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Introducing BizzWare Exclusives Portal of Digital Solutions

March 2021, Bizzware is a portal of digital solutions, all packed in a single website with a wealth of experienced business and IT consultants. The platform provides a diverse range of digital needed in the digital world, right from website builder, digital marketing, online courses, forum, community support, content resource, design, and business consultancy, there is a lot much to choose from.

At BizzWare, building a website is not necessarily high priced. With a tiny pricing coupled with high-quality pre-designed themes, various plugins and internal workflow, BizzWare makes website design fast, simple, multi-functional with high quality.

With a team of consultants who have more than a decade of wealth of experience, they pride themselves on delivering the best and giving the best exposure to every client in every popular directory websites, search engines, and news websites.

With the advent of social media and social video marketing, BizzWare works sine qua non in providing the best strategy and approach to every marketing needs.
Every registered user could get support about online business and digital marketing from internal resources and community. Out of many options to choose from, whether a registered user wants to hire a freelancer or wants to market his/her skills as a freelancer, BizzWare is the best marketplace.

BizzWare build an AI-based workflow for online business, from building a multi-functional website to digital marketing, which makes users easy to dive into online business, with tiny budget, but infinite possibilities !

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A Digital World: The Brains Marketing Releases Free Lead Generation Guide

Helping Businesses Restricted By Lockdowns

marketing agency in London, known as The Brains have released a new in-depth guide to help business owners take charge of their lead generation during these uncertain times. With many companies forced to take their businesses 100% online, ‘Leads on Tap’ combines a unique blend of online advertising techniques, marketing automation, buyer psychology insights and creative strategy to help business owners supercharge their efforts.

Helping business owners lower their Cost Per Lead (CPL), the guide also provides insight into automating processes, cutting marketing costs and reducing effort. These tried and tested methods used by The Brains have seen a 45% increase in lead volume, 5x ROI achieved on average and 85% client appointment booking capacity all reached by month 3.

Here are some of the common mistakes business owners make, and a snapshot of the insight readers can learn from The Brains’ Leads on Tap guide:

#1 Not creating personas for each type of potential customer 

Personas are prospects who have been segmented into target audiences based on their goals, motivations, and lifestyle. The Brains always recommend defining personas before creating any marketing campaign, as this allows you to create campaign assets and messaging that is uniquely designed to appeal to your prospect’s sensibilities.

How to put personas together:

  • Basic profiling information: Age, gender, location
  • Professional information: Job title, seniority, years of experience, career level, sector, industry
  • Personal information: Living situation, kids yes/no, hobbies, interests, causes
  • Motivations: Personal and professional goals and objectives, drives, ambitions and objections

Top tip: Don’t apply more than 3 main personas to any lead generation campaign. It becomes too complicated to manage campaigns with many personas and you can make your targeting too granular, adding cost and complexity to the campaign.

#2 Not developing a content strategy

As they say, content is king and so many people don’t get this right in lead generation. It’s important that you define targeting and persona groups before creating your content strategy. This is because you can’t design impactful content unless you know who you are creating it for. Your lead generation content strategy is intended to:

  • Attract potential prospects
  • Convince them to exchange their contact details in exchange for information
  • Convert them from leads into sales qualified leads, ready for your sales team to call
  • With your personas and targeting in mind, design content that is likely to appeal to your audience, answer their objections, and appeal to their motivations. These are known as lead magnets, an incentive offered to prospects in exchange for their contact information, such as a free PDF download, a report, eBook, whitepaper or video

Have a think about what sort of topic would be most impactful for your lead magnets – what are your competitors already offering? What sort of information is freely available? If your prospects were to ask you one question about your products or services, what is it likely to be?

Here are some tips to help you design your content strategy:

  1. Create distinct content for each persona group
  2. Provide at least three ad variants per persona so you can test different messaging and quickly update less successful variants or move budget to the best performing ad group
  3. Offer an irresistible asset as your lead magnet, one your prospects can’t get anywhere else and would happily exchange their information for
  4. Each persona group should have its own lead magnet, to maximise engagement with your content
  5. Ensure that your copy and imagery work together in harmony and that the imagery you choose is appropriate in theme and style for your persona group

For more information on how you can improve your lead generation in 2021, feel free to check out Leads on Tap, a free guide designed by The Brains, who specialise in digital marketing and online advertising services. This resource helps business owners and marketers take charge of generating leads for their business in the most effective way.

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How Can SEO Online Marketing Transform Your Business?

In this, all digitized era, SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factors we need to look at. No matter to what extent your business spreads out or what kind of service you provide, you can always be benefitted by SEO. Today, hiring SEO consulting services is the most popular method that extremely helps in improving the visibility of your website for the relevant audience as well as makes the page rank higher on a search engine.

There are several SEO marketing strategies used successfully by various Digital Marketing Agency, but with one single strategy, all kinds of businesses won’t be fruitful. And sometimes it is necessary to create a customised SEO strategy to transform a small business into a flourishing one successfully. In this article, we will be discussing the importance of SEO in today’s market and how a good SEO campaign can help make your business successful.

  1. Better brand recognition:

Once you are able to implement the SEO strategies into your marketing campaign correctly, your business will successfully reach thousands of people — more specifically 67 thousand every second. When you use SEO to market your products and services, with regular updates and relevant posts you make your company services visible to an expansive user base, which gives you an amazing chance to attract prospects and make more conversions. It will easily establish a good relationship between your company and your targeted customers.

  1. Generates more and more web traffic:

Once with the fruitful implementation of all these SEO strategies, your website is at the top of Google search results, and you will see how dramatically your website traffic will increase. SEO provides a totally organic way for all kinds of business to reach the top. This also makes it easy for your brand to become trustworthy, ultimately leading to loyal customers.

  1. Information about customers:

Once you are equipped with enough information about the needs, priority, like, dislikes you will be able to create relevant contents for them. With the help of social networking tools at your disposal, you can gather such important information about your viewers in a very detailed manner. You can have clear conception over their age, location, their needs and their wants. Later you will be able to design your products and services accordingly.

  1. Increased sales:

With the help of SEO, the enhanced visibility of your webpage will highly facilitate you by increasing sales. Consumers usually opt for the search results that appear on the first page of Google. With an active online presence of your business in search results, simultaneous delivery of engaging content and better customer support opportunities – an amazing path will be paved for your business to reach the next level.

  1. Keep the contents always up to date:

A very vital part of SEO or any influential tactic is to keep fresh all the content on your site, that can be done through adding more product pages and variations onto your site, or regularly updating your blog. This is the basic process to keep Google regularly involved and interested in your site. Regular updating of informative and high-quality content is very necessary to attract a number of customers.

  1. Establishing trust:

Any professional SEO agency will culminate in a single viewpoint that sharing data about your domain will help in establishing the expertise of the subject matter. Interacting on a daily basis with your customers online and posting their reviews about your service will help new customers rely on your service easily.

Summing up:

So now you know that a good SEO strategy and its implementation in your business can immensely increase your visibility and your sales too.

Mapp title sponsor of Inbox Expo London Live, UK’s largest dedicated email marketing conference

Inbox Expo is Coming to London March 18-19 thanks to the support of the title sponsor Mapp.

The inaugural email industry event brings 48 industry leaders together to discuss the latest email marketing trends and topics at the Science Gallery London.

FEBRUARY 25, 2020 (LONDON) – The inaugural Inbox Expo the definitive London event for the email marketing industry is to be held March 18-19 in the shadow of London’s Shard. The conference, hosted by email industry company emailexpert, features two days of keynote addresses, workshops, roundtable discussions and sessions on topics of interest to B2C and B2B email marketers.

Inbox Expo 2020 theme is accessibility in email and the event is a celebration of diversity in tech. Ricardas Montvila, Senior Director, Global Strategy, Mapp Digital, who will open the inaugural conference said “I think that is a brave and right thing to do, and one that will make for a very memorable event. It’s also exciting that we’ll be at the Science Gallery at the same time as the Genders: Shaking and Breaking the Binary event.”

“We are really proud of the diversity we have, speakers and content. We have speakers arriving from India, Russia, North America and across Europe” said Nailya Mukhamedzhanova, GM at emailexpert.

The extensive speaker line-up includes representatives from industry companies such as Beyond the Envelope, Holistic Email Marketing, eFocus Marketing, Osano, Let’sTalk Strategy and brands including The RAC, Framer, Mightier and The AA.

It’s long overdue for an email conference of this magnitude to be held in London, and the whole of Europe for that matter! It’s a great idea and it’s already generating a lot of talk around the world of email marketing,” said Christopher Marriott, President & Founder, Email Connect LLC.

About Mapp
Marketers and data specialists should be able to focus on what will make a difference for their business, instead of spending all their time taming the technology behind it. With the insight-led customer engagement platform Mapp Cloud, they can focus on what really counts – and the exciting insights that come with it. Thanks to customer intelligence and marketing analytics, companies can easily and effectively gain data-driven customer insights across all channels in order to trigger highly personalised marketing activities. Customers benefit from AI-supported forecasting models that enable targeted and self-optimising cross-channel campaigns. Automated messages are sent via the most suitable marketing channel, at the right time, with the optimal contact frequency. Thanks to advanced one-to-one personalisation, the highest levels of engagement and long-term customer loyalty are achieved.

Mapp has global offices in eight countries. Mapp’s digital marketing platform helps more than 2,500 companies break away from the pack by uncovering missed opportunities, including Xerox, PepsiCo, LG, Qantas, Infinity, and Lloyds Banking Group.


Emailexpert UK Ltd promotes smarter use of email and enables access to the tools, information and resources necessary for businesses to make better decisions in the email marketing channel. The UK-based company was incorporated in late 2019.


Digital Marketing is Important for Your Business and Here is Why

If you have an online platform for your business, you definitely need a strategy on how to maximise its use. As a business owner in this digital age, it is crucial that you become as knowledgeable as you can about digital marketing. Traditional marketing practices are still valuable and worth learning, but it is important to be aware of the ways in which digital marketing can positively impact your business’s visibility and sales potential. Here are some ways in which digital marketing can prove useful for your business.


Digital marketing is one of the most affordable marketing tools out in the world today. If for nothing else, this is a great reason to give it a try. Digital marketing is way less expensive than traditional marketing because it does not include the physical logistics and tools that traditional marketing requires. It requires some online tools that may cost money, but if you already have a phone or a laptop, then the major costs have already been incurred. All you need is to get your website running and get the additional plug-ins and necessary social media applications.

It provides equal footing

Digital platforms are accessible to almost every phone user and this can work to your advantage as a small business owner. As stated above, the cost of digital marketing is not as large as that of traditional marketing and this can even be the playing field for large and small businesses in the same industry. The focus now would be on getting a strategy that works for your business and implementing it to maximise its potential. If you live in the UK and are too busy to focus on getting this right, you can reach out to a digital marketing agency in UK to craft a working strategy for your business.

It prioritises data

As a small business owner, there are a number of tasks that you have to accomplish on a day to day basis. Measuring growth and outreach is one of them. Trying to do this without accurate data can prove detrimental to your business because you might be working with incorrect data. This is where digital marketing comes in. Digital tools like Google Analytics give you an easy, functional and insightful way to track your reach, visibility and sales potential. This way, you can make informed decisions based on the data you get.

Digital marketing improves interaction

As a business owner, building interaction with your target audience and possibly forming a community is one of the best things you can do for your business. Social media interaction can impact a person’s decision to patronise your business. Also, this interaction can give you the necessary insight into what your customers want. Then, you can take their suggestions and implement them in your business practices.

Digital marketing has changed the marketing game forever. It is challenging and it requires innovative thinking, but the results will surpass your expectations. For more tips, recommendations and insight on digital marketing, visit Broadplace today.




Absolute Digital Media Secure Award Win At The Drum Awards 2019

Full-service digital marketing agency, Absolute Digital Media, have secured themselves another accolade for their trophy cabinet by winning best use of search in the Finance and Professional Services category at The Drum Search Awards. Fresh off of a win at the UK Search Awards for Best Use Of Search – Finance and being listed as a Clutch Leading UK SEO Agency, Absolute Digital Media is proving once again that they’ve carved out their place as leaders in their industry.

The award celebrates Absolute Digital Media’s work with short term loan lender, Uncle Buck; Through a fully integrated strategy featuring technical work, a creative content marketing strategy and regular audits across the website and backlink profile, the digital marketing agency have worked closely with Uncle Buck to reach and exceed all of the initial goals. The finance company have seen tangible results, not least including a 76.64% rise in top three positions on Google’s SERPs and a 105.17% rise in new users on their website.

Most notably, however, the partnership saw Uncle Buck reaching position one for two of the personal finance industry’s most competitive keywords – Payday Loans and Same Day Loans. This success has showcased Uncle Buck as a trustworthy and authoritative business not only to their customers but amongst their competitors too. Absolute Digital Media’s strategy went the extra mile, positioning their client as a trustworthy source for personal finance.

CEO of Absolute Digital Media, Ben Austin, commented on the win:

“The team here at Absolute Digital Media have worked incredibly hard on Uncle Buck’s strategy, integrating the best of all of our services to truly cement them as leaders in their industry. This win allows us the opportunity to truly celebrate just how far we’ve come as a partnership and how much we strive to achieve with the campaign in the future.”

Absolute Digital Media offer a wide array of digital marketing services to clients on both a local and global scale. Their specialisms include SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media, Web Development, Design to name a few, each of which is used to craft integrated, innovative and in-depth strategies across the board.

The Drum Search Awards celebrate the best in the industry, utilising a two-step judging process to determine who wins in each of the 34 categories. The process begins with the initial judging, in which a group of leaders in the search industry look over each of the award applications and determine the finalists. From here, they come together to determine the winner by taking a closer look at their strategy, innovative techniques, implementation and any and all tangible results.

For more information about Absolute Digital Media or the services they can provide, contact the team on 0800 088 6000, today.

Olga Travlos, MD of Xanthos, Publishes Guide to Digital Marketing for Managing Directors

Olga Travlos, MD of Xanthos Digital Marketing, has published a book about digital marketing specifically for Managing Directors and CEOs of small-to medium-sized businesses in order to help MDs grow their businesses online.

After 16 years of working with many SMEs, Olga realised the increasing complexity of the digital marketing landscape meant that Managing Directors and business owners would benefit from a high-level overview, as well as a stronger understanding of how digital marketing can fuel business growth. While as an agency, Xanthos offers consultancy and services to help with online marketing, writing a book on the topic was the best way to share knowledge and make this information available to everyone, in order to help a wider audience understand the various strategies and channels available.

The book was written specifically to help MDs understand digital marketing in simple terms, how to define a digital marketing strategy, and how to use this knowledge to get the best out of working with an agency to generate measurable results.

The book covers the following areas:
• Website insight
• Cyber security and data protection
• Digital marketing strategy
• Search engine optimization (SEO)
• Content marketing
• Social media marketing
• Email marketing
• Paid advertising
• Marketing funnels
• Analysis and measurement

“As a strategic partner of over ten years, Xanthos has been fundamental to our long-term digital marketing performance. Their SEO, paid search, marketing automation, content marketing and e-commerce services, along with their deep-rooted understanding of our business and market place, has enabled us to take market share from our competitors and to ride a wave of rapid growth. The forward-thinking strategies that Xanthos deploy have enabled me to focus my team on winning strategies that drive performance through all stages of the marketing funnel.”

James Warren, Head of Digital Marketing IT Governance Ltd
Alongside the new book, Xanthos has also launched a digital marketing self-assessment tool to determine a business’ Digital Marketing Quotient. This tool aims to help businesses assess current digital marketing effectiveness by identifying gaps in their digital marketing, pinpoint areas of improvement, discover missed opportunities and improve the overall strategy to ultimately grow their business.

Olga Travlos is an e-commerce and digital marketing strategist. She is the founder and managing director of Xanthos, an agency that specialises in digital marketing and e-commerce for small- and medium-sized companies. She has many years senior management experience in a number of industries in the private sector.
The book is now available in paperback and Kindle Edition, and you can get a copy of the book from the Xanthos website, or find it directly on Amazon. To use the assessment tool, head to the Xanthos site to get your Digital Marketing Quotient.