58% of Millennials Have Trouble Sleeping Because They’re Under-Prepared for University

According to a new survey, millennials aren’t ready for ‘the reality of life’ and their health is taking the impact. It found that panic attacks and anxiety problems were just a handful of implications of being under-prepared.

The study of 2,000 millennials who are preparing to start their first year of university found that many aren’t prepared – nor ready – for the challenge of living independently. More than half of respondents don’t know how to pay a bill and many believe that the cost of their regular nights our cost more than paying rent.

61% of respondents said that they are anxious about the prospect of starting Uni, with 58% admitting to struggling with their sleep and 27% suffering from panic attacks.

The conductors of the poll believe that many would-be students are left worried and confused by the thought of leaving their settled home for higher education, as well as being unaware of the challenged surrounding life at university.

Six out of ten students believed that they’d spend more time in lectures than they did in school classes but in reality, most university subjects take up much less time than a typical day in a secondary school. Some degree courses require less than ten hours per week.

When asked about their financial situation, only 50% of soon-to-be students correctly identified that their accommodation would be their biggest outcost. Other participants thought that groceries, course materials, student societies and nights out would be their largest expenditure.

Nick Hilman, director of the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), who carried out the new research, said:

“We know lots about what students think but very little about what those applying to higher education expect to happen when they get there.

“We set out to fix this gap because people who expect a different student experience to the one they get are less satisfied, learn less and say they are getting less good value for money.”

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