New Graphic Puzzle Challenges The Internet

Wheel soon see who’s got an eye for a puzzle – as readers struggle to solve the latest brain-teaser to hit the web.

This image shows dozens of overlapping roulette wheels, which all have something in common – the traditional green 0.

However, one wheel is missing the green 0, featuring a black one instead – and it’s leaving readers in a spin.



In roulette, the player normally bets on red or black. If the ball lands on the green 0, (or 00, in American roulette) then new rules apply – you can bet on it, but the odds of it coming in are low.

Gregory Tatton-Brown, a spokesman from who devised the puzzle, said: “The sound of a ball bouncing over a roulette table is one of the most exciting in the world.

“As it pings around, you can never be sure where it’s going to land – but usually, if it lands on the green zero, it’s not good news.

“In our puzzle, one of the wheels is missing its green landing pad, with the 0 being black instead – but it’s not easy to see which one at first glance.

“Roulette is a game of luck not skill, but this puzzle will definitely test your talent for spotting something amiss.”



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