Thursday, November 30, 2023


Solar Scammers Preying on Homeowners

Solar experts have warned homeowners to do their due diligence when searching for installation companies after a spate of scammer incidents.

World of Solar, said that as demand for solar energy rockets in the UK, the number of cowboy builders offering so-called solar solutions has also increased, duping innocent families out of thousands of pounds.

The company has issued its top 10 tips for homeowners looking to switch to solar, in a bid to save them from being conned and being left without an installation.

A spokeswoman for the company said: “We want to help people make the safest choice when selecting a solar system for their homes.

“We have compiled what we believe are the 10 most important points to consider for people considering a solar installation and to protect them from scammers. Recent news reports have seen unlicensed firms leave householders without installations, losing thousands of pounds, risking their home insurance and potentially even their homes in the process,” she added.

World of Solar’s Top 10 Tips for Solar Power Installation

1. Research is key.
It is important homeowners compare companies on their products, costs, service and their knowledge on technical aspects on the installation.

2. Check if it is cheap.
It is important customers do not opt for the cheapest company just because they are the cheapest. When making a significant investment, homeowners have to know they are getting what they were promised. Some householders have opted for cheaper and were given less panels than they were promised, or unsafe systems installed by people without the correct qualifications.

3. MCS Registration
Homeowners should only enquire with MCS registeredcompanies. The MCS upholds service standards in the energy industry. The MCS logo should be displayed on the company website. Without this certification, homeowners can’t register with their energy provider for the smart energy guarantee tariff (SEG), which allows them to earn money from excess energy.

4. HIES Registered
The HIES Scheme protects consumers and the deposit they pay for the solar system installation work to be carried out. The HIES Scheme websitelists all registered companies.

5. NAPIT Certified
NAPIT – the National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers – certification confirms that the company has demonstrated competence in their work, and they hold the necessary insurance. It also confirms that the firm’s health and safety tests are in place and that the company is audited regularly to ensure they remain competent and legal.

6. Company Reviews
Check Trustpilot or Google reviews. These are two of the few platforms that do not allow ‘fake’ reviews and have to be supplied by genuine customers. Reading how the company responds is a tell-tale sign of a competent and responsible firm.

7. Guarantees and Warranties
Homeowners should check what guarantees and warranties are in place for the system being installed, in case there are any problems. For example, World of Solar offers a 10-year HIES Consumer protection along with additional warranties on products, including 5-year warranties on batteries. The length of the warranty will depend upon the product

8. After Care Sales
Consumers enquiring about solar should find out whether there is an after-sales care team in place. It is crucial to have support after committing to such a significant investment.

9. Maintenance
Keeping the system in tip top condition is crucial, so homeowners searching for a solar energy company must check if there is a maintenance service available and what it includes.

10. High Demand for Solar Panels
It is important homeowners are aware of the current delays in the supply of solar panels due to the high demand. Solar companies also have to wait for regulatory sign off before an installation can begin, which can take three to six weeks from the start of the enquiry. It can take six to 12 weeks with smaller companies.

US Homeowners are saving a fortune on electricity bills with new solar

black and white solar panels

According to the solar data company, PVRoof, US homeowners with solar panels are now saving upwards up $1,000 or more per year on their electricity bills using new solar – this comes to roughly 70% in total annual savings.

Their analysis further showed that southern, middle-belt and western states (i.e., Texas, Oklahoma, California, New Mexico, Arizona, and others) spend more on electricity per year (~$1,340+) than most states nationwide. As such, homeowners in these locations without a solar roof system are at a disadvantage and will end up spending upwards of $25,000 on electricity bills alone in the next 20-years.

 If you are tired of paying outrageous electricity bills each month, and ready to make the smart choice which could save you upwards of $2,000 each year, follow this link and fill our quick form to see how much you could save from solar.

The problem of solar panels is should not be complicated; however, most installers typically mislead homeowners on the true cost and true savings that could be derived from a solar system. In a recent survey, it was said that more than 65% of solar installers over inflate the true cost of a solar roof system, leaving homeowners with a high bill and a lower savings forecast over time. To solve this, an unbiased system (i.e., a software tool) that provides the true cost and true savings figure for homeowners in what the US solar industry needs.

PVRoof has therefore done this and built the renowned global solar calculator tool that does exactly that. This unbiased solar software calculator performs a detailed energy home audit with just a few homeowner questions, and presents homeowners with outputs such as, the recommended solar panel size for your home, cost of total installation, 20year savings, finance options and more. PVRoof built this tool strictly for homeowners, to enable them understand all the easy technical details around solar roofs and get them comfortable and confident when discussing with a solar installer on the next steps.

Want to save over $1,000 on your electricity bills? Follow this link, enter your home details and find out how much you too could save. For a seamless end-to-end process, PVRoof’s data algorithm will connect you the closest most reputable solar installation provider to guide you on the next steps to how you too could save a fortune on your electricity bills each year.

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Solar Experts Take the Guesswork Out of Going Solar in the UK

iJo Power, the solar and energy storage experts, are making the switch to solar easier for families and businesses throughout the UK. With energy prices fuelling the cost-of-living crisis, they’re developing smart solutions for those looking to lower their electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Cornwall-based company uses industry research, testing, and analysis to help people get the most out of their solar setups. While the business is relatively new, Director Andrew Shaw has over 20 years in the industry and is regarded as one of the leading experts in solar and battery storage. He is on a mission to advance the energy industry.

iJo Power designs solar and battery storage solutions, allowing power generated during daylight hours to be stored and used later. Customers use more of their own solar generated energy whilst drawing less from the grid, leading to savings of 75-80% on electricity bills. These savings can be increased further by making full use of battery capacity to charge during off-peak hours.

Despite the boom in the solar industry, many are still cautious due to a lack of understanding of the technology and the process. The energy experts at iJo Power recognise the difficulty this presents, and the hesitation experienced by many in making a significant financial investment. Removing the unknown by taking the time to explain the process as well as the pros and cons of different systems is a key focus for the iJo Power team, ensuring happy customers from initial quotation to final commissioning of a high performance system.

The revamped website reflects the innovation and customer-centric approach that sets iJo Power apart from their competitors. In addition to invaluable content, including FAQs designed to educate those interested in solar and battery storage, the fast and efficient cost calculator gives domestic customers a better sense of the size of the initial investment as well as the expected long-term savings. The user-friendly calculator provides cost estimates based on current energy usage and roof size before generating a return on investment.

iJo Power has streamlined the installation process, using its strong network of trusted and skilled installers to achieve the very best configuration for each client. Recognising that each customer’s energy usage is different, a flexible and technically sound approach is needed to ensure the very best performance. The fluidity of the operational infrastructure is backed by top manufacturers in the solar industry and agile supply chains.

Quality over quantity is fundamental at iJo Power – and by flexing their technical prowess and in-depth product knowledge, they’re helping people across the UK to achieve energy independence.