Millions of Women Report Feeling Sexier Since Turning 50

A new report has shone a positive light on ageing when it comes to feeling confident, specifically with ageing women.

The research has found millions of women feel sexier – since turning 50.

1,800 women aged 50 and over were polled and researchers discovered one in five now feel more attractive to the opposite sex than they did when they were younger.

It also emerged more than one in ten (13 per cent) are more likely to approach someone on a night out now rather than wait for a man to approach them

And one in twenty reckon they get approached by suitors more often now than ever before

Overall 54 per cent said they have experienced a new lease of life since turning 50 and 68 per cent are regularly complimented on their style when they are out.

A spokeswoman for Peter Hahn, specialists in fashion for the mature woman, said: “With this research we wanted to get some indication of what the typical woman in her 50s and older is like.

“Our research suggests many older women like to lead quite a classy and glamorous lifestyle – enjoying nice food, looking good and having a great time with their friends.

“They appear to have refined their tastes over the years and know what they like – and what they want out of life.”

The study also found women aged 50 plus spend an average of £1,783-a-year on looking glamorous.

Older women typically splash out £117 on make-up, £378 on clothes and a whopping £1,288 on nights out over a 12 month period.

The study of females aged 50-70 revealed that far from feeling over the hill, they are living life to the full – spending money on looking great and spending their free-time socialising with pals.

In a typical month they enjoy a minimum of three evenings out on the tiles – with cocktails and wine bars among the most popular activities.

Over the same period respondents fine dine twice, go on two clothes shopping sprees, catch-up with friends four times – and visit their local hair salon every other month.

Commissioned by Peter Hahn, the research also found a quarter consider themselves to be glamorous.

And over half say they have experienced a new lease of life since turning 50.

Fifty-one per cent of women said it takes years of experience to truly master being glamorous – and 28 per cent think newer generations of females are less glam than they are.

However, many put this down to younger women not having had as much life experience as them – with one respondent admitting it takes time to feel comfortable as who you are.

While another said older females are less inclined to follow fads – and instead they take the best fashions from different eras in order refine their sense of glamour.

More than a third of respondents believe glamour can be found in a piece of exquisite designer clothing or a handbag.

And the average female over 50 owns two designer handbags and one pair of designer sunglasses – with a third owning up to three pairs of designer shoes.

Three quarters of respondents who took part in the study said they enjoy getting glammed up for special occasions – and nine in ten said it’s important they look their best where possible.


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