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Uv Gullas Medical College Since our establishment in 1919 one of the world’s PREMIER ACADEMIC AND RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS.New ways of thought were led by the UV Gullas Medical College Admission bureau. We give students high quality teaching and analysis in a comfortable and positive environment, the best place to learn and develop for their studies.

UV Gullas College of Medicine assam We are proud to provide varied international standard training to develop sensitive minds that will face the challenges of individual lives. UV Gullas Medicine College gujarat UV Gullas Medical College Philippines Medicine Faculty belongs to the dynasty and excels in providing education by expanding the scholar ready to face career challenges.

MBBS in the Philippines

In the Philippines MBBS is witnessing the strongest mix of economy and education. Send to our skilled team of Study Abroad Consultants, Philippines, to seek highly accessible medical education by the use of world-class learning facilities at UV GULLAS college of Medicine. UV GULLAS, as a high-ranking medical college in Cebu City, covers one of the most cost-effective educational settings, thus promoting better curricula for research. In comparison to the rivalry, the college was established in the year 1919 and is virtuoso and prides itself on productive alumni, who are established attainers across different fields.


In Cebu City there are two campuses, the University’s main campus located in downtown Cebu City and the Pardo college laboratory. The main campus of Cebu City is a dual-campus, and is packed with many amenities for students. The living rooms are fully air-conditioned, with coffered ceilings. Students also have free Wi-Fi, play space, and other leisure services. Every learner at the hostel gets personal care and support. Continuous supervision of the CCTV and the presence of 24/7 campus guards maintain high student safety levels. A well trained and experienced team who has proven expertise in their respective areas offers clinical instruction.

Address : Baniland,mandaue city,cebu, Philippines 6014

Contact : 9444666890


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