11 Million British BBQs Will be Ruined This Summer

Al-fresco dining is something that we only experience in the short-lived British summer months but it seems like this year, our ideas won’t go to plan.

According to a recent survey by Simply Beef & Lamb, more than 11 million BBQs will be ruined over the course of summer with the main culprits being under or overcooked food, and of course, the weather. It was also found that bad company, drunken guests and a limited food supply were to contribute to the BBQ disasters. Fights were also reported to be an issue.

The survey also found that the average British adult will attend four BBQs this year, equating to a massive 108 million over the 27 million UK households. However, 11% will fail and become a disaster.

One in five (22%) of those asked in the survey admitted to being subjected to undercooked or burnt food.

The survey also asked people to list their bugbears; a list of things that were classed as the ‘most annoying’ barbecue activities. Topping the list was a dirty BBQ grill (27%), closely followed by 21% saying that people with bad eating or table manners were their biggest annoyance.

Just over a fifth of respondents said that they despite ‘back-seat barbeque-ers’ who hover around the grill, waiting for food to be cooked without offering their own cooking skills.

Also reported to be an annoyance were couples who overly displayed their affection to each other, drunken arguments and men huddling around the BBQ grill.

Whilst BBQs are often referred to as one of the UK’s best summer activities, 18% of people asked within the survey admitted that they’re tired of the same old food.

Top 10 Signs of a Failed BBQ

  1. Undercooked food
  2. Rain
  3. Burnt food
  4. Bad company
  5. People who are too drunk
  6. Not enough food
  7. Poor BBQ skills
  8. No alcohol
  9. Bad music
  10. Boring and predictable food
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