Managers Reveal the Most Annoying Traits in Their Office Workers

When it comes to office culture, it seems like it’s not just employees who get irritated at work. In fact, managers have their own bugbears of things done by their office staff, a new survey has found.

Office moaners who repeatedly complain about their job are most likely to find themselves in their manager’s bad books, along with staff members with an addiction to social media. Other bugbears were named as staff who use the business printer for personal use, those who make excuses for being late and dressing inappropriately.

The survey of 500 managers within small to medium-sized businesses also found that 39% of bosses believe that an employee has deliberately gone out of their way to annoy them.

Commenting on the survey results, James Kinsella, co-founder of instantprint, said: “Interestingly, employers care less about issues which traditionally would have caused them a headache in the past.

“SME owners have enough on their plate without worrying about what their employees wear.

”And now as smaller businesses have to become increasingly agile, a positive attitude is critical to thrive in these fast-paced environments.

“Running a business is hard work and it makes sense that SME owners are looking for employees with a positive and proactive attitude who they can depend on when they need to.£

When it comes to impressing a manager, the survey indicated that the best way to please a manager is to have a ‘go-getter’ approach to work. 34% of managers also said that they are impressed by employees who can communicate their ideas effectively.

According to the study, working hard could have it’s benefits as one in three bosses admit to having a favourite employee.

However, this constant pressure to work hard can have an impact on employees. A third of those asked said that their long working hours was the worst part of their job, with 28% saying that they regularly feel increasing pressure to perform well at work.

25% of respondents said that they were concerned about making key decisions in the office or working environment and one in hour find it difficult to strike a friend/boss relationship with their manager.

James Kinsella added: “Having a great team is one of the most important business success factors and what’s more, they are the people you have to spend most of your life with.

“For most SME owners and managers, their business is a huge part of their life, so perhaps it doesn’t come as a surprise that attitude comes above everything else.

“When everyone is under pressure, positivity will always be appreciated, if not needed by managers.”

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