Hawaii-based tech entrepreneur back at it with a real estate start up in the face (mask) of COVID-19


● New, disruptive, online real estate website
● Thousands of virtual 3D tours to help in the times of COVID-19
● Website is Buyer and Seller focused vs most Agent-focused websites
● “Smart Price” algorithm uses public data points to suggest fair market prices

July 31, 2020

Jeff Berzolla, founder of the largest vacation rental tech company in Hawaii, has started a new online real estate company called Nalula.com. Frustrated by the lack of information he was able to find when trying to buy a home on Maui, Berzolla set about to solve the problem.

“Every day, people make the largest financial decision of their life – buying and selling a home – without good, unbiased information. At Nalula.com, we bring an unprecedented level of transparency to the real estate industry – exposing essential, hard-to-find data and hyper-current market conditions. These tools help our users make educated buying and selling decisions.”

Nalula.com collects as much data as possible about each property and is not just a regurgitation of the MLS. The site is fast, mobile-friendly, displays county assessed values for properties and recommends a Smart Price for each home, condo or parcel of vacant land based on recent comparable sales and the difference between those recent sales and county assessed values.

COVID-19 has seen an increase in online real estate searches and Video/3D tours are more coveted than ever. Most websites do not have 3D tours nor the ability to filter to show only these properties. Nalula offers users the ability to easily search for their dream property and currently has over 3000 listings with 3D tours. The site also boasts 17 filters, 9 sort functions and over 200 data points for each property.

Nalula’s Smart Price offers customers an alternative to Zillow’s Zestimate. “In doing my research, I concluded that most sites are focused on enriching real estate agents, rather than helping buyers and sellers make fair deals. I find it very misleading that Zillow’s Zestimate instantly changes when a property is listed for sale. I want our customers to know that data drives our Smart Price and we are going to constantly work to make our Smart Price smarter with each iteration of our technology.” Berzolla said.


Nalula launched its beta website in Hawaii in July 2020 and plans to expand nationwide by the end of the year.

About Nalula

Everyday people make the largest financial decision of their life – buying and selling a home – without the necessary information to determine if they’re paying or receiving a fair price.

At Nalula, we strive to bring transparency to the real estate industry – exposing essential data and current market conditions – so you can make an educated buying or selling decision.

Media Contact: Jeff Berzolla
Phone: 1.808.351.5713
Email: jeff@nalula.com

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“Persuasive Marketer’ and Entrepreneur shares his proven tactics to enable you to master marketing

https://www.prfire.com/‘Persuasive Marketer’ shares his guide to mastering the art so you can sell anything to anyone

The Persuasive Marketer is the guide to marketing that focuses on how to understand your buyer and successfully cater to their needs. Entrepreneur, CEO and now author, Ioannis Antypas walks you through how essential elements of communication, storytelling and the psychological aspect to better understanding your audience helps you provide them with the best solution.

Antypas inherited his business genes from his father and grandfather with his feats of entrepreneurship starting from as early as age 8. Milestone birthdays had milestones in business follow, he bought his first restaurant at 18 and developed his first digital agency shortly after.

In 2018 Antypas began developing Hela Job. Hela Job is a digital platform that matches you to temporary and flexible work that’s available now and relevant to your skill set. It is now primed to sit at the front of the recently redefined UK gig economy as the number of people looking for work has increased immensely.

Google saw searches for temporary work spike last month. Due to everything coronavirus related combined with news that those on the government’s furlough scheme are now registering as unemployed. The need for the Hela Job platform and its easy process to find work and fill job vacancies has never been higher.

According to serial entrepreneur Antypas,

‘Part of the inspiration to write the book was that with the volume of businesses I’d seen turning digital, I would notice a majority of them simply lacking the persuasion needed to close sales. From one entrepreneur to another, this book showcases my earned experience in business and work with companies to encourage and educate those out there on how to get their business started.’

Part of the team that worked with Antypas to bring Hela Job to fruition also work within his digital web agency, Jukkie Digital Agency. The London agency has been operating for over 4 years with a dedicated team of staff offering aspects of digital marketing like SEO optimisation, branding and web design to clients.

All these enterprises are just a few feathers in Ioannis Antypas’ cap. ‘The Persuasive Marketer’ is drawn from his personal experience in business, readers can be assured that the techniques, strategies and tips included have been utilised, tried and tested by Antypas.

The Persuasive Marketer will be available on Amazon as Paperback, Kindle eBook and Audible Audiobook from Tuesday 14th August. You can pre-order your copy right now at: https://amzn.to/2AvfR62

For media assets: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4bchrscpmf2ot1r/AAA-mjtg6_FTIQBFbmKmmgHFa?dl=0

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Figuring Out Your Strengths As An Entrepreneur

If you were to define what an entrepreneur does, could you do it in a few words? It’s unlikely. An entrepreneur has to be many different things; they have to inspire their workers while also keeping problems at bay, introducing new processes while also keeping an eye on the bigger picture. And it would be foolhardy to say that we’ve all got the skills in abundance. But what we need to figure out is where our skills lie. From there, we are able to figure out how to best utilize these skills in a business sense, but also get into the habit of fixing our weaknesses. Where do your strengths lie? And how can you figure this out?

Figuring Out Your Emotional Intelligence

Your Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is comprised of numerous soft skills, like being self-aware, optimism, being patient, and generally working well with people. If you have a certain lack of empathy, does this mean that your skills are redundant in an entrepreneurial sense? It’s not. But it may mean that you’ll have to do a bit more soul-searching to find the right avenue for you. When it comes to setting up the right business, we’ve got to be intuitive and go with our strengths. Whether you’re looking to set up a business broker franchise, or a children’s daycare center, every leader has to discover their emotional intelligence and how they work best with people.

Finding Out From Others

Some leaders feel that they shouldn’t ask others for their opinion, because it may highlight some sort of insecurity. But it’s important for us to determine our strengths by speaking to others and getting an idea of how we are perceived. We may not necessarily agree with it, but if we can find out how we present ourselves, this gives us an idea of how we can best control and harness this image. Being an efficient leader isn’t just about being in charge and you saying what goes, it’s about that leeway, that back and forth, so you are nimble and open to suggestions. By asking others for their opinion, you may not get the answer you really want, but it could be the answer that you need.

Practice Problem-Solving

Scenarios are beneficial for so many reasons. By going through certain scenarios in your head, you can come up with practical solutions, meaning that you are prepared for this eventuality if it ever comes up, but you are also arming yourself with some extra skills. These hypothetical situations are essential, and when we’re in the midst of running a business, but we’re not prepared for specific problems, it can threaten to derail the entire process, not to mention stress us out as well. Practicing problem-solving and coming up with scenarios just in case is as beneficial to your mindset as it is the business.

And when it comes to fixing your weaknesses and making the most of your positives, a lot of it is down to trusting our instincts. Getting to the truth of the matter, rather than overloading ourselves with hyperbole and thinking that we need to be like a certain leader to gain results is betraying our sensibilities. To be a great entrepreneur, you don’t always have to tread the path that has been laid before you.