3D Engineering Animation can significantly simplify sales and marketing efforts

3D Engineering Animation can significantly simplify sales and marketing efforts

EAXPS to offer unique support to the engineering community in view of the Covid-19 virus outbreak.

NJ, USA/Pune, India, April 30, 2020 – EAXPS, the Engineering Animation Experts, offer 3D Engineering Animation services catering to global industrial clients. Amidst the Covid-19 virus outbreak, sales and marketing efficiencies across engineering clients have been severely affected. EAXPS offers a unique way to engage potential clients effectively, while working from home using 3D Engineering Animation services. EAXPS caters to technical and product animation needs for companies across the manufacturing and process industries. With events and trade shows getting cancelled, severe travel restrictions in place, sales and marketing professionals can use 3D Engineering Animation based videos to demonstrate complex products/solutions and weave exhilarating stories to make an impact in front of the target audience.


Talking about these unique 3D Engineering Animation services, Tushar Maladkar, President and CEO of EAXPS, said, “Marketers can now engage with their prospects, while working from home with precise engineering animations depicting real-life situations and helping connect instantly with customers. EAXPS has over 500 person-years of combined experience in engineering and project management.”


As part of its services, EAXPS delivers future-forward virtual 3D Engineering Animations for applications like Sales & Marketing, Tradeshow & Exhibitions, Training, Installation & Commissioning, Maintenance, and Facility Tours.


Tushar added, “Leveraging our expertise in best in class animation technologies, customers will be able to effectively use 3D technical animations to get attention from their target audience and maximise ROI, even with all the travel restrictions.”


EAXPS specialises in creating future-forward experiences with virtual 3D Engineering Animations helping clients to convert their Ideas into Reality.


For your 3D Engineering animation requirements, consult EAXPS – the Engineering Animation Experts at sales@eaxps.com or visit our website www.eaxps.com


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