BillyRider: Sustainability in equestrian sports is growing

According to a survey by the equestrian classifieds marketplace BillyRider, the willingness to purchase equipment for equestrian sports in a sustainable and responsible manner is also increasing in equestrian sports. The number of used equestrian articles that found a new home – from and to private customers – via the classifieds platform last year grew by over 89% compared to the previous year.

The overwhelming majority of equestrian advertisements published on BillyRider are not only about giving unused equipment from the locker a new home and thus turning it into money – the majority also prefer to ship the items via a climate-neutral shipping service provider. In addition, more attention is paid to the fact that plastic is avoided as far as possible in the packaging material.

Those from BillyRider think that this is clearly going in the right direction, because many equestrian articles last much longer than you think.

About BillyRider: Since 2019, BillyRider has been publishing classified ad marketplaces for used equestrian equipment in the United Kingdom (, Germany ( and other countries. The focus is on private advertisers, of whom over 68,000 have already chosen BillyRider and advertise free of charge. There is always one idea in the foreground: to give used equestrian articles a new home – because they last longer than you think.