Supporting Learning in Business – iAM Learning announce a 50% price drop on learning library

iAM Learning are delighted to announce a 50% price drop on their learning library between now and the end of December 2020. Due to the ongoing pandemic and the economic challenges businesses are facing, iAM Learning are reducing their learning library price from £10,000 to £5,000 + VAT.

Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director Tom Moore explains,
“We passionately believe in learning and getting engaging learning content out to as many people as we can. Times are tough, and we know that our content can add incredible value to teams and help to motivate and educate learners. Now, more than ever, getting access to learning content like ours is what businesses need, and we want to remove every obstacle we can from making that happen.”

About iAM Learning

The iAM learning library is packed with bitesize, interactive courses covering everything from health and safety training and soft skills to mental health and wellbeing.


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Listenable Launches Audio-Based Learning Platform with the Biggest Library of Original Audio Courses

Today, Listenable, a new audio learning platform, launches with more than 100 original audio courses created by world-class experts.

Listenable allows people to access powerful, bite-sized audio courses that they can listen to at any time, anywhere. Each audio course is divided into several lessons that listeners can enjoy in short bursts. These lessons are generally around 5 to 10 minutes long. The courses cover a wide variety of subjects, from personal development and self-care to career skills and productivity.

Courses available on Listenable feature industry experts, including best-selling author Paul Sloane and professor of psychology, Daniel McGrath. Chris Croft also has several courses available, as well as 18 video courses on LinkedIn Learning, which have been viewed by over six million students.

Examples of courses available on Listenable include:
● Mastering Your Conversations
● How to Improve Your Memory
● Build Your Best Day
● Persuasion Science Masterclass
● The Psychology of Decision Making
● How to Read and Retain More
● Overcoming Mindless Negativity
● Learning How to Think Clearly
● How to Boost Your Confidence
● Productivity Hacks: Lessons from Top Leaders and Billionaires
● How to Be Good at Stress
● Develop Your Lateral Thinking Skills.

All courses are available for members online at listenable.io or in the Listenable iOS app.

Artem Zavyalov, one of the creators of Listenable, explains: “We combine the benefits of podcasts and online video courses at Listenable. We create a new way to learn on the go.” The motivation behind the design is about pairing convenience with real learning. “We just don’t have time for learning. Podcasts and audiobooks really leverage our time, so we can learn while commuting or exercising, but they have drawbacks. Audiobooks are too long; they can take upward of 20 hours to complete. Podcasts are hit or miss; you never know what you’re going to learn in the next episode. Online courses are often video-based, but no one has time to sit down and watch a video these days. With Listenable, you can learn screen-free, anytime and anywhere, even while you are doing something else.”

Learners so far are enjoying the app, with rave reviews like this one from _fantaghiro: “This is a must-have app for anyone who can’t live a day without learning. Exciting and relevant short courses available for you anywhere you go in audio form — so easy to get addicted!”

The team behind Listenable also created Highbrow, a learning platform that provides course materials in bite-sized pieces via email over a period of several weeks per course. Highbrow has been in existence for over five years and has had more than 500,000 students. As podcasting became more popular, creators Jane Lymanska, Artem Zavyalov, and Alex Strelkov made the transition from written content to “listenable” content that students can easily consume on the

Listenable understands the value of having amazing educators. For this reason, to get unlimited access to all courses on the platform, learners will need to purchase a subscription. Listenable returns between 30% and 50% of the total revenue generated from subscriptions to educators.

Today, there are already thousands of paying members. Students can try Listenable free for seven days and then choose between a monthly subscription at $15 per month or a year-long subscription for $90.

Learn more about course offerings and how you can subscribe by reviewing the app or the website at listenable.io.

About Listenable
Listenable is an audio-based learning platform that helps people learn while doing something else — commuting, exercising, or doing housework. Listenable has over 100 original audio courses created by industry experts, including Paul Sloane, Daniel McGrath, Chris Croft, and many others

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Puzzles that teach children about diversity. Learning about our world from the comfort of home

Very Puzzled: Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo.

LONDON – July 9th, 2020 – Very Puzzled, a children’s toy manufacturer that connects children to diversity has officially launched its crowdfunding campaign
on Indiegogo.

Very Puzzled provides a vibrant range of highly engaging jigsaw puzzles, colour in t-shirts and posters that parents and carers can explore with their children. Not only do the puzzles assist children in their motor and cognitive abilities in an era of screen dependence and digital overstimulation, but they also allow the player to learn about integral parts of our world that they may not have been as exposed to before – and perhaps never will.

Each puzzle showcases a variety of historical landmarks and attractions that have been designed to provide endless fun and interesting topics of discussion that can be used as a playful way to learn and offer an authentic means of interaction for both children and adults.

We started with the passion to highlight the majesty of Africa and the African Diaspora, we are now exploring other parts of our diverse world and want to showcase other nations rich with culture, such as India, Egypt and Cameroon.

We are currently living in a moment of history that has been shaped one way or another by the personal views of some placed upon many. These views which have led to systemic injustices are mainly formed during childhood and therefore it is important that our children are as exposed to the beauty and strength of diversity. Very Puzzled jigsaws are a catalyst towards a greater understanding of the people in our global community.

About Very Puzzled:
Very Puzzled., based in London, UK, was founded in 2017 by Patrick Adom, MBA graduate and IT Professional Services Consultant. The company’s first product, the Africa Map jigsaw puzzle, was created with both parents and children in mind. Very Puzzled offers children and parents of all backgrounds the opportunity to explore and learn more about the richness of Africa and the African-Caribbean diaspora. Worn by artists such as Emeli Sande, it is proud of a desired educational tool amongst parents of all backgrounds.

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Tutorfair launches Online Study Groups to help students catch up on lost learning during lockdown

Tutorfair’s Online Study Groups Project has been selected by Innovate UK as one of the top business-led ideas to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are excited to be working with Innovate UK to launch Online Study Groups over the next few months and to help make sure that lost learning due to school closures is recovered.

Tutorfair’s Online Study Groups is a project designed to help tutors cater to the changing needs of students during the pandemic. In a world where most pupils are socially distanced at home and do not have exams as a focus for their studies, Online Study Groups will allow them to learn in small groups with high-quality private tutors delivering lessons tailored to them. Research has shown that small group tutoring is as effective as one-to-one learning. Working with friends and other students will also enable interaction and social engagement during the lockdown whilst being more affordable and accessible throughout the country than one-to-one tuition.

“We’ve launched Online Study Groups to help students recover lost learning during lockdown. With the help of Innovate UK we hope small group lessons will enable more students to access affordable online tuition and learn with their friends while schools are closed,” says Tutorfair CEO Andrew Ground.

Work on the project will begin on June 1st and it will be fully built into the website by Autumn – however, we have already launched a pilot version of the project and there are groups to join now. Online Study Groups will be running alongside our existing one-to-one and online tutoring offerings, as well as free weekly Maths GCSE lessons delivered by ‘super tutor’ Mark Maclaine.

Online Study Groups will be offered for core subjects up to A-level – Maths, English and Sciences. Over the summer we hope to see more and more students joining groups including other subjects and fun activities-based sessions for students across primary and secondary levels. With Online Study Groups students can learn with friends and make sure they have covered the whole syllabus for this year or get ahead for next year.

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Leading Online Academy Takes Learning Online Due To Covid19

The Developer Academy in Sheffield has developed an ‘all-in-one’ online learning platform to move all of its courses online due to the Coronavirus outbreak and has conducted some free courses for the local Sheffield community to test and refine this method of delivery before launching its first paid courses on 15th June.

Statement from Ben Atha, Founder:
‘’Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the Government’s advice on Covid19, we do not envisage being able to deliver in person courses for quite some time and have therefore developed an online Learning Platform, with help from our instructors and the Sheffield Digital community, to deliver the next courses online. ‘’

‘’Having spent the last few weeks developing a custom learning environment and perfecting online delivery to maintain a high level of quality for students, including interaction with potential employers throughout the course and setting up informal and formal interviews, we are confident this new method of delivery will provide the same student experience as our in-person training.’’

The Developer Academy worked with The Curve Consulting to develop the platform while their instructors reworked curriculums and delivery methods over a period of four weeks. The Developer Academy is in the final stage of testing, conducting a 2 free week long Introduction to Web Development course to people of the Sheffield City Region, which is due to be completed on 8th May and the first paid courses starting on 15th June.

The company mission has always been to provide a flexible, affordable way for anyone who wants a job in coding or tech to retrain and gain these skills around their job and life commitments.

They’ve helped several people retrain as developers, find jobs and built strong relationships with employers in and around Sheffield, who have been fantastic in helping shape the curriculums.


Mikey learning to fly his wheelchair

When Mike approached us for training, we knew getting him in the skies would be a challenge, thankfully there is always a way.
Thanks to Mike’s incredible determination, the awesome Paramotor community, and our epic students, Mike is now a fully qualified Paramotor pilot.

Below is the full story, written by Mike.

I’ve never written a blog before…but like everything there’s always the first time so here goes….

I’ve always got a buzz from anything aviation related, which explained my career path and life before my life-changing situation. I served in the RAF and was a keen skydiver, so much so that when I left I had planned to try and make a living from it. But after an accident at work and some very poor medical treatment, I was left with permanent nerve damage to my spine, limited mobility, no career, and worse……. no more jumping!!! This all impacted my mental health quite a bit (I’m not after sympathy… if I wanted that I know it’s in the dictionary between shit and syphilis). I knew I needed something to turn it around, and I knew aviation was the ticket… but what??? A pilot’s license was out of my reach due to the cost. Paramotoring was out as I couldn’t carry the motor, and at the time if you attached wheels you were then classed as a microlight! Then I heard that the CAA had relaxed the regulations, so I started searching for a school that could teach me to fly a trike, but I had no luck until I got hold of Simon Westmore at Paramotor Training “I don’t know how we’ll do it, but we will get you flying”. I booked there and then.

I started training on 20th May 2019 at Membury Airfield. Simon introduced me to Colin and a Dudek wing. After pointing out the differences between a parachute (which I was used to) and a reflex wing, Colin then demonstrated how “build the wall” getting the wing to rise off the ground so that the trailing edge was just off the ground so that you can check for any damage prior to flying. Then it was my turn and after an hour or so I nailed it.  Next, we moved onto kiting the wing, getting it to fly into the overhead position so that you get to feel how the wing feels when it’s fully inflated and ready to fly. This was where the fun started, I’d never needed to use my wheelchairs seatbelt before… up came the wing and a gust of wind pulled me out of my chair!!!! To any onlookers, it must have looked like a miracle!!! Once I’d stopped laughing it was time for another go this time with the seatbelt fastened… Always remember health and safety isn’t a dirty word! 2nd attempt went better and I got the wing up for a few seconds at least. Colin then taught me how to control the wing by using gentle movements of the risers so that the wing stays stationary and under control, explaining that by practicing this you get to feel how the wing reacts to small inputs. The next day was spent practicing kiting until Colin felt I was able to control the wing enough before moving on to the next lesson.

Next lesson was learning forward launching. Colin and Simon had to push me in my wheelchair, which is no easy feat over a grass field, fast enough for me to be able to launch the wing. The rest of the day was spent with me being pushed up and down the field in my wheelchair controlling the wing under “power”. It’s lucky this sport is filled with people that are willing to lend a hand. Everyone on the field took turns pushing me and I’ll always be grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm. Once again when Colin was happy with my progress I was ready for powered taxiing.

Now the fun was going to get better!!! Another amazing act of kindness took me by surprise. A previous Student had heard that I was taking lessons, and had delivered a surprise for me. There, sat on the field waiting for me was a rather sexy Lowboy quad. I was gobsmacked that someone whom I’d never met was prepared to loan me an expensive bit of kit, but it just reinforced what I’d learned over the previous few days that the paramotoring community was full of amazing people that will bend over backward to help out in any way.

Colin handed me back to Simon for the next phase of my training. He showed me around the quad and taught me the importance of pre-flight checks. Then it was time to strap in!!! we took the quad to a quiet corner of the field so that I could drive it around for a bit to get used to driving it before attaching the wing. So with straps secure, helmet on, I started the engine for the first time…queue cheesy grin!!!

After about 20 mins of fun, Simon asked if I felt ready to add the wing. So after another important briefing about making sure the wing and lines were laid out correctly, I clipped on the wing, settled into the seat, and strapped in again. Helmet on, “clear prop!” and I started the motor. I took hold of the brakes and engaged the A-lines and slowly added the power. The quad moved forward, the wing came up and I was taxiing on my own and it felt great! I only managed about 20 meters before the wind shifted and the wing dropped to the left. Remembering the “brief” I cut the engine. Simon ran over to check I was ok. I was that excited I’d forgot to steer!!! The rest of the day was spent doing more taxiing under power with mixed results, some good runs, and some fails but it’s all a good learning curve. At the end of the day Simon sat down with me and we had a chat about where I’d gone wrong. “Relax” he told me, stop overthinking things. The next day I took his advice and it all started to come together. I had some great runs with everything looking good, including my first “unofficial launch” a nice little bunny hop, I hadn’t even noticed I’d left terra firmament all be it for a second.

Unfortunately the next few weeks the wind wasn’t playing, and before I knew it June had passed and we were into July. Even though the wind and weather were preventing progress there were other things to learn. Basic meteorology and circuit planning are just as important. July 5th I arrived for another day’s training. Another few taxiing runs and Simon asked how I was feeling. “yea good mate” I replied. “Do you want to go flying”. My day had come. I sat strapped in, radio on, helmet on, wing clipped on, and engine on. Was I ready, the nerves kicked in, then I remembered Simon’s advice “Relax” All clear ahead, power on, looking up for wing and I’m rolling forward accelerating. The next thing I’m flying!!! I’ve done it I’m up. Remembering my pre-flight briefing, right turn, and fly west to the top of the airfield and have a little play. Some turns left and right always keeping an eye out for other traffic. All the time Simon was talking to me over the radio. “Time to rejoin the circuit Mike” before I knew it I was on the base leg, remembering not to fly over Membury services. “check the wind sock mike” ah winds shifted a few degrees. No problem a little extra turn and I’m into wind, landing spots clear, off the throttle. A nice gentle approach until about ten feet, looking ahead and gently add the brakes. Touch down, engine off and I roll to a stop. Queue the big cheesy grin!!!

Media Contact Details

Swindon, United Kingdom

+44 (0)7983 428453

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My Learning provides free online learning and its school planning toolkit to any school affected by Corona Virus


With the continuing rise in school closures set to increase, My Learning UK have created a school closure planning toolkit. Packed with best-practice and relevant advice, the toolkit assists every aspect of a school’s operational need. Schools affected by The Corona Virus will benefit from a range of advice as this toolkit assembles everything into a single place.

Their online learning platform (“Fusion”) is now available free to any school affected by Corona Virus. The Fusion VLE/LMS allows schools to issue homework, share content and operate live broadcasts. It also keeps parents connected with the free Fusion APP. The product operates in over 110 languages, is available on any device and can be deployed within 24 hours.

Alan Sawyers, CEO of My Learning UK announced that:

Education should not be limited by physical barriers in this connected world. Fusion allows teachers and students to benefit from continuing education, even during times of interruption”.

My Learning has seen increased demand from schools worldwide since January. They have added further capacity to their video conferencing systems to allow schools to hold live online lessons and share content to students at home. Fusion is fully compatible with Google and Microsoft Office 365, providing a huge range of teaching and communication tools.

Mr. Sawyers went on to explain “Our free school closure planning toolkit can be downloaded by anyone. We wanted to give something practical and timely to educators. This is also why we are providing our online platform at no charge too.”

About My Learning (UK) Ltd
My Learning has been supplying services to a diverse range of schools internationally for over 10 years. Clients range from nursery settings in the UK to Universities in Indonesia. They are experienced in creating student-friendly and multi-lingual online learning environments known as VLE/LMS.

About Fusion VLE (Product)
Fusion VLE is an online service (VLE/LMS) which operates from ages 4 to 18 on any device in over 110 languages. It provides teaching tools, content, communications and conferencing services for education. Fusion integrates with Google, Office, YouTube and supports over 150 content publishers. The product connects parents, staff and teachers into a single platform allowing seamless communication of messages, information and reports.

For further information about My Learning UK, contact Abbey Simkiss (Marketing Manager)

Tel: +44 5603 666419 or email marketing@mylearningltd.com

Further information is available online at https://www.fusionvle.com/24hours


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