Custom packaging tech firm tops fastest growing business list after 9000% growth

An eco-packaging tech firm, who achieved 9077% growth, has taken the top spot as the fastest growing technology company in Central Europe.

Warsaw-based startup, Packhelp, has topped the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe list and joins Newcastle-based FinTech firm, DivideBuy, as the top ranked firm for the UK.

Packhelp has a mission to make custom branded packaging accessible to all businesses, fusing the printing industry, the packaging industry and the modern world of graphic design together in one easy to use tech platform.

Deloitte’s UK Fast 50 is one of Europe’s foremost technology awards programs. Now in its twenty-third successful year, it is an acknowledgement of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies based on revenue growth over the last four years, from 2016 to 2019. 

Konrad Kwiatkowski, CMO & Co-Founder at Packhelp said: “As a start-up we are proud to be acknowledged by such a credible accolade and our success is testament to our fantastic team of 170 professionals making this possible with their hard work every day.”

“Packhelp is trusted by over 22,000 brands across Europe who want custom branded packaging without the eco footprint and in a product range tailored to their needs. We’re a European business helping European brands grow globally. We live in one of the hottest Startup environments in the world and we are really proud to see 15 other local companies on the list too.”

Packhelp is available across Europe – For more information or further advice visit

“Persuasive Marketer’ and Entrepreneur shares his proven tactics to enable you to master marketing‘Persuasive Marketer’ shares his guide to mastering the art so you can sell anything to anyone

The Persuasive Marketer is the guide to marketing that focuses on how to understand your buyer and successfully cater to their needs. Entrepreneur, CEO and now author, Ioannis Antypas walks you through how essential elements of communication, storytelling and the psychological aspect to better understanding your audience helps you provide them with the best solution.

Antypas inherited his business genes from his father and grandfather with his feats of entrepreneurship starting from as early as age 8. Milestone birthdays had milestones in business follow, he bought his first restaurant at 18 and developed his first digital agency shortly after.

In 2018 Antypas began developing Hela Job. Hela Job is a digital platform that matches you to temporary and flexible work that’s available now and relevant to your skill set. It is now primed to sit at the front of the recently redefined UK gig economy as the number of people looking for work has increased immensely.

Google saw searches for temporary work spike last month. Due to everything coronavirus related combined with news that those on the government’s furlough scheme are now registering as unemployed. The need for the Hela Job platform and its easy process to find work and fill job vacancies has never been higher.

According to serial entrepreneur Antypas,

‘Part of the inspiration to write the book was that with the volume of businesses I’d seen turning digital, I would notice a majority of them simply lacking the persuasion needed to close sales. From one entrepreneur to another, this book showcases my earned experience in business and work with companies to encourage and educate those out there on how to get their business started.’

Part of the team that worked with Antypas to bring Hela Job to fruition also work within his digital web agency, Jukkie Digital Agency. The London agency has been operating for over 4 years with a dedicated team of staff offering aspects of digital marketing like SEO optimisation, branding and web design to clients.

All these enterprises are just a few feathers in Ioannis Antypas’ cap. ‘The Persuasive Marketer’ is drawn from his personal experience in business, readers can be assured that the techniques, strategies and tips included have been utilised, tried and tested by Antypas.

The Persuasive Marketer will be available on Amazon as Paperback, Kindle eBook and Audible Audiobook from Tuesday 14th August. You can pre-order your copy right now at:

For media assets:

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Social Media Marketers host FREE Bounce Back Marketing Webinars for small businesses

Free events, networking, and mastermind with marketing expertsPeterborough, May 18th — From 2-4 June, DowSocial, a Peterborough based social media and marketing consultancy will be hosting a series of 15 FREE marketing webinars to help give small businesses the tools and expertise to bounce back from the negative impacts Covid19.

With 100’s over businesses across the UK already signed up this is a not to be missed event jam-packed with useful advice, insight and practical help and support for businesses ready to bounce-back.

The series will feature a range of expert speakers talking about marketing topics including social media, web design, email marketing, event management and marketing strategy.

Notable speakers include leading social media software company Sendible, who will be hosting a Q & A around effective ways to plan and schedule social media. There will be a charity networking event where business owners can network via Zoom and proceeds from the small attendance fee goes to charity.

The final event will be a marketing mastermind where business owners can share their challenges and get feedback and advice from peers and industry experts

Kristian Downer, Director of DowSocial said of this event: “Knowing how to market in a time efficient and cost effective way is more important than ever. We have designed these events to give small business owners the tools they need to survive and thrive in difficult market conditions”

To view the full schedule and to secure your place please visit: –

For more information:

Name: Kristian Downer
Position: Managing Director
Contact Details: 07747116155

About the Company. DowSocial is a Peterborough based social media marketing company providing marketing training and support across the UK and beyond. Lead trainer Kristian Downer is a Facebook accredited #shemeansbusiness trainer

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How Gamification Marketing Tools are Going from Strength to Strength

Recently we’ve seen a massive expansion of the online gaming and esports industry and people are hungry for entertaining and challenging titles like never before.

The idea behind gamification is to harness that demand and use it to promote products and services. Here are some of the revolutionary ways in which this is being done.

Tap into Your Customer’s Competitive Side

When most people think of gamification, they think of Space Invaders or some sort of platform integrated onto a website, but ofttimes the best uses of gamification are subtle in their application.

One successful example of this is LinkedIn’s use of the progress bar or completeness meter. This tells users to what degree their profile has been completed, thus incentivizing them to complete it 100%, so as to get more hits on their profile. This energy or progress bar idea is borrowed from gaming, but in this context, it drives added user engagement and further interaction with the site.

Partnering with Gaming Brands Pays Dividends

One way that is proven to drive interest in a company’s product offering is to partner with a popular gaming brand.

There is no better example of this than McDonald’s partnering with the makers of Monopoly, to create their now infamous rewards campaign.

Of course, then there are companies for whom the games themselves are the products, who may use one game to drive customers towards other more profitable games. This is the case with many online gaming companies, who will use bonuses to encourage potential players to try certain titles before introducing them to the rest of their gaming portfolio.

Caption: Mobile games penetrate new markets around the globe, such as emerging African markets with young demographics

AR Gamification Brings Customers Direct to Your Door, or Website

The power of AR (augmented reality) games was first realized when Pokémon Go’s developers managed to create a game that integrated itself within the confines of the real world, meanwhile directing its players to destinations of its choice.

What this meant was that the game’s creators could charge companies to have virtual Pokémon gyms set up on their premises, meaning players would be directed there incentivized by the fact rare Pokémon would be found there. This is undoubtedly where the future of gamification marketing lies and has already been used by high street brands such as IKEA and Lacoste.


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Covid Marketing – Maintaining & Building your Brand during Covid-19

David Blackburn, founder of providing businesses with FIVE Agency quotes for FREE, talks about your brand, how you have invested in it, and how you can maintain and build your brand as we fight to survive Covid-19.

Recession, down turn, global disaster of unprecedented magnitude. Call it what you will, Covid-19 has affected every business in the UK. Some may never recover, many will return, the lucky will reassess and change. So, now is the time to look at your brand and ensure it is strong while you are deciding what the future of your business is, and how you will come out of this when the all-clear sounds.

Here are a few tips on how you can use the brand to implement change in your business.

If you are a savvy business owner, by now you will have assessed the risk to your business. Is it terminal? A casualty. Or walking wounded? Regardless of the outcome you have brand value in that business which says a lot about it and about you. When customers connect emotively – because they share the same values and beliefs as the brand – it leads to higher sales, better brand differentiation, and brand retention, encouraging loyalty. So, it your business is recoverable, that brand value is important. If you are planning to diversify, the brand values in your terminal business may be transferable. So, all the good-will and hard work that you have put into your will carry your business forward, or launce your new business if you get it right.

Define Your Brand
Review the product or service your business offers. Where in the market does it sit? Pinpoint the space in the market it occupies and research the emotive and rational needs and concerns of your customers. Your brand character should promote your business, connect with your customer base and differentiate you in the market.

Your Brand is Alive
Every brand is individual with a character made up of beliefs, values and purposes that define what that brand is and how we connect with it. It is just not just a logo. It has a personality that determines how it is seen, how the business behaves and how our customers interact with it. Like our own personal brand, how we react in certain situations, how we dress and what we say. Of course, for people it’s intuitive and it’s rare that you even consider what your own character is. But when you’re building a brand it’s vital to have that understanding. What makes your brand tick, and how do your customers view it.

Revisit your Value Proposition
Regardless of the future of your business, be positive and plan for a relaunch when the Covid-19 pandemic is under control. While your brand expertise may not change in a recession, the value proposition for the brand may need a tune-up. This is a good time to look at your most satisfied customers and understand hidden benefits of your brand that you may not have focused on. Are you an affordable luxury? Does your service help reduce the cost of a major investment? Follow the clues to see if you can uncover how best to talk about your offering in a recessionary environment.

Invest in your Customers
During this pandemic is an important time to invest in your most valuable customers, weather you are trading or not. If you have conducted a customer lifetime ‘value analysis’ you’ll know that your most profitable customers are extremely expensive to replace. Instead of losing them to a competitor after Covid-19, talk to them about the future of your business and how you look forward to working with them again. Aim to build long-term relationships with your customers. Ask – How can you repay their loyalty? Improve loyalty programs, offering education, training or new experiences or better access to your brand can all increase loyalty. Don’t dress up your offering and raise expectations that result in broken promises, create trust with honest branding – be clear who your company is and be true to the values that drive it every day.

Invest in your Staff
Invest in your best employees. If your employees fear for their jobs, you’ll lose the best ones first. Your top employees are most likely to have the best offers to jump ship. If you are forced to reduce headcount, use some of the savings for raises or retention bonuses for the survivors, who will inevitably have to take on more work. Or invest in education, cross-functional training or other valuable perks for your best employees.

Look for Opportunities
A business down turn like the Covid-19 pandemic, can be the best time to launch a new brand or venture because the competition is less intense. Consumers will still respond to value and marketers may find bargains to be had when advertising or promoting new offerings. Brands can also launch new offerings to smaller customer segments and grow these new businesses gradually with less fear of knockoffs. Big brands are encumbered by large layers of bureaucracy, preventing them from being flexible and reacting to the ever-changing needs of their customers. Those layers of decision-makers can make it hard for them to be daring with their branding. You can be innovative, bold and daring – stand for something you believe in.

Use the Lull
If business slows down for your brand, use that lull to innovate. Experiment with a new delivery method, creative packaging or different service options. Consider ‘quick fail’ iterative approaches in test markets as a way to gauge what you consumers will respond to. Try to pursue projects that you’ve wanted to do but were too busy to consider.

Develop your own distinctive identity. There is a big consumer trend towards independent establishments, and several chains are in fact trying to mimic an independent feel to capture some of that market. Truly independent operators can leverage their status to attract customers who are looking for something more original and authentic, that aligns with how they feel about themselves.

Strong brands burdened with financial weaknesses like inadequate cash reserves, a bad debt structure, mismanagement or inflexible cost structures may be good acquisition targets. Your brand can acquire new technology, patents, market segments or even complementary brands in a recession that would be unavailable or unaffordable during an expansion.

If you’ve carefully evaluated the market and understand how your customers are reacting to the recession, consider expanding. Brands who grow in a recession tend to consolidate those gains afterwards.

Have Pride
Always consider your branding when communicating with customers. Don’t lose your pride or dilute your brand positioning with indiscriminate discounting. Try offering more, rather than slashing prices. Promotions are an opportunity to reinforce your brand mission.

Written by: David Blackburn, founder of Marketing Quotes, providing businesses with FIVE Agency Quotes for FREE. E: support@ Written by: David Blackburn, founder of Marketing Quotes, providing businesses with FIVE Agency Quotes for FREE. E:

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Nexa Digital Marketing Agency celebrates record-breaking 2019 with top industry accolades

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates; 7 January 2020 – Dubai-based digital-first agency, Nexa has become the first agency in the UAE/ MENA region to be awarded HubSpot Diamond Partner Status, placing the company in the top 2% of HubSpot partners globally.

Nexa was first made a Certified HubSpot Partner in 2014 and has since become the leading growth-marketing agency in the region, which led to this exciting promotion.

As one of the world’s leading inbound marketing, CRM, sales and service measurement platforms, HubSpot allows companies to grow their businesses through inbound software, services, and support. In order to become one of Hubspot’s top tier suppliers, partner agencies must not only demonstrate the highest standards of inbound marketing services, but must show continued mastery of the HubSpot platform, measured through client growth and retention. This growth should come from the implementation of a strong digital growth strategy resulting in the generation of qualified leads and return on investment.

HubSpot’s Senior VP & Managing Director, International, Jeetu Mahtani said, with recognition of Nexa’s promotion, “Nexa was HubSpot’s first partner in the Gulf region and joined the partner program over 5 years ago. They have been integral in educating the region about inbound marketing and sales and have applied their expertise to strategic clients in the technology, real estate, and education space. One of the key differentiators with Nexa is their proven capabilities to customize their services to find the right solution and solve for the customer’s needs. We look forward to Nexa continuing their growth and success in the region.”

Nexa was also recently awarded Premier Google Partner status, specializing in search ads, mobile ads and display ads — a designation reserved for only 50 partners in the MENA region. To qualify, Nexa was required to meet specific criteria, including having Google-certified affiliates within the company and demonstrating solid overall advertising revenue and growth.

Alongside core benefits such as product training, certification and product updates, Premier Google Partners also benefit from dedicated account support, executive business training and strategy consulting, enabling them to deliver all-inclusive marketing strategies which are bespoke to their clients’ requirements.

In addition to these most recent accolades, Nexa also claimed multiple awards at the 2019 MENA Search Awards, hosted in Dubai, including winning ‘Best Integrated Campaign’ for the third consecutive year – this time for its work with an education client using HubSpot.

Amit Vyas, CEO of Nexa said, “2019 has been an incredible year for Nexa and I am delighted that this has been recognised by high-profile partners such as HubSpot and Google as well through industry awards voted for by our peers. These achievements highlight the ability of our team to offer high-quality service and advice to companies looking to grow their business in a very competitive market.

Being a growth-focused agency, Nexa provides its clients with a comprehensive portfolio of services focused on delivering effective and measurable digital marketing campaigns. These services include Account based marketing, Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation, Social Media Management, Website Design, and Search Engine Optimization. Now, with these added partner benefits, Nexa has the capability to do even more for its broad client base.

About Nexa
Established in Dubai in 2005, and with additional offices in Manchester and New York, Nexa is a growth marketing agency which has worked with over 700 clients across a wide range of industry sectors, providing high quality, effective and measurable digital marketing campaigns.

Nexa has built a strong track record and in-house capabilities to support clients through a comprehensive portfolio of services including website design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Content Marketing and a fully integrated and creative digital marketing strategy.

The company provides complete, full-scale digital services from opportunity identification through to delivery, implementation and support of the final technology. This is packaged and delivered by Nexa’s in-house experts, providing 24/7 support for all the company’s clients. Nexa clients include some of the best-known companies in the automotive, education, travel, hospitality and other industry sectors.

About HubSpot
HubSpot is a leading growth platform. Since 2006, HubSpot has been on a mission to make the world more inbound. Today, over 56,500 total customers in more than 100 countries use HubSpot’s award-winning software, services, and support to transform the way they attract, engage, and delight customers. Comprised of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and a powerful free CRM, HubSpot gives companies the tools they need to Grow Better.

HubSpot has been named a top place to work by Glassdoor, Fortune, The Boston Globe, and The Boston Business Journal. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, MA with offices in Dublin, Ireland; Singapore; Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan; Berlin, Germany; Bogotá, Colombia; Portsmouth, NH; and Paris, France.

Learn more at

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Digital Clarity and Synergy SKY announce marketing partnership

Award-winning digital agency, Digital Clarity has announced an online marketing partnership with Synergy SKY, a Norwegian based company that develops and markets software platforms making it easier for users and administrators to manage all meetings and video conferences.

Vemun Waksvik, Head of Marketing at Synergy SKY said, “Synergy SKY is on an upward trajectory. In the last quarter to August 2019 we had an uplift of 20% in revenue, more than any other quarter and we aim to double the revenue, compared to last year”.

He added, “We are aware that digital plays a large part in the discovery process and we were searching for a company that could meet our ambitions and help us reach these business buyers and influencers. After some searching, Digital Clarity was the right fit”.

Recently attending the Gartner Symposium in Barcelona and trademarked by Gartner as The World’s Most Important Gathering of CIOs and IT Executives (TM), Synergy SKY launched Synergy of Things (SoT), a unique ‘one-stop shop’ that allows administrators and attendees of business meetings to utilise existing technology infrastructure to intelligently host, analyse and manage meetings, thus creating efficiencies and eliminating wastage – a major impact in today’s business environment.

Speaking on the partnership, Rachel Mepham, Head of Digital at Digital Clarity said, “Recently, our company has gained vast experience in digital marketing to help B2B IT and Software vendors make the most of the digital economy, especially those looking to target medium to enterprise customers. Synergy SKY was looking for digital marketing expertise to help them grow their business”.

She added, “In a competitive market, combining strong content with a measurable digital customer acquisition strategy is key, especially when you are conveying complex solutions in an easy to understand way. By doing this, we have helped clients in this sector, increase enterprise sales by 48%”.

About Synergy SKY

Synergy SKY is a provider of video communication and unified collaboration services.

Synergy SKY supports Polycom Click-to-Join and Cisco One-Button-to-Push in Skype for Business meetings.

Synergy SKY was founded in 2008 with headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

About Synergy of Things (SoT)

Synergy of Things is a software solution from Synergy SKY that extracts data from sensors, behaviour and your calendar to make all meetings more efficient.

Making use of the smart sensors in Cisco Webex Room Series and third-party sensors for all other meeting rooms to achieve smarter utilisation of meeting resources, through features such as no-show detection and booking vs actual usage reports.

With Synergy of Things, the user can apply the exact same method to schedule all meetings – with or without video – in Outlook / Google Calendar without any plug-in or new workflow.

About Digital Clarity

Digital Clarity is a recognised leader in the field of Digital Marketing that encompasses Paid Search (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media and Analytics.

The agency provides exceptional service and results. Digital Clarity was previously shortlisted for Digital Business of the Year, Best Use of Search for B2B at the UK Search Awards, and won the Best Evaluation Strategy category at the Digital Impact Awards.

Digital Clarity is a Google Premier Partner.

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XproAd – How much impact would 5G have on marketing and advertising?

This year witnessed the release of ultra-fast wireless service by carriers and device makers. And there is a knowing that the introduction of the next-gen 5G wireless service will annul the disparities between online and offline. In view of this, XproAd experts have provided answers to the potential impact of this latest innovation on marketing and advertising.

Is this the end of cable connections?
XproAd experts say, “Cable connections could become irrelevant with the invention of 5G wireless service. For instance, a large TV might pick up all HD and 4K programs from air through the wireless service. This will disrupt the cable and Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry because fixed wire infrastructure would lose its relevance in delivering speedy Internet as well as hundreds of TV channels.”

“This would even affect the ad-buying and ad-serving system that depend on it. Though the impact will be felt greatly by the cable connections, marketers will also enjoy surfaces with 5G wireless transceiver as an outlet for the most intelligent computing service available.”– Concluded XproAd experts.

Does that mean any surface can become an interactive marketing medium?
XproAd experts think that “More inventions and innovative opportunities will come with the introduction of 5G media environment. And this is mainly attributed to the availability of ultra-fast wireless connectivity that will bring about sophisticated screens that can be placed anywhere. This might invariably change the messaging approach used by marketers and advertisers.”

“We envision a new era of Augmented Reality (AR) due to the overlays of interactive imagery and ultra-fast bandwidths that will be present anywhere. This might require advertisers to give away AR-enhanced glasses because advertising will now be possible on store windows, walls, car dashboards, and just anywhere and everywhere.”– concluded XproAd experts.

A new interactive way to present products
XproAd experts believe that we are at the beginning of a new period for augmented reality, as overlays of high-quality and sharp imagery became available everywhere: Not only for AR-enhanced glasses, but also in store windows, offices, and even on walls in the street or in-car dashboards. XproAd expert also suggests that advertisers may want to sell branded AR glasses to connect their clients with their own layers of reality directly, giving their clients a new way of marketing.

Will it change ad architectures?
XproAd experts say, “Beyond the fact that data repositories might need to adopt a new design to accommodate high demand, there will also be a need for a great reinvention in advertising infrastructures. Since 5G will blow up the current advertising architectures, all these adjustments need to be performed. Moreover, the architectures currently use for ads are not developed to offer ads that are a hundred times faster. Hence, the need for a proper update in the creative specs on file sizes and ad formats.”

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One of the most impactful and exciting conferences of the year returns to San Francisco this year. Silicon Valley’s largest Digital and Growth marketing conference, the Global Growth Marketing Conference will be welcoming back modern marketers for the 5th time running this year, on December 10th and 11th at the historic 5-star Fairmont Hotel.

Hugely popular with large scale companies and start-ups alike, the Global Growth Marketing Conference is a must attend event to network with industry leaders and innovators from around the world. Dedicated entirely to the business of growth, the conference will cover actionable strategies and tactics which can be implemented easily to supercharge your company’s growth in 2020 and beyond.
Areas covered include:

Acquisition, Activation and Retention
• Growth Process & Experimentation
• Growth Teams, Mindset & Metrics
• Product Marketing & Management
• Onboarding & Engagement
• Referral Growth & Network Effects
• Lessons from World’s Fastest Growing Companies

B2B & Enterprise Growth
• B2B Growth Strategies & Channels for 2019
• Sales Enablement & Account Based Marketing
• C-level Growth Perspective (VP Growth, CMO, CEO)
• Building an Enterprise Growth Team
• Next Generation Tools to Unlock Customer Insights
• Brand Marketing: PR & Influencer Strategies

Organic & Performance Marketing
• Inbound & Outbound Optimization
• The Future of SEO, PPC & Content Marketing
• 2019 Trends: Mobile, Blockchain, GDPR
• Chatbots, Machine Learning & AI
• Social Advertising & Video Marketing
• Data Driven Optimization & A/B Testing

With breakout sessions, workshops and tutorials, vertical-focused content and high-powered networking opportunities, this is set to the Growth Marketing event of the year.
Vasil Azarov, Founder of Growth Marketing, says, ‘This year’s Global Growth Marketing Conference looks set to be our most impactful yet, with a great variety of speakers, sessions and networking opportunities lined up. It’s a must-attend event for anyone looking to grow their business and will set up our attendees for a great 2020 full of growth.’

Keynote speakers confirmed for the event include, among many others:
• Anya Cheng, Product Management, eCommerce Lead, Facebook
• Ken Rudin, Head of User Growth & Analytics, Google
• Ali Wiezbowski, Head of Driver Engagement, Product Marketing, Uber
• Ben Kaplan, Founder & CEO, PR Hacker
• Larry Kim, CEO & Founder, MobileMonkey
• Amrita Damani, Mobile Marketing Leader, Intuit

Enjoy talks and discussions including:
• The Evolution of Growth: Hard-Learned Lessons from the Trenches of Facebook, Twitter, & Wealthfront
• Your Step-by-Step Guide: Proven Best Practices for Getting Product Launches & CX Right
• The 3 Unicorn Growth Channels You Simply Have to Start Using – Today
• The Best Growth Channels You’re Not Using: Why Amazon Alexa, Google Home & More Will Revolutionize Your Business
For further information and to buy tickets, visit:

Tickets range from $950 for a one day pass through to $3,250 for a two day, all access VIP pass. Offers available for early bird bookings.

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The Apprentice: Worst team names revealed


Over 2,800 people were quizzed to see if they knew the meaning of previous team names on The Apprentice
· Connexus and Eclipse were the most confusing with only 26% getting it right
· More than one in 20 thought Typhoon was named after a brand of tea
· Can you decipher the corporate jargon of team names on The Apprentice?

Every year the team name selection on the Apprentice is a hot topic on social media, with many quick to judge or jeer the choices. With this year’s team names now finally revealed – Empower and Unison – people seem less than impressed on Twitter, but are they the worst names the show has seen?

Now, research has revealed which of the 28 former team names on The Apprentice are the most confusing, after 2,811 people were quizzed by Unhooked Communications to see if they could correctly define the words used in the team identities.

‘Connexus’ was one of the most confusing team names, with only 26 per cent knowing it was Latin for ‘a connecting structure’. ‘Eclipse’ also proved difficult to understand, with 26 per cent of people correctly guessing the definition of ‘when something becomes less important’.

Less than half (46 per cent) knew ‘venture’ was something that involved risk and just over half (57 per cent) knew Apollo was a God of music, poetry, light, prophecy and various other titles.

When it came to Team Graphene, 60 per cent knew it as the word for of carbon in a single atom, but 9 per cent thought it was a computer programme made to use graphs and 3 per cent thought it was magazine dedicated to graphic design.

The majority (83 per cent) knew Team Typhoon was named after a violent storm with strong circular winds, but 6 per cent thought it was a tea brand and 11 per cent didn’t think it was a real word at all.

With some of the words offering surprising definitions, it begs the question if the candidates themselves even truly understand the words they’re using for their brand.

Claire Gamble, MD of Unhooked Communications, which carried out the research, said: “The Apprentice is brilliant entertainment, but it doesn’t always portray the realities of running a business. It’s always funny watching the teams try to come up with their names and so often get criticised for being too literal, overly complicated or just plain cringeworthy. But that’s the joy of the show, you don’t need to be a business or marketing expert to have an opinion and it highlights just how some seemingly ‘easy’ jobs – like coming up with a brand name – are actually more difficult than you first think. We can’t wait to hear the associated gags Lord Sugar comes up with too.”

The most confusing team names ranked
Team nameDefinitionWho got it right?
ConnexusA connecting structure26%
EclipseWhen something becomes less important26%
VentureAn activity involving risk46%
ApolloA god connected to things like music57%
GrapheneA form of carbon in a single atom60%
SynergyThe power of a group working together65%
TitansSomeone who is clever, important or strong67%
SummitThe highest point of a mountain68%
SterlingA precious metal of particular purity68%
ForteThe ability to do something well68%
TenacityA determination to keep doing something71%
RenaissanceA growth of interest in art or music72%
NebularA cloud of dust or gas in outer space75%
EndeavorTo try to do something80%
CollaborativeTo work together with someone else81%
TyphoonA violent storm with strong circular wins83%
LogicA way of thinking based on good judgement85%
ImpactThe force of an object hitting another85%
StealthA quiet, careful action to avoid attention86%
EvolveTo develop gradually88%
EmpireA large organisation89%
VersatileTo easily be used for different purposes90%
AlphaA Greek letter90%
PhoenixA mythical bird able to regenerate through flame91%
VeolictyThe speed at which an object travels91%
VitalityEnergy and strength93%
IgniteTo cause something to start burning96%
Team nameDefinitionAnswers
TyphoonA violent storm with strong circular wins83%
Not a word11%
A brand of tea drank in the UK6%
A disease causing high temperatures and pains0%
CollaborativeTo work together with someone else81%
Not a word19%
A shape resembling a collarbone0%
Something that goes around the neck0%
VitalityEnergy and strength93%
Not a word5%
Necessary and important1%
Sad and lonely1%
GrapheneA form of carbon in a single atom60%
Not a word28%
A computer programme made to use graphs9%
A magazine focused on graphic design3%
TitansSomeone who is clever, important or strong67%
A light, strong metal chemical element18%
Not a word12%
A boat that sinks3%
NebularA cloud of dust or gas in outer space75%
The outer bone of the lower leg10%
Not a word10%
An unclear or vague idea5%
VersatileTo easily be used for different purposes90%
To know a lot about a certain topic8%
To write something in the form of poetry2%
Not a word0%
ConnexusNot a word50%
A connecting structure26%
A computer programme or software21%
Having a close relationship with people3%
SummitThe highest point of a mountain68%
Slang term used meaning ‘something’18%
To order someone to come to a place9%
Not a word5%
TenacityA determination to keep doing something71%
To rent and live in a building16%
Not a word13%
A fear or phobia of the number 100%
EvolveTo develop gradually88%
Not a word6%
To move around a central point or ilne4%
To solve a problem or difficulty2%
EndeavorTo try to do something80%
Not a word15%
To love or care for someone5%
Not a word0%
SterlingA precious metal of particular purity68%
Not a word15%
Something free from bacteria9%
A common bird with dark feathers8%
PhoenixAn imaginary bird that sets itself on fire91%
Not a word5%
An arched structure in the body4%
Someone who really dislikes something0%
VentureAn activity that involves risk46%
An exciting trip46%
Not a word8%
The invention of something new0%
LogicA way of thinking based on good judgement85%
A name you enter to use a computer8%
Not a word5%
An act of cutting down trees for wood2%
ApolloA god connected to things like music57%
Not a word19%
A person who supports and defends something17%
The greek word for sorry7%
IgniteTo cause something to start burning96%
To run lava into rock3%
Not a word1%
To make a disappearing worry grow stronger0%
AlphaA greek letter90%
Not a word6%
A Greek animal4%
A Greek dish0%
StealthA quiet, careful action to avoid attention86%
A strong worry about health6%
Not a word5%
The act of stealing someone’s limelight3%
VeolictyThe speed an object travels at91%
A track for bicylce racing with curved sides4%
Used to describe the texture of velvet4%
Not a word1%
ForteThe ability to do something well68%
Not a word13%
A military building designed to defend11%
The ability to judge the future9%
SynergyThe power of a group working together65%
Not a word21%
Words that are similar13%
When people meet to discuss religion1%
EmpireA large organisation89%
A large building6%
Not a word3%
To buy or get something2%
RenaissanceA growth of interest in art or music72%
Not a word18%
A type of fashion with lots of frills10%
A rich and successful person0%
EclipseA circular shape43%
When something becomes less important26%
Not a word22%
A meteor shower9%
Not a word10%
ImpactThe force of an object hitting another85%
Not a word10%
To make an agreement between two people5%
An object that comes wrapped in packaging0%
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