High-End Designer Marvin Nonis Launches Luxury Fashion Magazine

Marvin Nonis releases the second issue of his luxury fashion magazine. Filled with his expertise on every detail of fine fashion and his passion for luxurious fabric.

Featuring his experiences at two VIP events at the prestigious London Fashion Week, leading-edge designer Marvin Nonis has launched his new creation, Marvin Nonis Luxury Fashion Magazine. Through this new venture, Nonis looks to give lovers of luxury fashion an inside look at the dazzling world of haute couture.

Filled with his expertise on every detail of fine fashion and his passion for luxurious fabric, this magazine will feature both Nonis’ own designs, as well as the best of the best of other designers’ work in later issues. What distinguishes his magazine from all the others on the rack are his expert insights about how it feels to be on the other side of the catwalk.

Other exclusive features include details about how he transforms ordinary people into cover models – his signature strategy. An invitation to try out to become a Nonis model features prominently in his premiere and successive editions. Prospective models, Nonis said, will “receive specialised runway training, so no experience is necessary.”

With its stunning cover, featuring one of Nonis’ own designs, a beautifully embroidered blue evening gown, this magazine looks to burst on the world fashion scene as a key player in the industry press. Throughout the premiere and successive editions, sleek evening gowns blend with flirty cocktail dresses, casual outfits, and outerwear – one of which channels Jackie Kennedy’s iconic coat dress in all its 60s glory as shown in the premier edition of the magazine.

The one ingredient that unites all the featured designs is glamour. Nonis’ trademark style features clean, flowing lines paired with only the finest fabrics. Inspired by classical music, as a recent House of Coco article pointed out, Nonis can take a bolt of fine silk, cashmere, cotton, or wool and turn it into a masterpiece.

His work does the same for all his customers. His magazine echoes this transformative fashion philosophy. Fashion fans can follow the latest magazine at

Marvin Nonis is a world-renowned designer whose mission is to transform his customers from the “ordinary to the extraordinary.” To that end, he launched the Marvin Nonis Fashion Magazine, a showcase that gives its subscribers an inside look at the world of high fashion as only a top designer could. With his impeccable credentials and love of fine fabrics, Nonis takes subscribers behind the scenes of the fashion world’s most prestigious events.





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Seriously ill fashion designer finds therapy through his hand painted designs

A critically ill organ transplant patient who has had an operation cancelled twice due to the coronovirus pandemic is healing himself though his hand painted leather jacket company.

Richard Gair, of Gogairy Hand Painted Leathers, has survived a pancreas and kidney transplant after suffering from diabetes since a teenager.

Now 47, he survives on a daily cocktail of pills and injections to keep him alive. Over the past 18 months he has developed a painful hernia the size of a football which has split open his abdomen and until the procedure he will need a number of Botox injections to relax the surrounding muscles. This will allow the operation to more straight forward and less stressful on his abdomen. The operation was due to take place in March but was pushed back to April and now has been moved again with no further date planned

Artist and fashion designer Richard is on daily opiate painkillers to numb the pain from all this and is disappointed that his operation was cancelled, saying, “It’s a lot of mental preparation for an operation of this kind especially with an 80% survival rate. I have been fully prepped and prepared myself for it for several months. Now it’s been cancelled and of course I understand why. So I shall just carry on painting and selling my jackets.

GoGairy creates unique hand painted leather and vegan friendly faux leather jackets. Customers can create their own design which he then paints onto a jacket, making a bespoke timeless fashion piece for the wearer. Despite the pandemic the orders are flying in.

Richard said, “Everyone’s online and the traffic to my website and the GoGairy Facebook page is huge, it’s great! I have dropped by prices to reflect the current climate but life has to go on and I am very fortunate that my business is one working from home so I am unaffected by this.

I am in constant pain as a result of my health issues, and I do need to take a daily nap but I find painting really helps with the pain, it’s a really good distraction; a therapy and focusing on painting takes my mind off it. My operation was cancelled but in a way it’s blessing as I would have not been able to work for two to three months. And I can’t imagine not painting, I love it, I love creating a unique piece of art that people are proud to wear.”

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Lifestyled Sustainable Fashion and Tech Tour To Launch February 2020

Lifestyled is the name of a new Sustainable Fashion and Tech tour and streaming series that will launch in February 2020. This tour is created and produced by Planet Fashion TV which has teamed up with Morph Media (the makers of hit the Netflix series Tech Toys 360).

The tour will go from New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and Paris through February and will be the subject of a six episode Amazon series. The series will tell the story of the development of the tour and the cutting edge brands featured on-site.Lifestyled is the “What’s Next Now” of Sustainability. Set to unveil during the February Fashion Weeks in 2020, the event is a dynamic look at lifestyle presented by sustainable tech exhibitors and sustainable fashion designers.

Attendees will explore and engage with onsite activation’s of cutting edge displays with best in class electronics and technology that re-define sustainability. Panel discussions with leaders in sustainability will begin each day and fashion shows at the forefront of sustainability will highlight each evening.

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Royal Head Wraps Representing UK at Africa Fashion Week

Royal Head Wraps – this African inspired fashion clothing brand is making waves on both sides of the Atlantic and is to be showcased at The Africa Fashion Week in London this August. Owner, Primrose Panglea had never sewn before launching the business – she taught herself to sew using You Tube tutorials. Launching the business with just £200, the online retailer now boasts an annual revenue of over £27,000 on Amazon UK and over $197,000 on Amazon USA.

Royal Head Wrap image

I smile with pride as I watch my young daughter model the clothes I have learnt to sew, a natural in front of the camera. The sewing machine I taught myself to use, glints at me from across the room. I can’t believe how far my business has come – from launching my business with just £200 and never having sewn before, in just a few months time my work will be showcased at The Africa Fashion Week in London.”

Primrose previously worked as a security officer at Heathrow Airport for 7 years. Growing up she had watched in awe as her mother effortlessly hand-made clothes in bright, tropical colours. A desire to draw on this talent, Primrose bought herself a sewing machine and with the power of You Tube tutorials, taught her self the skills to launch her business. The range of clothing now includes sophisticated vibrant fashion wear including dresses, head-wraps, blazers, skirts and a range of men and children.

The astute business woman, who lives in Windsor, home schooled her children while launching her business. Sometimes working for 30 hours straight to keep up with demands. She carefully tested the market with her products, using her You Tube Channel to showcase her work, and built up a trusting relationship with her followers. As well as making head-scarves, she branched into making jewellery and other clothing. “I taught myself to use the technology and a camera to take the photography of my products. Everyone in the family is involved – my children and husband help out with modelling the products.”

Primrose and her family were fortunate enough to take a year out from the business and travel to Cape Town, Thailand and Malaysia. Of course, the work never really stops, and whilst in Thailand, Primrose drew inspiration for her designs and even took the opportunity to use her travels as a background for modelling shots.

The clothes and head wraps are made using traditional African fabric. The sister company, Hybrid Fashionista, carries clothes inspired by many other cultures but still using African fabrics.

The secret to her success? Primrose, age 40, believes honesty and kindness help build her customer base. On her You Tube Channel she broaches subjects such as mix-race marriage, birth, death and home schooling. A desire and inner grit gave her the edge to learn the skills required to pursue her business.

“I believe in kindness. I always take part in Random Acts of Kindness and I was awarded a British Citizen Award by the Houses of Parliament in 2015.”

You can see Primrose’s work at

Primrose is available for interview or comment.
High res images available of request.