
Avgidea brings various business ideas into practice using IT technologies and offers them to the world as service and application. We provide data platform service and also development and consulting business using G Suite and Google Cloud Platform.
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Why data orchestration is much more than just the new buzz phrase in IT

Brisbane, July 2020: The need to re-engineer business delivery to optimise the way we work has made digital transformation a necessity, not an option. It is not a matter of if and when – but how – to regain valuable time while increasing profit.

Up until now, the visionary leaders who have understood the importance of integrating reliable data to validate decisions have incrementally introduced various tools from vendors offering singular solutions for individual functions of the business. It is through the narrowed focus of these early disruptors we now know that addressing bit parts of an organization, as unique products come to market, is not delivering the gains they expected and often becomes a binding decision to commit to one provider.

We now understand that no matter how many steps a business takes, it will not reach its destination without great expense and waste if it does not unite and orchestrate its entire digital ecosystem.

Keross introduces the solution, Ikon, to provide the environment for long-term success. Ikon delivers a data management platform that sits across an entire internal and external ecosystem to integrate and illuminate the operations of a business from anywhere and on any device, over the Cloud or on premise. Essentially, Ikon streamlines communication and collaboration by connecting all data, systems, people and processes. Keross’ mission, therefore, is to harness the power of data in its entirety.

The Keross platform is omnilingual, thereby complementing all existing software, old legacy systems and even bespoke applications developed to rectify the shortfalls left by current solutions. Keross starts the process by understanding desired business outcomes to document workflows: how a business like things done, by whom and in what time frame. Then Keross gets working to optimize every process in the business by automating routine tasks, predicting upcoming issues and providing custom analysis and reporting in easy-to-understand visual dashboards.

The result is trusted, real-time analytics and reporting using AI, Robotics, GIS, 4D modelling and more which can then be shared with all stakeholders at various levels of access and even grouped together on a project basis with supporting collaboration tools.

Besides pulling all “instruments” of an organization into the same room and enabling them to play together in the same key, IKON by Keross allows its composer to add or replace its musicians as and where required. Perhaps a business is running with legacy software systems that no longer work, or it needs a new application to handle its specific industry requirements that are not completely resolved by “out of the box” solutions. IKON by Keross is agile and evolves as and when a business needs to while development and migration take half the time of existing systems thanks to its workflow orientation and move away from traditional data tables.

But perhaps the ultimate potential of partnering with Keross is the ability to on-sell digital tools developed on its platform to increase margins. By productizing services and expertise, Keross partners have the opportunity to white-label their applications and seamlessly transform themselves into a digital solutions provider with a recurrent revenue stream. The additional usability and engagement with stakeholders, created by digital tools to supplement a service-based offering, offers maximum value creation for customers leading to increased satisfaction, while extending competitive edge through efficiency and collaboration.

But what does this all mean in principal? It means improved stakeholder experience and engagement, reduced risk, agile decision making and reduced operations inefficiency leading to a stronger top line and, thus, a distinct competitive advantage.

Although it is essential for every business to compose its own digital strategy, it must then perform that composition and bring it to life. Even the most beautiful symphony will be ruined if the instruments all play at once, at different speeds or in different keys. Being an omnilingual platform, Ikon is able to conduct organizations at any stage of digital maturity: it can tune one trumpet, work with individual players to hone their proficiency and versatility or work with the entire wind section to have them play in perfect harmony, eventually producing a skilled and nimble orchestra that performs its symphony in concert.

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Bitquery formerly, unveils a set of data tools including open source data widgets support

Bitquery formerly, unveils a set of data tools including open source data widgets supported by Binance.
Expands API data support for more than 20 blockchains.

New York: Bitquery, LLC. (formerly, today unveils its new branding along with a series of new developments. This milestone is a major move for Bitquery on its mission to extend its blockchain data coverage solutions in an array of different data verticals.
This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:
The development of open-source Blockchain Data Widgets supported by Binance.

Flora Sun, Director of Binance mentioned “they proved that they had the technology to deliver sophisticated data solutions. We extended our support to them by including the team in the Binance fellowship program”.

The release of Bitquery Explorer Beta an analytical multi-blockchain Explorer based on Bitquery Widgets. You can go to Bitquery Explorer Beta by clicking here.

The announcement of Bitquery Beta program of its single point API, based on GraphQL that extends support for major blockchains. Bitquery invites blockchain developers & Financial Institutions to participate by visiting

As of today, the company supports through its unified APIs the following blockchains: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Omni Layer, Litecoin, Dash, Doge, ZCash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Tron, EOS, Binance, Tezos, Repple, Stellar, Cardano, Cosmos, Celo.

About Bitquery, LLC.: Bitquery is an API-first product company dedicated to power and solve blockchain data problems using the ground truth of on-chain data. Supports different data verticals like Crypto Surveillance with its unique Coinpath® technology, Arbitrage Trading on DEXs, Smart Contracts, and more. Bitquery is powering known Blockchain Projects & Service Providers, Financial Institutions, Crypto Exchanges & Developers.

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The Importance of Data Analysis and Analytics in PR

For numerous years, marketers used PR campaigns as their number one strategy to drive engagement, spread awareness, and create communities surrounding their brand. In the past, businesses would struggle to determine how effective their campaigns were; however, in the modern digital age we live in, there are plenty of intelligent tools and software that companies can use to track their data and understand their target audience better.

While data analysis and analytics sound very alike, they serve completely different functions. Data analysis refers to the process of gathering and evaluating data to present, which helps businesses make wiser decisions. Data analytics, however, involves using specialist tools and techniques to achieve company objectives and goals. If you’re about to launch a PR campaign, here are a few ways to measure the success and effectiveness of the whole proceeding.

Track Leads
When launching a PR campaign, tracking leads can provide you with tons of useful information. While the sole aim of a PR campaign is to attract media coverage and exposure, as a company, you should consider examining your data analytics to establish how much referral traffic has been received from the article. There are several reasons why you should track leads, such as:

• Better organization
• Increased efficiency
• Creating customized sales pitches
• More accurate reporting
• Higher customer retention levels

If you aren’t sure where to start, using Google Analytics to set up goals for referral traffic is advised. The data that you receive from setting up traffic will provide your business with a clearer indication on how many people are interacting with your content. There are several actionable outcomes that can be achieved by consumers, including:

• Signing up for your newsletter
• Filling out your contact form
• Leaving their email address

Social Media Shares
There are various tools on the market which can be used to identify how many social media shares your PR content gets. BuzzSumo is one example. Using this tool gives you the opportunity to research the topics that have received traction beforehand. Doing this can help maximize the value of your PR campaign, helping you to pinpoint which topics fared better than others.
Once you have identified your data, your next step should be to create content that is more relevant and niche to your target audience.

Brand Mentions and Links
When creating a PR campaign, businesses need to understand where they rank in their field. Most importantly, they need to be aware of how they’re viewed in the online domain. To increase the name recognition of your business, it’s crucial that you use brand mentions. There are key benefits that brand mentions can bring, such as:

• Creates more visibility and awareness
• Gives your brand a personality
• Fortifies your reputation
• Provides new opportunities for your link campaign
There are several tools that you can use to measure your brand mentions, such as SocialMention which aims to:
• Help businesses look for all mentions of their brand online with ease
• Support monitoring over 100 social media properties
• Help businesses keep track of their online passion for their brand
• Offer third-party API support
• Help businesses monitor social media properties in real-time

Brand mentions can also have a positive impact on your SEO ranking, helping to boost your ranking in search engine results. To turn brand mentions into links, there are several steps that you need to take, such as:

• Defining your metrics
• Finding brand mentions by using powerful tools
• Choosing the right search queries
• Filtering your results

Tracking Results
Once your PR campaign has gone live and been picked up by major media outlets, it’s crucial that you measure its reach from the start. Tracking and seeing the influence your campaign has had can help you identify who is interested in your business, as well as how to run future PR campaigns. While the main purpose of a marketing campaign is to drive referral traffic, PR campaigns differ in the sense that they want to ensure wide-spread media coverage.

Tracking conversions gives your company a clearer understanding of gaps in the market, as well as potential areas that you can concentrate on in relation to conversion rates. Once you have found how many sales you have gained from a particular PR campaign, you will have the opportunity to calculate your ROI (return on investment), giving you the tools needed to plan, optimize and replicate campaigns going forward.

Creating a Successful PR Campaign
Now you have a better understanding of the importance of data analysis and analytics in a PR campaign, you will have the tools and knowledge needed to create an effective campaign. There are several tips that can implement into your strategy to ensure your PR campaign is effective and reaches the right people, including:

• Setting objectives and goals
• Measuring metric of success
• Knowing your audience
• Choosing the right platform
• Link building

Skills and Attributes
For your PR campaign to go according to plan, it’s vital that you have the right skills and attributes behind you. If you are interested in a career in PR, some of the top skills that employers seek in candidates include:

• Knowledge and research
• Attention to detail
• Multitasking
• Relationship-building skills
• Honesty
• Strategic thinking
• Social media savvy

In addition to the skills listed above, it’s crucial that you can work as part of a team and know how to communicate effectively when creating PR campaigns. Emerson College Online can give you more information on the key skills every modern marketer must possess. Emerson College Online has relevant courses, such as a master’s in digital marketing and data analytics, which can expand your skillset and knowledge when delivering PR campaigns.

Before launching a PR campaign, gathering huge amounts of data and using the correct tools can be highly beneficial. Understanding the behavior of consumers can be achieved by using data analysis and analytics, giving you a better indication of the reach your PR campaign has, and what methods to use in the future to attract more interest and awareness for your business.

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UK financial crime tech firm announces partnership to use unstructured data to prevent fraud

Synectics Solutions and Infoboss today announced a partnership that will see both organisations integrate their respective technology platforms, to broaden the reach of anti-fraud and financial crime activity, in both the public and private sectors, through the automated processing of unstructured data.

Infoboss has developed innovative data mining and processing capabilities allowing for the collection, classification, tagging, derivation and augmentation of data from any electronic source. The technology automates the management and processing of data utilising machine learning and artificial (AI) techniques enabling businesses to leverage valuable insights and efficiencies from previously untapped data sets.

From today, Synectics will be working with Infoboss to begin to incorporate its unstructured data mining capabilities into its financial crime risk management solutions for both public and private sector use. This comes on the back of additional partnerships recently agreed with other unstructured data analysis companies in this area, and reflects the big opportunities that Synectics sees for its clients’ in leveraging this untapped source of intelligence to aid the fight against fraud and other types of financial crime.

For over 27 years, Synectics has been at the forefront of developing leading edge, data driven solutions for its clients to help them create effective risk management systems to reduce their losses to fraud and financial crime.

Synectics’ clients have saved over £4.8 billion collectively in recent years through the use of market leading link analysis, fraud prevention and predictive analysis solutions – SIRA, Orion and Precision. Synectics has also helped public sector organisations save over £1.69 billion through its work with the UK’s Cabinet Office and the National Fraud Initiative. This new technology partnership will be especially useful to Synectics’ customers in their fight against fraud and minimisation of claim leakage.

Mark Hobart, Managing Director Infoboss commented: “The relationship with Synectics is important to us as it provides opportunity to illustrate how our innovative technology platform can be used in the fight against fraud and to deliver efficiencies in other areas that their customers are looking at such as claim leakage.”

Hobart continues: “Synectics is a leader in its field and we’re delighted to have been selected as a trusted partner on this innovative initiative.”

Russell Mackintosh, Head of Partnerships at Synectics said: “There’s often far more intelligence that fraud investigators can utilise from their own unstructured data. This is typically held in correspondence, invoices, statements, utility bills, payslips, claims forms and identification documentation. By using Infoboss’ technology to harvest this information and integrate it into our fraud prevention solutions, our customers will be able to gain a much more informed and richer picture of the levels of risk associated with applications or claims.”

About Infoboss

Infoboss provide an innovative, enterprise strength automated data management and processing platform. Utilising technologies such as search-engine, machine learning and artificial intelligence, the software can be used to solve a variety of business problems pertaining to data.

For further information visit or alternatively call Mark Hobart on 0333 772 1963 or email

About Synectics Solutions

Synectics Solutions is a pioneering data solutions and software development firm, which has been providing leading-edge, risk mitigation software products to clients across the finance, insurance, automotive and public sector for over 27 years. The company is focused on protecting organisations against fraud and financial crime.

For more information visit or alternatively call 0333 234 3419 or email

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Salesforce to Retire Data Recovery Services: What’s Next? by Capstorm

Summary: Salesforce recently announced its plan to retire data recovery services effective
31-July-2020.  A Guide: how to sort through the 182 options listed on the Salesforce
AppExchange to find the best fit.

SalesforceⓇrecently announced its plan to retire data recovery services effective 31-July-2020.

“The data recovery process does not meet our high standards for customer experience due to
the length of time and reliability of the process. This process takes a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks to
complete and we cannot guarantee 100% data recovery. “

With the safety net removed, SalesforceⓇ customers must now look elsewhere to plan for
business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. SalesforceⓇ has referred customers to its
app marketplace, the Salesforce AppExchangeⓇ, to search for 3rd party backup & recovery

A search on the Salesforce AppExchangeⓇ on 20-February yielded 182 results! How is one to
sort through all of these options to determine which is the best fit? Some good news is that
SalesforceⓇ backup & recovery solutions generally fall into one of two categories:

● Hosted Solutions: This approach leverages vendor-hosted storage to extract
SalesforceⓇ data to the vendor’s databases. This requires very little infrastructure or
management on the part of the customer, but the downside is that backup access and
data security is in the hands of a 3rd party.

● Self-Hosted Solutions: This approach leverages a SalesforceⓇ customer’s own machine
or private cloud to extract and store SalesforceⓇ data. This allows each business to
control data access and wrap security around the backup database as needed. There is
also additional flexibility inherent to a self-hosted database such as unlimited retention of
archived records. The downside is that this approach requires more infrastructure and
database management expertise.

Need some help determining which approach is the best fit?

Read this “Guide for Selecting a SalesforceⓇ Backup & Restore Partner” for a no-nonsense list
of scenarios, questions, and requirements Salesforce customers must consider when planning
for a reliable backup & recovery plan:
This link goes to a PDF document – no requests to enter contact information in order to view the

If you do decide to go with the self-hosted approach, please consider Capstorm. Capstorm
provides software to perform self-hosted SalesforceⓇ backup and recovery. Backup
SalesforceⓇ on-premises or to a private cloud. Restore SalesforceⓇ records along with the
record relationships – without CSV’s or manual data patching. Capstorm’s solutions have been
listed on the Salesforce AppExchangeⓇ since 2011, and Capstorm operates with two core

1. A SalesforceⓇ backup should be fully accessible and easily verifiable
2. A SalesforceⓇ recovery solution should be useful for more than just disaster recovery
For additional information visit

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Data shows post-Brexit immigration plans will hurt UK gig economy

Data shows post-Brexit immigration plans will hurt UK gig economy
The Government’s post-Brexit immigration plans are aimed at reducing the number of low skilled workers entering the country.
Along with the farming, catering, nursing and care sectors, it is highly likely that workers in the gig economy will be excluded
from the skilled category.

The proposals are likely to intensify the fall in immigrants coming to the UK to work. According to figures published by the Office
for National Statistics, EU net migration is now less than half the level it was at its peak and more workers from Eastern European
countries are leaving than arriving. This trend is already impacting the UK gig economy.

Ana Andres, co-founder of TidyChoice, a platform for independent cleaners analysed the source of their applications over the
past five years. TidyChoice receives over 10,000 applications annually and is a good proxy for the overall London gig economy.
“The rate of applications from Eastern European nationalities has diminished drastically since the Brexit referendum. Better job
prospects at home, weaker Sterling and Brexit uncertainty are the main reasons for the fall. We have maintained strong growth
in total applications by plugging the gap with ever increasing applications from other countries.

Currently only 40% of our applications come from UK nationals. Without overseas workers, it will be very difficult for us to achieve
our targeted 30-40% annual increase in applications that we need to support business growth and counter natural attrition.

The Government is calling on companies to “adapt and adjust”. We cannot automate in our sector and the pool of UK citizens
seeking cleaning work will quickly dry up. I am worried that without new workers coming to the UK, the sector will shrink and
consumer prices will inevitably increase.”

About TidyChoice
Founded in 2014, by Colin Weston and Ana Andres del Valle, TidyChoice is an online platform, offering home cleaning and
childcare services for London residents. TidyChoice professionals undergo a careful vetting process, to ensure customers can
choose from a trusted and reliable community of housekeepers. Customers can choose their preferred professional and
professionals can choose their own rate, hours and areas of work.

Media Contact Details

Colin Weston, TidyChoice

London, United Kingdom


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Exide Showcases GNB Sprinter Battery at Data Centre World Paris

Battery manufacturer Exide Technologies, a global provider of stored electrical energy solutions, is presenting its new GNB Sprinter XP12V4400 battery at Data Centre World, which takes place in Paris on 27-28 November 2019. The battery is specially designed to provide low total cost of ownership, with space savings, easy installation and maintenance, and efficient charging.

The latest Sprinter XP12V440 battery is designed to perform in the modern data center, including large-scale colocation and hyperscale facilities. It is made from a high-purity lead alloy offering high-temperature resistance, and is a proven technology that brings peace of mind to customers. The battery saves considerably on space: up to 15–20% compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, contributing significantly to lower total cost of ownership.

With data centers worldwide moving to higher-power UPS that requires larger blocs, Sprinter XP12V4400 offers an ideal solution. Its high power, compact design and small footprint ensure consistent performance and savings in both installation and maintenance. It offers excellent charge efficiency for reduced charging cost, while its special polypropylene container reduces water vapor emissions and prolongs lifespan.

Exide will also be exhibiting its GNB Sprinter XP and XP FT (Front Terminal) ranges and Marathon M12V 190FT – all of which use AGM technology – as well as its Sonnenschein PowerCycle PC12/180FT, which uses dryfit® Gel technology. The data center market is growing fast with the rise in social media and online streaming, and Exide believes its range of advanced products make it well placed to capitalize on future growth.

Data Centre World Paris takes place in the Parc des Exposition in Paris on 27–28 November. Attendees are invited to visit Exide at Stand G42 to see the launch of the new Sprinter XP12V4400 battery and chat to our representatives about the company’s wide range of products.

“Exide has a strong presence in the data center market in France, working with major UPS system manufacturers and a range of other clients,” said Serge Arbes, Senior Business Director Network Power EMEA at Exide. “We look forward to speaking with new and existing customers at the event, and demonstrating how our technology can deliver within their business. Every GNB battery has been specially designed to provide the lowest total cost of ownership for a particular application, and uses technology that has been deployed in large-scale installations around the world.”

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Gilad Tisona: “Big Data is the Solution for Israel’s Transportation Problems”

There has been recent public debate in Israel regarding the imposing of congestion pricing fees as a solution to Israel’s traffic congestion problems. This is yet another in a series of proposed solutions for the colossal traffic congestion problem in Israel, which includes fantasies of a subway system, carpooling projects and an array of incentives to the public in the form of fines. According to big data entrepreneur Gilad Tisona, the only realistic solution to the traffic congestion problem is harnessing big data to the transport system.

Israel is a startup nation, a technological superpower in the areas of chip manufacturing, applications, cyber and so on. Israel also has leading automotive sector startups. There is no reason not to harness this inventiveness to solve the transportation problems plaguing Israel and the rest of the world.

According to Gilad Tisona, in the era of autonomous vehicles (which is not as far off as we may think) many of the technologies used in the field will be Israeli: sensors all around the vehicle to prevent accidents, information security to will prevent criminals from remotely gaining control of vehicles, and especially the collection of data from car users in order to create databases able to route the trip efficiently (speed of travel) and ensure road safety.

A Wave of Innovation
One interesting technological innovation, for example, comes from Arbe, which has developed a sonar or radar for vehicles, allowing for advanced mapping of the vehicle’s surroundings. Arbe is a world leader in the development of sonar for vehicles, and is close to launching an HD quality radar which is far more advanced than the competition’s, and which is able to work in the most difficult visibility conditions.

Another interesting startup mentioned by Gilad Tisona is Galooli. Galooli has developed a big data analysis system for cars for use in tracking, predicting and monitoring using big data analysis of 40 million data points every day touching on a variety of aspects: energy consumption, driver behavior pattern recognition, air pollution monitoring, hazard prevention, car status and many more advanced things that will characterize the automobile market in the not too distant future.

Only Big Data Can Solve the Traffic Problem in Israel
According to Gilad Tisona, an especially interesting startup is NoTraffic, which has developed an advanced platform for the regulation of traffic using a combination of big data collected from the communication of sensors in the vehicle and at intersections. The system is able to process all of the data uploaded to the cloud from all of the information points, thereby optimizing traffic light times in order to allow for the fastest possible flow of traffic. The company is already active in several locations in the US and has successfully reduced urban travel times by 40%.

According to Gilad Tisona, Israel cannot be expected to find a physical solution to its transportation problem: the paving of bike paths is only slowly being carried out, and doesn’t make much of a difference anyway. The construction of new interchanges doesn’t contribute to the reduction of traffic in practice. The congestion pricing fee is a “punishment” for drivers who have to sit in traffic jams, because they have no alternative solutions, such as efficient and effective public transportation. Therefore, monitoring information from vehicles and using it to efficiently route traffic may be the solution Israel needs to get out of the traffic jam it’s stuck in.

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How TourGame uses big data analytics for eSports in global market

There’s been an explosive growth in esports popularity over recent years, fuelled by mobile games specifically designed with online tournament such as Dota 2 and League of Legend. Many esports communities started to prosper in a digital ecosystem. In the digital esports world, collecting large amounts of structured data is no mean task – but it is worth the effort.

Like any other sport, winning doesn’t just depend on skill, dedication and luck. Strategy and analysis of past performance often play an essential role in success. Data collection, aggregation, and analytics lead to highly scalable business models, especially in a dynamic digital industry. As a result, big data analytics becomes economically relevant in esports.

TourGame, one of the leading gaming and eSports platform provider, has seized the opportunity to enhance their eSports platform with an AI-supported analytic tool to assess hundreds of data points collected from digitally recorded games. With big data analytics in esports, players and teams are able to leverage their information in ways that were not possible before. The tool provides useful statistics, identify weaknesses of competitor players and teams and predict the likelihood of an opponent’s next move in any given situation. Players, coaches and teams are eagerly investing in this tool for valuable information to give them a competitive edge.

Just as data analytics with traditional sports, big data analytics is vital for esports today and in the future. TourGame strives to continue its mission to shape the future of eSports using big data analytics and data protection technology and infrastructure.

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