Custom packaging tech firm tops fastest growing business list after 9000% growth

An eco-packaging tech firm, who achieved 9077% growth, has taken the top spot as the fastest growing technology company in Central Europe.

Warsaw-based startup, Packhelp, has topped the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe list and joins Newcastle-based FinTech firm, DivideBuy, as the top ranked firm for the UK.

Packhelp has a mission to make custom branded packaging accessible to all businesses, fusing the printing industry, the packaging industry and the modern world of graphic design together in one easy to use tech platform.

Deloitte’s UK Fast 50 is one of Europe’s foremost technology awards programs. Now in its twenty-third successful year, it is an acknowledgement of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies based on revenue growth over the last four years, from 2016 to 2019. 

Konrad Kwiatkowski, CMO & Co-Founder at Packhelp said: “As a start-up we are proud to be acknowledged by such a credible accolade and our success is testament to our fantastic team of 170 professionals making this possible with their hard work every day.”

“Packhelp is trusted by over 22,000 brands across Europe who want custom branded packaging without the eco footprint and in a product range tailored to their needs. We’re a European business helping European brands grow globally. We live in one of the hottest Startup environments in the world and we are really proud to see 15 other local companies on the list too.”

Packhelp is available across Europe – For more information or further advice visit

Automated dropshipping: the new all-in-one solution for your Shopify Store

Yakkyofy, the new Shopify app for dropshipping stores, will allow store owners to manage the entire order fulfillment process in a completely automated way, even for private label products.

Yakkyo Srl, a company based in Italy and China, has just released an official app for Shopify, now available for free on the Shopify App Store that will allow dropshipping online store managers to fully automate the entire fulfillment process from product purchase to doorstep delivery. 

Dropshipping is a business model that is growing and becoming more and more popular globally, because it allows retailers to manage an online store without having to buy products in advance, but by purchasing the item from the supplier only after receiving payment from the user. According to the “Dropshipping Market Forecast to 2027 – COVID-19 Impact and Global Analysis by Product Type, Organization Size, and Geography” In 2019 this market was valued at US$ 162.44 billion and now is forecasted to reach US$ 591.77 billion by 2027 with a growth at CAGR 18.3% from 2020 to 2027. The growth of the market has generated demand for new services that respond to the needs of the growing number of entrepreneurs who are now entering this market. Among these, the two main needs are: easy and automated management of the order fulfillment and delivery process and the possibility of dropshipping products branded with the logo of the company that sells them.

“I have been working in this sector for many years,” declares Yakkyofy’s CEO and Founder, Giovanni Conforti “and by collaborating with many dropshippers, I have noticed a gap in the market that the Yakkyofy app aims to fill”. “In fact, unlike the apps that are based on the arbitration system” continues Conforti “Yakkyofy is able to purchase products directly from factories at B2B prices, even personalized with the company logo, test their quality, and bulk ship more items in a single package. ” 

Using the Yakkyofy app is free and it will allow a Shopify store owner to:

  • find dropshipping products easily, thanks to their innovative and patented image recognition technology
  • automate the entire order fulfillment process
  • sell products in private label or with customized packaging
  • provide fast shipping in 3-8 business days
  • buy stocks of products and manage them through a virtual warehouse updated in real-time
  • send shipment tracking automatically to the end customers

“We have created a software solution” declares Giovanni Conforti “able to meet all the sourcing and logistics needs of a dropshipping business and to manage all the orders, quotes, and shipments of an entire dropshipping business with a single account and a single partner”. “So, if on one hand, the ease of the system has led small companies to try this business model, previously difficult to manage, on the other hand, the private label and automatic features offered by the system have allowed us to approach large players and support them in their activities with a lighter and more flexible structure. “

Anyone who manages an eCommerce on Shopify and wants to increase the number of products offered with the dropshipping technique, can therefore visit the Yakkyofy website or contact their team by Live Chat to understand how to use their app to improve their online sales.

About the Company: Yakkyofy is a dropshipping software created by Yakkyo Srl, a company based in Italy and in China, that helps shop owners to completely automate the management of their Dropshipping store. Yakkyofy sources the products to sell, also branded with your own logo, helps import them into your store with only a few clicks and takes care of all the order fulfillment process automatically. All of the Yakkyofy services are available with just a few clicks, directly on our software, no manual work required. 

Innovative Ecommerce Page Monitoring Platform, Hexowatch gives Ecommerce Businesses the Upper Hand

Hexact inc. known for its popular website health and performance monitoring platform, Hexometer launches Hexowatch – your AI sidekick to monitor website changes

WILMINGTON, DE, USA; 4 September, 2020 – Competitor and supplier monitoring is a time-consuming and costly exercise for many businesses, but a newly released platform called Hexowatch could help businesses save over 32 hours a month in manual monitoring and ensure they stay one step ahead of the competition at every turn.

Developed by Hexact Inc. the company known for its popular website health and performance monitoring platform, Hexometer, Hexowatch has been created specifically for the ecommerce and agency market, enabling businesses to automate monitoring of any website for visual, content, keyword, source code, technology, availability or price changes.

“Since launching, we have helped businesses save over 32 hours a month on average by automating time-consuming and repetitive, yet necessary tasks that weigh on businesses, to ensure they stay on top of their market and competitors,” explained Stepan Aslanyan, CEO of Hexact, Inc.

Hexowatch is a cloud-based platform that functions 24/7, using AI technology, and requires no programming skills or software to install.

Hexowatch helps eCommerce businesses stay ahead of the competition by monitoring their competitors for new product launches, tracking competing product prices, keeping an eye on suppliers or distributors for product availability as well as receiving alerts when logistics partners issue disruption warnings.

When a change is detected, a snapshot is recorded and a notification can be sent via email, Telegram, Slack, webhook,  Zapier or Pabbly connect. This enables Hexowatch alerts to connect with over 2000 different apps and services.

Hexowatch opens up opportunities for agencies to offer additional high-value services to their clients by using the platform to monitor various industry-related areas. Agencies can also benefit from Hexowatch by monitoring client pages for visual issues after deploying development updates, being notified when landing pages are updated, getting a heads up when a tracking code goes missing or monitor product pages for price or availability changes.

Hexowatch can even help freelancers or people looking for work by monitoring third-party recruitment or freelancing websites or HR departments for new vacancies.

“Ultimately, Hexowatch allows you to turn any website into your own private data-source, which means the possibilities are endless. Hexowatch is ideal for any situation where being first and having all the information can get you one step ahead of the competition. And this is just the beginning. We have a vision that far exceeds the current capabilities of this exciting platform,” says Aslanyan.

For further information of PR enquiries, please contact: Hexact, Inc.

Chris Closset – CMO & Co-founder
Address: 24A Trolley Square PMB 2111
City: Wilmington
State: DE 19806
Country: United States
Media kit:
Company profile:

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TCM is Giving a Subsidized eCommerce Store Management Course

TCM is Reaching out to the community to stimulate the economy and Offering a Subsidized eCommerce Store Management Course.

The COVID-19 crisis caused unemployment to rise dramatically since March, and currently, there are almost one million unemployed people in Israel. Thus, TCM, acting within its core values and vision, which are the company’s ecosystem, decided to launch a new social initiative to help those who lost their livelihood because of the crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic has put hundreds of thousands of people in a difficult situation. Entire industries, like tourism, food serving, events and venues, and almost all physical brick-and-mortar businesses, were hit hard. In contrast, the high-tech and eCommerce industries grew at an accelerated rate following the crisis.

TCM, the leading company in Israel and one of the world leaders in digital stores management, identified the trend and decided to launch a new social initiative. A free eCommerce store management course, during which the company will provide full training for a creative profession to 50 potential candidates, and employ ten of those who excel in full-time employment at TCM.

Watch the video “TCM is opening eCommerce management program” >>:

The initiator of the program is TCM, which was co-founded by Gabi and Shani Bar, the CEOs of the Company. When asked about the program, they responded, “We want to share the wealth that eCommerce has brought us, so we have decided to reach out to the community and put people back to work in one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide.”

Gabi and Shani Bar co-founders and CEOs of TCM | Photo: Ori Carmi

For example, on eBay, there was a 40% increase in the number of Israeli store owners during April of 2020 alone, compared to the month before. Amazon leaped 30% in stock value during the last year. The new ‘Covid-19 reality’ impact on the general public has accelerated the transfer of commerce to the internet. We have seen strengthening in many other eCommerce companies as well, such as AliExpress and Shopify.

Who can participate in the training program?

If you already lost your job or left without a livelihood following the coronavirus crisis but have knowledge and understanding in computing coupled with high-level English proficiency (speaking and writing), follow this link. Answer the questionnaire, tell us a little about yourself, and we will examine your suitability. The ad, of course, appeals to both women and men.

The course delivery is in the form of online meetings and frontal meetings at the TCM offices, lasting for three months, with two weekly four hour sessions in the afternoon. The company’s professional staff will teach the classes themselves, including hands-on mentoring, home assignments, and more.

Each participant in the course will receive a graduating certificate with a personal score. More so, with the help of the tools and knowledge that the participants will acquire, it will be possible to integrate into the innovative world of eCommerce.

The topics that the course participants learn will include a variety of skills, including mental management in the new world, vision and core values ​​for excellence, knowledge of online trading platforms, Amazon, Shopify, eBay, management tools, promotion and marketing (sponsored and organic), product launches, branding and more.

In light of the high demand, the company will only accept 50 participants, with a passion for the world of eCommerce that is highly motivated to succeed in the field and maybe even become a part of the TCM family. At the end of the course, ten outstanding students will be integrated into our international team, with full-time substantial paying employment.

TCM – Connecting people to the wealth of eCommerce

TCM has recently signed an IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange, which will take effect in just one month. “When we started, we did not know where this path would lead. Today, after the IPO agreement, I am delighted that the dream came to fruition,” said Shani Bar.

Over the years, TCM has developed groundbreaking tools for digital store management, based on the latest technological innovations in AI, BI, Deep Machine Learning, and Big-data, through which all elements of the online store can is managed.

TCM staff celebrating the IPO announcement | Photo: Natasha Cooperman

Gabi and Shani explained that “along with the advanced technological systems developed by the company, you can also find quality personnel, including store managers, designers, programmers, marketing experts, and more. We employ about 120 amazing team members around the world, as of today. We attribute a large part of our success to their credit. We, the staff, and the shareholders are a part of the ecosystem of TCM, guided by our core values which enable us to grow each day and become the best versions of ourselves”.

Want to be part of TCM’s winning environment as well? Do not hesitate; this is your chance to dream big and join the new world!

To register for the fully subsidized eCommerce Store Management course, click on the following link:

Main image:TCM staff celebrating the IPO announcement | Photo: Natasha Cooperman

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New Funding for eCommerce and Online Business

Motion Finance is excited to announce the launch of our accessible, practical financing service designed for eCommerce and online businesses. We are passionate about helping businesses accelerate their growth! Here’s how we’re helping:

  • Funding for paid digital advertising (eg. Google/Facebook ads)
  • Quick online application (no paperwork!) for funding up to €15,000
  • Unbiased application assessment process: our proprietary algorithm assesses your business’ potential
  • Repayment through revenue-sharing: pay a fixed percentage of your weekly sales so if your business slows down, your repayments slow down
  • No compound interest, no deadlines!

Many online and eCommerce businesses have the potential to scale quickly, but with the delay between paying for ads (very short window), and receiving sales and conversion revenue (up to three months), they simply don’t have the resources available for online advertising.

Now is the best time for businesses to take advantage of the massive global shift to doing everything online—from education to collaboration to shopping.

This new model of funding is exactly what’s needed to propel businesses with such enormous potential into success in a global online marketplace.

“Affordable and convenient advertising funding gives online businesses a better chance to achieve higher sales and growth faster. It can really act as that extra boost and help them succeed.”

Augustas Štaras, Motion Finance founder

The algorithm for determining approvals is a breakthrough in providing equal and accessible financing for business owners. The only thing the algorithm looks for is business potential. Regardless of who you are, if your business has potential, Motion Finance is here to support you and accelerate your business to the next level—whatever you determine that next level to be!

About Motion Finance: Motion Finance provides financing for e-commerce and online businesses to fund their advertising and growth. Curious? Visit us at

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Avenue51 ecommerce platform sees 245% increase in orders from Chinese consumers for British goods

London, UK – July 1st, 2020: Avenue51, the global ecommerce platform, is experiencing a surge in demand from shoppers in Mainland China looking to buy goods from British companies. Avenue51’s June marketplace sales figures show a 245% year-on-year increase compared to the same month in 2019.

The most popular British product category trends currently being sold across Avenue51 marketplace stores include Maternity, Accessories, Premium Grocery and Beauty – which is on track to increase sales by 650% in 2020.

The steep rise in demand from Chinese consumers for goods from Britain has been buoyed by Mainland China’s annual mid-year shopping festival, 618, which runs from June 1 to June 18th with vast numbers of shoppers logging on to buy branded goods.
In addition, the Chinese Government this year issued more than £1 billion of cash coupons to its citizens – to help reboot the economy – which has contributed to the heightened numbers of online sales.
Many British brands operate online stores through the Avenue51 platform including Royal Mail, Waitrose, Aspinal of London and ThisWorks.

Avenue51 is a quick and effective means for European brands to trade directly with consumers, globally, via its cross-border technology platform that offers an end-to-end service including; stock management, marketing, payments and shipping. Avenue51 also provides online listing across a network of more than 50,000 online retailers used by shoppers in Mainland China.
Avenue51 co-founder, James Hardy, comments: “Retailers and brands have had an incredibly difficult time due to Covid-19, and it won’t get any easier with an uncertain global economic outlook. Our record June sales show the importance of a robust ecommerce offering and the opportunities afforded to brands who can successfully trade into the Chinese consumer market.
We are seeing a sustained growth of brands joining Avenue51 and are continuing to invest in our technology, fulfilment centres and consumer insights to help meet their individual sales needs.”

About Avenue51
Avenue51’s complete cross border retail technology platform enables more than 100 British and European consumer brands including Waitrose, Aspinal of London and ThisWorks to generate and fulfil over £45 million of orders from shoppers and online retailers in Mainland China each year.

For brands that are seeking fast access to shoppers in Mainland China, Avenue51 offers the opportunity to list products within a network of more than 50,000 online retailers. This network includes a number of highly successful online stores operated by Avenue51 under license (La Poste and Royal Mail flagship stores) or directly (51bestuk, 51Taouk).

The Avenue51 team is based in offices around the world including London, Birmingham, Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou.
Press Contact

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Singapore Synagie Partners with GroupM to Offer E-Commerce Store Management and Fulfilment Services

– Synagie to offer GroupM’s clients in Southeast Asia end-to-end e-commerce platform store management and fulfilment services.

– The solutions would help brands to quickly set up their online presence and sell across multiple digital platforms across the region.

Singapore,15June2020–Synagie Corporation Ltd. (SGX: V2Y) (“Synagie”, “思腾控股有限公司”, the “Company”, or the “Group”),Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce enabler, has entered into a commercial partnership with GroupMAsia Pacific Pte Ltd(“GroupM”), the media investment group of WPP, to provide end-to-end e-commerce platform store management and fulfilment services for GroupM’s clientsin the region. It would help these businesses to quickly set up their online presence and sell across multiple digital platforms across Southeast Asia.

Ms Olive Tai, Synagie’s Executive Director, said, “There has been an acceleration in e-commerce adoption around the world, driven by more consumers opting to do their shopping online. Southeast Asia will see a substantial increase in the size of its internet economyas more people connect digitally.Brands can no longer ignore the importance of online commerce. We are thrilled to work with GroupM in helping their clients capture a piece of this lucrative e-commerce pie.”

Chief Operating Officerof GroupM Asia Pacific, Mr Jon Thurlow, commented:“Partnering with Synagie creates greater integration for clients where we can look holistically from omni-channel planning, through campaign execution and consumer experience to delivery and ensuring value is being built at each stage.”  GroupM is the world’s leading media investment company with three of the top fiveglobal media agencies and is responsible for more than US$50 billion in annual media investment through agencies Mindshare, MediaCom, Wavemaker, Essence and m/SIX, as well as the outcomes-driven programmatic audience company, Xaxis.

The partnership will make use of Synagie’s cloud-based platform, powered by artificial intelligence and real-time big data analytics, through which companies can manage their entire e-commerce value chain together, from inventory to warehousing and last mile delivery, from a single, integrated “back-office.” Southeast Asia’s Internet economy is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to grow to $300billion by 2025, driven by the expansion of e-commerce due to fundamental shifts in consumer behavior. E-commerce in Southeast Asia is predicted to reach $153 billion in gross merchandise value by 2025.

Investor Relations and Media Contact:

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AI e-commerce tech start-up secures investment from fast-growing food and drink wholesaler

Scottish tech start-up, 443 AI Ltd, has secured seed investment from a fast-growing food and drink wholesale firm to pioneer disruptive online technology in a sector considered to be still struggling with basic e-commerce.

In a month where yet another stalwart of the UK High Street struggles to survive in the face of the rising challenge of e-commerce, and one of the UK’s longest-established wholesale operations ditches the cash and carry side of its business, forward-thinking food and drinks wholesaler, Savona Foodservice, announces a pioneering investment in 443 AI.

443 AI has been started by Jason Finch, founder of one of Europe’s early web development and internet consultancy firms, over 20 years ago.

Also launching the world’s first major wholesale e-commerce operation with pharmaceuticals giant, UniChem (now Alliance Healthcare), in the 1990s, Finch has more recently worked with the UK’s largest delivered wholesaler, Palmer and Harvey, where his former firm’s software processed over £650 million of orders per annum.

Having last year showcased a prototype AI-based product search, advertising and e-commerce platform to Savona, designed and developed from scratch specifically to meet the unique challenges of wholesale, Finch and Savona have now joined forces to build the future of web-based technologies for wholesalers and distribution companies, starting with the food and drink sector.

Mike Morgan, director and general manager of Savona, will join Finch on the board of 443 AI, which is already recruiting top talent to start the design and build of an initial e-commerce platform, machine learning search engine focused on wholesale, and personalised marketing opportunities for suppliers to foodservice wholesale customers which include hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes as well as care homes and the education sector.

“Foodservice wholesale is actually very complicated and very different to retail, yet a lot of wholesalers are approaching e-commerce by building on top of platforms designed for retail. But wholesale is about selling large volumes and a few seconds extra adding each item to your order adds huge amounts of time to the overall ordering process,” explained Morgan.

“Orders often have hundreds of items built up over days not minutes, bespoke pricing for each customer, promotions packages far more complex than retailers operate, there are large cases of single items and split cases, in food and drink there are delivery cut-off times that vary depending on the temperature of products, and brand substitutions that all add to the complexity.”

Said Finch: “Wholesalers who have grasped the thorny issue of e-commerce are still seeing fairly basic platforms as innovative, despite the fact they’re at least a decade behind in the grander scheme of things. There is so much opportunity in this sector but the margins are wafer-thin so investment in new ordering channels is simply not happening, but wholesalers are starting to wake up to the fact new competitors, including Amazon, are emerging.”

443 AI is solving the problems for all wholesalers who want to have a viable, meaningful digital relationship with their customers, and Savona Foodservice is demonstrating its leadership by taking a significant shareholding in 443 AI and an active role in the development of the launch products, pooling the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure the e-commerce platform and related technology products will be simply market-leading.

Finch recognises the importance of building the right platform with a company that shares his vision: “Savona get it. In the last decade I’ve come across no other wholesaler that has impressed me so much with its thoughts on innovating in the e-commerce space.

“All the people there know what their customers need and they know how to express that,” and he seems sure that the outcome of that can only be an industry leading e-commerce platform that serves customers as it should but does not add unnecessary administrative burden to the wholesaler.

“It’s easy for companies to talk the talk, but Savona has invested in the future of their industry, and 443 AI’s approach will be disruptive rather than simply creating standard e-commerce websites with a wholesale angle.”

“I’m excited about the journey we have started with Jason,” explains Kelly Williams, group sales and marketing director of Savona, “and seeing what I have already seen, tells me that we could not be in better hands. Jason is already approaching a broad range of our suppliers and customers to ensure that 443 AI creates a platform that improves not only the speed and efficiency of ordering but also makes it easy for customers to see the new products and promotions offered by our suppliers.

Well-funded, and with a short roadmap before the launch of the initial version of the e-commerce platform, 443 AI is set to completely disrupt the food and drink sector’s e-commerce market, and Savona Foodservice will lead the charge within their customer base.

Finch concluded: “443 AI understands the importance of ongoing customer research and feedback, of creating modern mobile-responsive highly usable web software, and Savona’s board are all positive and understand there is a lot we can learn from the big boys of web technology and the leaders of retail e-commerce. Together, we can transform digital trading for wholesalers and improve the sales process through cutting-edge personalisation and machine-learning technology.”


Mike Morgan (director and general manager, Savona)

Mike has around 20 years’ operational and general management foodservice experience, encompassing wholesale giants Bidvest and Brakes, and world-class distribution companies Martin Brower and Weddel Swift. Prior to joining the board of Savona, where Mike is responsible for the entire Oxford operation, delivering right across the south of England, his most notable previous leadership role was during the contract for the supply of food to the 2012 Olympic Games for 3663. Despite having a wife and two children, he still finds time to shoot clay pigeons and travel.

Kelly Williams (group sales and marketing director, Savona)

Kelly has worked for most of her successful sales career in the wholesale foodservice industry, and most of that for Ilfracombe Wholesale Grocers before the acquisition by Savona Foodservice. Having worked from telesales through field sales and into sales management, she was appointed a company director and then took group sales and marketing responsibility. Travel, family and dogs all play a huge part in her life outside work.

Jason Finch (CEO, 443 AI)

Helicopter pilot, snowboarder and obsessed with Artificial Intelligence since graduating with a degree in AI-based Computer Science in 1994, Jason says he hates technology but is a serial tech entrepreneur, wrote regular tech business features for Better Wholesaling magazine and developed most of the code for wholesaler, P&H’s, first e-commerce platform. He is now an official mentor to the Women in Wholesale organisation and has helped many High Street retailers and brands as diverse as Apple Education, Lotus Cars, English National Ballet and Toshiba Europe to get online.