7% of Americans Think That Chocolate Milk Comes Directly From Cows

If your neighbor tries to tell you that chocolate milk comes from brown cows, do not be surprised.  A survey recently discovered that some grown-ups truly believe that is from where chocolate milk comes.

As a culture, we, apparently, do not make it broadly known that chocolate milk comes from the carton or, perhaps, Sainsbury’s.

The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy has shown in a current poll of 1,000 adults that 7 percent think chocolate milk comes directly from cows, meaning that there are such things as chocolate cows.  That is 70 adults!  They genuinely think that if you squeeze a brown cow’s udder, chocolate milk will come out.  Stunning!

So, maybe, we could say that 7% isn’t that much or, it could be worse, but just wait.

Survey respondents, to the tune of 48%,  said they had “no idea” from where chocolate milk comes.  It crosses the mind that 48% might have thought “brown cows,” at least in passing, but felt foolish saying so.

So here are the facts:  milk is produced by cows regardless of their colour.  Sugar and cocoa, in some combination, can turn it into chocolate milk.

Now while this ruins any fun fantasies about brown cows, we just had to tell the truth.  Have a glass of milk and think about it.

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