Check out who is behind a phone number using

Check out who is behind a phone number using

Have ever wondered who is behind a certain phone number? For example, if you have got a missed call and you want to find who it is without calling the number back. Well, for US phone numbers this is easy and can be done using a so-called reverse phone number search service such as The service is free and accessible to anyone. Just insert the phone number in the dedicated search box and you will get the address, zip, and city of the owner of the phone number if it is in the Database. It is also possible to get a full report with more detailed information, but let’s move step by step.

How does work? uses different databases and connects the dots. The biggest database, which the service uses is the famous whocall database. The free search function is easy and straightforward and provides the following information about a US phone number:

  • Is the owner of the phone number a business or a private person?
  • Name, Address, zip, city
  • Phone carrier information
  • Mobile or landline number

Right now, the database consists of about more than 80 million entries, and every day there are added more. Through the free search function, it also possible to generate a list of phone numbers based on a specific location. In the center of the website, there is an interactive map of the united states with all 52 states. The user has can click on one of the states and will get a list of all cities within that state. After that, the user can just click on a specific city and will get a list of all people and businesses associated with a phone number in the database. This is quite impressive, but can do more. If you want to gain more useful and more detailed information about a specific US phone number you can use the full report function. The full report function works like the free function for all US phone numbers such as mobile, landline, and more. It will provide all the free data mentioned above and additionally the following information about the phone number:

Court records:

  • Arrest Records
  • Criminal/Traffic
  • Jail Records
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Judgments & Liens
  • Driving Violations

Public records:

  • Marriages & Divorces
  • Permit(s)
  • Employment
  • Birth Records
  • Death Records
  • Education(s)

Business records:

  • Business(es)
  • Professional Licenses

Property & Assets:

  • Property Ownership
  • Assets

With some phone number trackers you can track a person by using his/her email address. The trackers scan public sources and records. It gives you accurate information about names, address, and phone number of the email owner. Read more here.

In some cases, the website even provides a picture of the person or logo of the company. The full report is of great quality and costs around $4, which is a pretty great price for such a big list of information. Notice that not in all cases the full report contains all the information mentioned above, sometimes they are not fully available. is a great website, which can be useful to some of us. With the full report function, it can not only be used to find out who is behind a certain number but even if the business you are dealing with is trustworthy and so on.