Swiss to sell bottled mountain air to the world

Start-up company Swiss Alpine Air have launched their “Air” product. The product allows people in heavily polluted cities to breath bursts of fresh clean air from a hand-held canister. The company collects the cleanest, purest air form the Swiss Alpine region and compress it into a handy aerosol. The product also comes complete with an integral face mask to assist with breathing. The target market areas are polluted cities around the world.

According to the WHO, 98% of cities with populations of over 100,000 low to middle income people don’t have satisfactory air quality. In some of the world’s mega cities such as Beijing and Delhi the problem has a direct impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

Over forty years ago, people raised eyebrows about the concept of bottled water. Today it’s second nature to grab a bottle of Evian or Perrier. What many forget is that the Alps are also able to offer their crisp unpolluted air.

Each year so many tourists flock here to the Swiss Alps to enjoy the invigorating experience of its mountain vistas, and to breathe in the virgin pure air. It’s just a simple case of exporting the great Alpine air we have. We already export Swiss Alpine water, chocolate and cheese. Why not export our clean air too? It is the best air in the world.

Polluted areas of China and India are the primary targets for Swiss Alpine Air, with the company already planning a branch in Beijing. The company also has its eye on the European commuter market. “I heard the London underground was over 35 degrees this summer, I am sure they would love a breath of clean fresh air down there, I know what it’s like to have your nose stuck in someone else’s armpit on the tube” Says CEO Danny Wurr.

The new 7 litre canisters come complete with an easy breathing mask and retails at SFr 19.95 (USD 21.00) (EUR 17.50) (GBP 16.50) and contain enough air for over 120 breaths of pure, clean Swiss Alpine Air. Cans are easily available from the web shop at and there are great discounts for multiple purchases.

The company is seeking investors to facilitate its rapid growth in the new breathable air market.

Swiss Alpine Air a registered company located in the Alpine region of Switzerland. Our mission is to make the purity of Switzerland’s mountain air available to the many.

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