vLex Justis brings AI-powered legal research to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia

A new collection of case law from superior courts in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia is now available on vLex Justis, an AI-powered research platform with unique features designed to extract the key information from a case. This powerful combination of content and technology will enable legal professionals to better support their clients and is available to practitioners around the world.

Access a unique collection

The Southeast Asia collection brings over 125,000 new cases to vLex Justis, in a combination available on one service for the first time. This unique resource enables comprehensive research in the jurisprudence of the region as well as comparative research between Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia cases and those from over 130 other jurisdictions, including the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Regular updates will ensure that law professionals have access to the latest cases from these key jurisdictions, and sophisticated alerting features will enable them to stay up-to-date with changes and additions to the law. The collection dates back to 1946, providing an important archive of legal information. The Singapore Law Reports, the most authoritative law reports series from Singapore, is also available on vLex Justis.

Gain AI-powered insights

Accessing Southeast Asian case law on vLex Justis will enable researchers to benefit from a suite of easy-to-use search and analysis tools that are not available on any other platform. Unique insights can be drawn with speed using visualisation features such as Key Passages and the Precedent Map. Also, Vincent, an AI-powered legal research assistant, combines human search behaviour with machine speed, enabling researchers to go beyond traditional research.

Masoud Gerami, Managing Director of vLex Justis, discussed the excitement surrounding the launch of this new collection:

“The popularity of the Singapore Law Reports, and the depth of research that it has offered to our users globally, has led us to assemble this important collection from these three key jurisdictions, and to make it available alongside our extensive library of legal information from around the world. From the opportunities that this product will present to the practitioners and researchers in the region, to enhancing the resources available for comparative research, we are very excited by the potential of this new initiative, and regard it as another important step to advance our vision of global coverage.”

To learn how you can access the Southeast Asia collection on vLex Justis, and experience the benefits of this advanced platform, please visit our website.

About vLex Justis

vLex Justis provides access to an exclusive, up-to-date and comprehensive collection of legal information from over 130 jurisdictions. Founded over 30 years ago, vLex Justis is used by over 6,500 organisations including international law firms, government departments and top law schools around the world. Today, vLex Justis, along with their parent company vLex, is known for developing technology to disseminate legal information on a global scale, with a team of over 170 lawyers, engineers and editorial experts based in offices around the world who are continually striving to provide up-to-date legal information and industry-leading AI-powered legal technology.

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Kanabiz launches a marketplace addressing the legal problems of cannabis and CBD

Paris, July 09, 2020 –  Kanabiz has developed a  cannabis-specificplatform,  and  offers  a unique opportunity for the many producers and resellers of products at CBD to be able to offer their products to a much wider international  audience,  thanks to automatic legal filters  according to the legal status of  product components  (CBD, THC, CBG…) developed by the Kanabiz website..

Cédric Billot, founder of Kanabiz, explains: “There are more and more manufacturers of products in CBD,  and it has not been easy for them to make a place on the internet. Kanabiz intervenes in this direction and helps them to develop, bringing them  international visibility  through our legally specialized platform   and our translations into several languages. »

Kanabiz is keen to offer its hand-picked solutions for their quality, composition and low ecological impact. Products containing CBD on the Kanabiz platform and sold in France comply with current legislation,with a THC content of no more than 0.2%.

“The legal framework for the cannabis industry is constantly evolving. Due to the growing popularity of CBD, more and more consumers want to try these new products, without always being aware of what is legal and what is not. As a result, we have developed Kanabiz, so that all consumers are legally safe and confident when they order, wherever they are. Explains  Cédric Billot, founder of Kanabiz.

In order to continue to develop Kanabiz, the company has successfully completed its first fundraising with private investors,and will continue its expansion with the launch of the site in other markets (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian…) during the year 2020.

About Kanabiz

Kanabiz is a French platform offering a full range of products containing CBD (cannabidiol): oils, concentrates, vaping liquids, cosmetics, dietary supplements and beverages, but also a wide range of accessories.

Kanabiz is owned by C4B International, which specializes in marketing and legal monitoring of the cannabis industry, and was founded in 2019 by Cédric Billot, who has a keen knowledge of the cannabis market in France and Europe.

The platform has been available in Europe in English and French since the end of 2019.

Site :

Contact email :

Contact tel : +

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vLex Justis partners with Mishcon de Reya to research legal AI

London, — June 2020 — vLex Justis and Mishcon de Reya today announced a collaboration to research the application of artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies to legal content.

Online publishing has led to an explosion in the availability of case law and legislation. Improved access to primary authorities is good for lawyers and good for their clients, but the sheer volume of content presents unprecedented challenges for anyone seeking to research and navigate the law.

Advanced machine learning and natural language processing technologies offer novel opportunities to tackle the problem. vLex Justis and MDR LAB will be working together to explore how state of the art AI algorithms can be used to add semantic meaning to unstructured, long-form legal texts.

“We’ve been looking for a partner on this for a long time and we’re delighted to begin working with the team at Mishcon de Reya”, says Robin Chesterman, Global Head of Product at vLex Justis. “It’s a perfect fit. We have assembled the largest database of common law material in the world, and Mishcon de Reya have assembled a machine learning team second to none. The vLex Justis mission is to build legal research tools that allow our users to do their best work, and we are proud to continue running at the very edge of what’s possible when you combine technology with raw legal material.”

“We’re passionate about delving into problems that need solving for the benefit of our clients and our business,” says Nick West, Chief Strategy Officer at Mishcon de Reya. “Machine Learning technologies are transforming how lawyers work, enabling them to gather insights from data corpora much quicker and more efficiently than using largely manual historic processes. Working with vLex Justis and their outstanding content and technology, we have the chance to explore together a number of use cases for the application of machine learning to legal text.”

About vLex Justis:

vLex Justis provides access to an exclusive, up-to-date and comprehensive collection of legal information from over 130 jurisdictions. Founded over 30 years ago, vLex Justis continues to support thousands of lawyers, law firms, government departments and law schools around the world. Today, vLex Justis, along with their parent company, vLex, is known for developing technology to disseminate legal information on a global scale, with a team of over 170 lawyers, engineers and editorial experts based in offices around the world who are continually striving to provide up-to-date legal information and industry-leading AI-powered legal technology.

About Mishcon de Reya:

In times of such far-reaching and profound change we want to be the law firm that enables our clients — and our own people — to shape the world’s possibilities.

We are here to help our clients benefit from new economies, new geographic centers of wealth, the new global movement of people and capital, and the impact of new technologies and new knowledge.

Our purpose remains rooted in our founding values. We have always been driven by an entrepreneurial, tenacious and socially conscious spirit: one that has always embraced change in order to stay relevant and shape the future.

From our offices in London and Singapore, we still counsel clients around the world with the same vision, dedication and passion that we set out with. We continue to fight for freedoms, settle disputes, protect assets and grow businesses. We fiercely guard our clients’ interests and appreciate the privilege of sitting alongside them as a trusted advisor.

However, we believe that lawyers must move from the age of instruction to the age of anticipation: to be pro-active, harness the law’s potential and unlock possibilities others do not see, and to champion diversity, innovation and sustainability.

Learn more about vLex Justis

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KYND cyber risk products selected by Lex Mundi to support top-performing legal firms globally

KYND cyber risk products selected by Lex Mundi to support top-performing legal firms globally.

KYND Limited, a provider of pioneering cyber risk management products, announced that Lex Mundi, the world’s leading network of independent, high-quality laws firms, is introducing KYND products as a brand-new benefit to its members to help them raise their cyber resilience.

Lex Mundi’s member firms will now have access to KYND ON; a product that continuously monitors a business’ cyber risks and immediately alerts them to new and potential vulnerabilities as they arise. This advanced and powerful, yet easy-to-understand service gives organisations the visibility and insight they need to identify their cyber risks and provides clear and simple instructions on how to mitigate them.

Andy Thomas, KYND’s CEO comments “We’re excited to partner with Lex Mundi to bring our proven, trusted cyber risk management technology to the top-performing law firms. A tidal wave of cyber threats is one of the biggest challenges facing the legal sector, but with KYND’s unrivalled breadth and depth of expertise, law organisations can effectively shore up their cyber defence in no time.”

Gordon Vala-Webb, Senior Advisor of Technology and Innovation at Lex Mundi said, “ We are pleased to partner with KYND to provide this best in class cyber risk management tool to our members.”

About KYND
Founded in March 2018 and headquartered in London with offices in Porto, KYND is a new breed of cyber company. KYND makes complex cyber risks simple to understand and manage for every organisation, regardless of size, means or industry sector.

About Lex Mundi
Lex Mundi is the world’s leading network of independent law firms delivering consistent, high-quality advice that is critical to solving complex cross-border challenges. Our carefully vetted, and continuously reviewed, top-tier member firms uphold the highest-level service standards while offering preferred access to more than 22,000+ lawyers worldwide in more than 125 jurisdictions. Supported by client-focused methods, innovative technologies, joint learning, and training, member firms collaborate across borders and industries to deliver joined-up solutions focused on real business results for clients.

Through our innovative service delivery model, clients have the ability to assemble an ideal international legal team, with the best lawyers in the jurisdictions that match their unique footprint, flexed to their most significant legal challenges.

Lex Mundi member law firms are located throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean and North America. Through our nonprofit affiliate, the Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation, our members also provide pro bono legal assistance to social entrepreneurs around the globe.

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Intelligent legal technology, Vincent, now available for UK law firms

London, April 2020 – Vincent, a leading AI-powered legal research assistant in the US and Canada, is now available to the UK legal sector. Vincent combines human search behaviour with machine speed, enabling researchers to go beyond traditional research.

Research without compromise, all in a matter of seconds.

Whether you’re looking to maximise your billing hours, build a better argument or simply want to expand your research, Vincent is the ideal tool to assist you.

The starting point for using Vincent can be one of over 120 million legal information documents found on vLex Justis, or your own legal memorandums, skeleton arguments (or your opponents) and more. Vincent then uses these documents to perform thousands of complex search operations, conducting a contextual semantic search that will pinpoint the main legal topics, identify citations, and recognise similar cases, all in a matter of seconds.

The fast, effective search that Vincent conducts will result in legal research time and resources being utilised more efficiently; provide an extra level of confidence when delivering client-facing documents; minimise and mitigate the risk of missing important information; and provide support while working remotely where traditional resources and networks may be less accessible.

Like many countries, the UK legal system is under pressure to deliver the best results using minimal resources and time. Tools like Vincent provide an opportunity for UK Barristers, law firms and law librarians to continue to conduct high-quality legal research without compromise.

A well-trained and trusted assistant

To ensure that Vincent is delivering you the most appropriate results, hundreds of hours are dedicated to training the AI behind Vincent in every legal system it can support. Since Vincent’s original launch in North America, Latin America and Spain in 2018, there has been an ongoing investment into technology to support vLex Justis customers and improve Vincent’s capabilities and accuracy. As recently as April 2020, the Kentucky Bar Association announced unlimited member access to Vincent and Alberta Law Libraries have provided thousands of users with access to Vincent to support their work. John Meyers, Executive Director of the Kentucky Bar Association discussed the benefits that Vincent brings to their members:

“For smaller firms, in particular, this will be a great equalizer, enabling them to tap into technology previously only available to the very largest firms in the country.”

A 2019 agreement also made Vincent available to members of the Law Society of Manitoba, and their Director of Legal Resources, Karen Sawatzky, discussed the importance of this:

“The new vLex platform and Vincent now add a “wow” factor, but more importantly, advance our goal of supporting member competence through access to essential legal research tools.”

Preparing Vincent to work with content from the UK was the work of teams from London and Barcelona, bringing together law experts, experienced developers and legally trained editorial staff to ensure the quality of the results it returns. Robin Chesterman, Head of Product Development at vLex Justis, discusses why making Vincent available to the UK was a priority:

“With researchers elsewhere in the world already taking advantage of Vincent, we felt it was very important to make this available to the UK with the launch of vLex Justis. Being able to use your own documents as a basis for a search is very powerful – it gives you more confidence in your research and offers an advantage in litigious matters by analysing an opponent’s skeleton argument to see what they might have missed. Vincent really does have the potential to transform how legal research is conducted.”

Vincent offers for new and existing customers

To mark the launch of Vincent in the UK, vLex Justis is offering free trials of the service alongside online demonstrations and consultations, available for individuals and large organisations. To take advantage of this opportunity, or to request more information on Vincent and vLex Justis products and services, complete the online form available here.

Learn more about Vincent

About vLex Justis

vLex Justis provides access to an exclusive, up-to-date and comprehensive collection of legal information from over 130 jurisdictions. Founded over 30 years ago, vLex Justis continues to support thousands of lawyers, law firms, government departments and law schools around the world. Today, vLex Justis, along with their parent company, vLex, is known for developing technology to disseminate legal information on a global scale, with a team of over 170 lawyers, engineers and editorial experts based in offices around the world who are continually striving to provide up-to-date legal information and industry-leading AI-powered legal technology.

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New InsureTech solution launched to ward off legal threat from digital accessibility non-compliance

A new technology solution has been launched to help organisations demonstrate reasonable adjustment towards digital accessibility compliance, and ward off the threat of increasingly prevalent legal action in the USA.  AAAtraq is an automated compliance identification management system that allows organisations to understand their existing level of accessibility non-compliance risk exposure, and then work towards full compliance through a managed process.

The number of digital accessibility lawsuits filed against companies of all sizes in the USA increased by 183% between 2017 and 2018 , and with increasing media scrutiny, those numbers are expected to have risen substantially in 2019. In one of the more high-profile cases, Domino’s Pizza was found guilty of not making its website app accessible for use by people with visual impairments, and was forced to make adjustments to improve its user experience.

AAAtraq is a new service that wants to reverse these trends, by giving website owners a low cost, fast track route to protecting their organisations from the risks of legal action with an easy to use managed service. As well as a personalised pathway to compliance, subscribers receive an AAAtraq ‘accessibility rating’ badge that can be displayed on websites warning those looking to take legal action that they are working towards digital compliance. Complementary insurance—currently for US-based organisations—with up to a US$50,000 benefit limit from global carrier BRIT adds further protection.

AAAtraq assesses current levels of risk, provides guidance to demonstrate reasonable adjustment and enables ongoing certification. A complementary ‘risk profile’ is accessible immediately online, helping any organization to quickly understand if their website is currently compliant and the precise level of risk they face.


A monthly subscription service provides access to AAAtraq’s full managed service, which offers an automated approach to achieving ongoing compliance. This includes: a guided methodology and full digital supplier management, AI based training and education for developers and content producers, to ensure they understand their responsibilities; benchmarking and KPIs to measure improvements.

An inherent part of the non-compliance problem, according to CEO Lawrence Shaw, is that that accessibility legislation has become overly complicated. “Organisations are not deliberately non-compliant, but the level of misinformation in circulation coupled with a succession of successful legal cases in the US, has created the perfect storm,” he says.

This is because of three factors: opportunistic lawyers seeking financial rewards, digital suppliers who are not being held accountable by their clients and end user organisations who are too reliant on third party suppliers and unsure of their responsibilities according to the accessibility legislation to demonstrate ‘reasonable adjustment’.

“Digital inaccessibility lawsuits are one of the fastest growing financial risks for organisations who are literally ‘burying their heads in the sand’ because they don’t understand the accessibility legislation and mistakenly believe it is difficult and expensive to comply,” concludes Shaw.

For more information visit
Or contact

James Simpson, Managing Director,
TMCC +44 (0)13 7272 4686
+44 (0)77 7192 0893

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Do You Question Our Services too? Hear What the Legal Inspector Said

Trialed for our services, The Independent Pharmacy Stays Victorious. The inspection of 20 June 2019 certifies our services as dependable, valid and of premium quality.

On 20th of June 2019, as per section 60 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 an inspection team made an informed visit to us and conducted its regulatory inspection. The inspection was to assess whether we were following the protocol designed by the Health and Social Care, they also rated different aspects of our services as per their policies.

The inspection involved the interview of two directors from our team, one was a GP and the other was a non-medical prescriber. The officials took a sample from our consultation records and reviewed it for different aspects. Moreover they tracked all our recruitments and the training records we had. Our patients were interviewed and asked a standard of 5 questions.

The report of the inspection was published on 8th Of August 2019. The report was divided into different aspects that we were judged on. These aspects were the questions our patients were asked. They were as follows:

Are Services Safe?

Our services were rated as good, meaning safe. Our staff was observed to be trained for safeguarding and knew all the necessary protocol needed in cases of dangerous situations. Our response to patient queries and clinical exchanges was monitored. Further to this the staff we have on board and the procedure for recruiting was trialed for and reviewed. The inspection team also checked whether we very prescribing medicines dutifully.

Are Services Effective?

The way of dealing with patients and medical correspondence was checked and examined to see if the standard procedure was followed. Prescribing trends, reviews of consultation were also examined to see if there was an overall improvement. Staff training for fire emergencies, Mental Capacity Act Training and safeguarding updates was appraised. The inspection team made sure that we were dutiful in providing care to patients only after receiving all the information on their health necessary. Our services were also scrutinized to see if we provided extra care to all the patients in need of it.

Are Services Caring?

Health services provider need to follow great example of compassion. Therefore our services were under check to make sure that the clinicians on board were considerate and did their work with compassion and dignity. The services we provide were seen to be informing and transparent to the patients who ordered them. They were reviewed and our patients were questioned to counter check our promises and we proved to be truthful as 84% of our customers were well informed about the treatment both before and after they were provided the services.

Are Services Responsive To People’s Needs?

The services provided from our forum are only limited to UK and the investigative team reviewed it to make sure that we were prompt in our services and we were reviewed as good. We also fulfilled the expectations of being fair and un-discriminatory. The website features how to complain to us and we are very prompt in responding to all the complaints. Our services were also approved to be very easy to navigate through and get help.

Are Services Well led?

We were appreciated for having great plans to be more accessible and increase functionality. Our directors informed the investigative committee that they attended the service daily and we have a thorough service to make sure that the clinicians were not absent or had replacements placed. Our security systems regarding patient information was checked and approved for being secure.

All the aspects were approved and we were given the approval of the investigative committee to keep working with the same zeal.

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New vLex London office opens giving new life to legal technology innovation in London

Following the recent acquisition of London based legal technology company Justis, vLex are pleased to announce the opening of their first London headquarters. The new office will become a new innovation hub responsible for all global legal technology innovation projects within vLex, alongside vLex’s current European headquarters in Barcelona.

Located at the new vLex office is the Global Head of Product, Robin Chesterman, who expresses his excitement following the acquisition and highlights the valuable opportunities this will bring to legal professionals around the world:

“The acquisition of Justis has opened the door to a number of highly-valuable opportunities for the legal technology world. By bringing together the coverage and technology from both companies we can offer our customers something truly unique and powerfully competitive. We want our customers to continue to succeed, and we are now in a position to offer them more efficient and usable tools and content to support their day-to-day work than many of the well-known providers. The new office will provide a fresh start for the team here in London and give life to many new projects that we are excited to share with you in the near future.”

The new office, located in Kentish Town, will be opened in October 2019 and is only a short distance from London’s legal district at Chancery Lane and transport hubs such as King’s Cross. The new office location is ideal for visiting and supporting both Justis and vLex clients in London and around the UK. The acquisition of Justis has increased vLex’s global presence. vLex offices and staff are now present in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Mexico.

On the opening of the new vLex London HQ, Justis Publishing will be officially updating its address and notifying all customers of these changes. As with many acquisitions, customers can be left with unease about the future of their services and content which they rely on daily. For Justis and vlex customers, there are no foreseen changes, only new opportunities. New opportunities to access more primary and secondary content from around the world and new legal technology to support their work and their clients’ interests.

This announcement comes following a series of updates from vLex, including the launch of their new blog category with over 300,000 legal articles, a new partnership with LexBlog, and complete Official Gazette coverage for Latin America.

About vLex

vLex is a legal technology company, who developed their technology to empower law professionals by combining one of the most extensive collections of legal information in the world with the most advanced AI-powered tools. With hundreds of thousands of clients and millions of users around the world who rely on vLex to address their legal research and technology needs. vLex are one of the leading companies developing legal technology on a global scale, with a team of over 160 lawyers, engineers, and editorial experts. vLex apply the power of an AI cloud-based data hub to ingest, enrich, classify and deliver insights contained in over 100 million legal documents from 2,000+ multilingual and multi-legal system global sources, to bring you the most up-to-date and relevant legal data and content.

For more information please contact

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