J&M Murdoch drives business growth with PODFather

J&M Murdoch, the transportation, waste management and skip hire specialist, is seeing the benefit of implementing PODFather’s delivery tracking and proof of delivery system into the transportation division of its 70-vehicle strong operation. Murdoch’s vehicles run 24 hours a day, 363 days of the year and the team needed a software solution to automate and streamline several business-critical tasks. PODFather was selected as the supplier of choice for Murdoch’s haulage division and is now relied upon to automate vehicle checks, schedule and communicate job instructions with drivers, track vehicle movements, provide electronic proof of delivery and manage invoicing. As a direct result of implementing PODFather technology, Murdoch’s has seen invoicing turnaround time slashed from seven days to just 24 hours.

PODFather’s delivery tracking and proof of delivery system is used daily to manage a range of tasks across Murdoch’s heavy haulage division. “Technology is a key driver in moving our business forward in terms of service and profitability”, comments Leigh Colville, Account Manager at Murdoch’s. “With PODFather we have streamlined our processes to such an extent that we are now able to organise, issue and monitor jobs much more easily. Ultimately, we can now invoice jobs within 24 hours of completion, with minimal paperwork. It’s so much quicker; the process used to take up to seven days. This has had a huge impact on the financial efficiency of our organisation.

In addition, the PODFather solution is used by the transport team to handle the allocation and sharing of job details with the fleet. “The PODFather system makes it easier for me to do my job, especially as it’s cloud based,” adds John Allan, Operations Manager. “I used to have to physically be onsite to deal with issues, or make schedule changes, but now I can do that anywhere, from any device.”

As a result of introducing the PODFather system to their operation, Murdoch’s now has better visibility of overall fleet performance and revenue generated by its fleet. “We can now see what revenue is being generated by which parts of our fleet. This information is hugely important when making strategic business decisions regarding utilisation,” adds Leigh Colville.

J&M Murdoch has been a familiar site on UK roads since 1965. Still a family-run outfit, Murdoch’s operate a fleet of 70 vehicles, with locations in the West and East of Scotland. With an impressive array of vehicles delivering such a wide variety of items, the Murdoch team prides itself on offering an unparalleled service that treats efficiency as a number one priority.

“Good service sits at the heart of our operation,” comments Drew Murdoch, Managing Director. “Last year saw us recognised by the London Stock Exchange as one of the 1,000 companies to inspire Britain. Our staff have always been a USP for our business but in recent years we are seeing technology playing a more important role in both the development of our service offering and the future growth of our company.”

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5 Ways to Grow Your Business

Mostly what we want from a business, at the forefront, is innovation. This is a word that associates a company or brand with facets of modernism in different industries. The notion of having a successful business often leads to big scale comparisons, like with Google or Apple. While these are prime examples of how businesses can grow to become dominant empires, they are not realistic to the life of the everyday entrepreneur. So, how can you grow your business? From startups to medium-size enterprises, we notice that there are so many areas where improvements are needed. Scaling any kind of business, whether old or new, for proper growth, is not an easy process and takes a lot of effort. This is why most people tend to give up.

However, for business owners who are dedicated to their craft and want to see their company prosper, growth will be easy to achieve. An example is if you go out of your way to get the best logo design work at printing Condell Park, people will recognize your business everywhere they see it. Interacting with new leads, catering to services and understanding revenue is part of your business day. But, not everyone has the guts to go for it. Why is it that so many people are quick to give up so easily?

Helping the Survival of your Business: Tips to Follow

If your company has any chance of growing in any way, it needs to learn how to survive in the competitive market. The responsibility to make this a reality falls on management and business owners, as well as their skills in setting good goals. The necessity behind the growth is not about just making more money but also making sure that your brand is a household name in its relevant industry. Making the right impression can often fall short, but you can always delve into certain growth strategies. Some types of plans are as follows:

  1. Adopting new processes: You can set higher margins for certain sales or even cut down on some production costs. This is an automated way of ensuring efficient methods and simple utilization of resources.
  2. Delving into a fresh experience: This means that you can increase retention and attempt at making better customer connections. The compulsion to buy your products will add to the customer’s motivation.
  3. Catering to potential leads: Leads can always transform into loyal consumers and thus you have to put them first. This entails that you look at their demands within the market and then deliver accordingly for their satisfaction.
  4. Making sure you have what it takes: Whether you are getting into some features that will impress the audience or simply have a great reputation, it will show people that your company has what it takes to grow and thrive over time.

How Can You Grow Your Business?

Similar to many other concepts of life, you have to put in a genuine effort to grow your brand. There is no rulebook or special sauce or magic spell that can make your troubles go away and give you fast results. You need to take the time out of your schedule to list down all the issues that are apparent and then come up with solutions to fix them. Be mindful that these can be addressed long term and need to establish the foundation of your brand and its products or services. Once you have a clear notion of what needs to be done, the only thing you need is proper implementation.

Besides this, there are many ways you can grow your business by customizing them to your needs and then putting them into action.

Building a Sales Funnel

This is one of the primary ways you can build up your business. Establishing a sales funnel will help you avoid so many huge mistakes. Sales funnels allow you to automate your brand and its procedures, as well as scale more confidently. You will further be able to grow quickly and easily over time without having to use hacks or expensive marketing. After the frontend work is done, all you need to do is put it to use and you are good to go.

Nurturing Existing Customers

If you already have a line of loyal customers, you will have to nurture them and listen to their demands. This involves keeping in constant contact with them in a professional capacity, as well as letting them know about any events or updates that may interest them. This is a means of keeping the customer base you already have and gradually building it up to find a good balance where everyone is satisfied.

Asking for Referrals

It is not a bad idea to attract new customers to your business. After all, customers will be able to drive you forward and give more room for all kinds of business growth. One of the simplest ways you can accomplish this is by asking for referrals from your existing customers. Once they begin to spread the word about your business, there will be a massive increase in people who are interested in what you are selling. Although you need to actively make sure to implement this, it is quite effective.

Maximize Use of Social Media

Not only is social media a powerful tool, but it is also one of the best ways to get exposure. This means that if you are trying to reach a certain number of people then make sure to engage your business on all social platforms. This shows your demographic insights and details about your business, leading to more leads, more curiosity and eventually a great number of sales. Where your audience believes that they are being heard properly, social media is the gateway for modern businesses to flourish.

Building up Brand Reputation

Your brand reputation, or your brand image, is what draws people in when they do not have much information. When you consider how brands build up their name on a global basis, you will note everything good and positive that people are saying about them. From quality products to fantastic service and great pricing, everyone is looking for something when they come across a new name. Therefore, it is up to you to build a reputation for your business that people will love and be enticed by.


Considering that businesses already have to be agile and durable during their processing, it does not hurt to also look at the tips given above. Once you have an idea on how to grow your business, you will be able to push through all challenges and problems with ease and thus become a household name in the market.

Dr. Ed CBD celebrates record-breaking growth in the UK

Dr. Ed®, the flagship brand of The CBD Group, celebrated some of the fastest month-on-month growth for a new CBD brand in the UK. Dr. Ed®, co-founded and headed by friends Dr. Edward Jones and Alex McMillan, has continued to go from strength to strength in the cannabis sector, focussing on science and consumer education in an often-confusing market.

Their launch range of broad-spectrum CBD oils has found great popularity with the British public and led to a market-leading repurchase rate. With close to 10,000 bottles sold since launch, Dr. Ed® is now looking to expand their operation into new territories including Europe and Asia backed by a new round of capital investment and distribution agreements.

As the Marketing Director of The CBD Group, Alex McMillan has always been very aware that brands in the CBD industry must build consumer trust by correctly labelling their products, having them thoroughly tested and being as transparent and honest as possible with enquires.

Alex says ‘The CBD industry has absolutely exploded in the last year. It is the fastest growing area of the health and wellness industry by a country mile and lots of companies are falling flat when it comes to taking responsibility for their products, the way in which they are made and how they are advertised. The CBD space is confusing enough for consumers without companies selling sub-par products to make a quick buck. Luckily there are some really good CBD brands out there who are focussed on consumer education and creating top notch products and we like to think we are included in that list’

Dr. Edward Jones continues, ‘Recent media investigations into high-street CBD brands have highlighted some worrying results whether that be incorrect product labelling or illegal levels of certain regulated compounds within the products. We’ve always taken a science-first approach to our business. Everything we produce is double lab tested for extra peace of mind. We’d hate to let our customers down after spending so much time building up a great rapport with them as a business that really knows it’s stuff when it comes to CBD’.

With the contract manufacturing arm of The CBD Group being launched last month, the group aims to become one of the biggest players in CBD production in the UK, offering a range of services for emerging and established CBD brands.

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Exponential Growth of Newly Rising Denomination ‘Shincheonji Church of Jesus’ in Republic of Korea

In just over a year, 100,000 people graduated after completing a Bible study in Shincheonji. This is an unprecedented phenomenon that is taking place globally.

Due of the corruption and the secularization of today’s religious world, many people are coming to Shincheonji to study the Bible and fill their spiritual needs. Although there is a decrease in the number of people worldwide who identify themselves as religious, there is also a rare phenomenon of over 100,000 people streaming into a church called Shincheonji, church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (a newly rising denomination in the Republic of Korea) in the short time of one year.

On November 10th 2019, Shincheonji held a graduation with over 100,000 graduates who completed a Bible study offered in Shincheonji. Shincheonji offers a free Bible study course that one must complete in order to be registered as a church member.

The graduation took place in the province of Gyeonggi-do with a total of 103,764 people who passed their graduation exam after studying the Bible in its entirety. Approximately 50,000 were present in the audience and the graduation was broadcasted in other major cities of Korea. International graduates overseas also participated through live stream broadcast.

This number of graduates is equivalent to 100 churches of over 1,000 congregation members each, which contrasts greatly from the drastic fall of the number of congregation members seen globally in the religious world. Shincheonji is the only place in the world where this many people go after completing an in-depth Bible study.

A survey conducted of all the graduates showed that 41.7% were believers practicing their faith under pre-existing denominations such as Protestantism, Catholicism, and others,. Many shared that the reason they decided to go to Shincheonji was because of its “sublime teaching of the Word.” A graduate said, “In a traditional church, I was not able to fill my spiritual hunger; however, in Shincheonji I was able to fill it with the words of the Bible and understand a clear purpose of my life as a Christian.” He continued to say, “numerous people are leaving their churches due to the corruption and secularization that is prevalent in many churches today, but Shincheonji helps believers to have a logical and a clear understanding of what it means to be reborn with the Word. Therefore, I chose to go Shincheonji.”

It is incredible to see a 100,000-person graduation; however, what is more shocking is that Shincheonji – which is teaching the fulfillment of Revelation and has been growing at an incredibly rapid pace since 1984— is labeled as a “cult” by the Christian world of the Republic of Korea.

To the major allegations made against Shincheonji such as “Shincheonji claims that the founder of Shincheonji is the One Who Overcomes,” and “Shincheonji hides their true identity when evangelizing and brainwashes the people with their teaching,” the graduates reported that those are all false accusations.

Christians in the Republic of Korea responded to the rapid growth of Shincheonji by saying, “Everyone in the world of religion must repent for becoming entangled with the world, interfering with politics, and losing trust of believers. It seems that those who want to carry out a genuine life of faith are going to Shincheonji.”

However, Shincheonji states that 95% of those who chose to come to Shincheonji (according to the survey done on graduates) is because of the excellent teaching of Bible. Shincheonji teaches the Bible in its entirety from the book of Genesis to Revelation in less than 1 year, and the greatest difference between traditional churches and Shincheonji is the only place that accurately teaches the fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation.

The graduation will be the starting point of Shincheonji’s continuous growth. Because the 100,000 graduates have fulfilled a 100% evangelism rate, there are currently over 200,000 people studying the Bible in Shincheonji. If Shincheonji continues to grow at this pace, within three years it will reach 1 million congregation members, and the status quo of the religious world will change forever.

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One of the most impactful and exciting conferences of the year returns to San Francisco this year. Silicon Valley’s largest Digital and Growth marketing conference, the Global Growth Marketing Conference will be welcoming back modern marketers for the 5th time running this year, on December 10th and 11th at the historic 5-star Fairmont Hotel.

Hugely popular with large scale companies and start-ups alike, the Global Growth Marketing Conference is a must attend event to network with industry leaders and innovators from around the world. Dedicated entirely to the business of growth, the conference will cover actionable strategies and tactics which can be implemented easily to supercharge your company’s growth in 2020 and beyond.
Areas covered include:

Acquisition, Activation and Retention
• Growth Process & Experimentation
• Growth Teams, Mindset & Metrics
• Product Marketing & Management
• Onboarding & Engagement
• Referral Growth & Network Effects
• Lessons from World’s Fastest Growing Companies

B2B & Enterprise Growth
• B2B Growth Strategies & Channels for 2019
• Sales Enablement & Account Based Marketing
• C-level Growth Perspective (VP Growth, CMO, CEO)
• Building an Enterprise Growth Team
• Next Generation Tools to Unlock Customer Insights
• Brand Marketing: PR & Influencer Strategies

Organic & Performance Marketing
• Inbound & Outbound Optimization
• The Future of SEO, PPC & Content Marketing
• 2019 Trends: Mobile, Blockchain, GDPR
• Chatbots, Machine Learning & AI
• Social Advertising & Video Marketing
• Data Driven Optimization & A/B Testing

With breakout sessions, workshops and tutorials, vertical-focused content and high-powered networking opportunities, this is set to the Growth Marketing event of the year.
Vasil Azarov, Founder of Growth Marketing, says, ‘This year’s Global Growth Marketing Conference looks set to be our most impactful yet, with a great variety of speakers, sessions and networking opportunities lined up. It’s a must-attend event for anyone looking to grow their business and will set up our attendees for a great 2020 full of growth.’

Keynote speakers confirmed for the event include, among many others:
• Anya Cheng, Product Management, eCommerce Lead, Facebook
• Ken Rudin, Head of User Growth & Analytics, Google
• Ali Wiezbowski, Head of Driver Engagement, Product Marketing, Uber
• Ben Kaplan, Founder & CEO, PR Hacker
• Larry Kim, CEO & Founder, MobileMonkey
• Amrita Damani, Mobile Marketing Leader, Intuit

Enjoy talks and discussions including:
• The Evolution of Growth: Hard-Learned Lessons from the Trenches of Facebook, Twitter, & Wealthfront
• Your Step-by-Step Guide: Proven Best Practices for Getting Product Launches & CX Right
• The 3 Unicorn Growth Channels You Simply Have to Start Using – Today
• The Best Growth Channels You’re Not Using: Why Amazon Alexa, Google Home & More Will Revolutionize Your Business
For further information and to buy tickets, visit:

Tickets range from $950 for a one day pass through to $3,250 for a two day, all access VIP pass. Offers available for early bird bookings.

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