How to Become a Ghostwriter for Beginners

Definition of Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is the act of writing a document for another author who will take credit for the work. Ghostwriting involves writing essays, research papers, blog articles, journal articles, books, and other written documents. While ghostwriting involves writing documents that another author will take credit for, some professionals do not consider social media posts and company white paper tasks as ghostwriting. These documents usually do not contain a byline which means that the author’s identity is not an important aspect of the paper.

What are Ghostwriters and Their Roles

A ghostwriter is an individual that practices the act of ghostwriting. This type of writer usually writes books, blog articles, and newsletters for clients. They accomplish various documents that they do not take credit for and allows their clients to act as the primary author. This model implies that the writers cannot share their work with the public as it may lead to issues with the clients.

Being a ghostwriter often leads to taking freelance jobs from various clients. Since they write documents for other individuals to take credit for, they can charge higher rates than the standard freelance writer. Some ghostwriters charge double the standard rate which allows them to earn more than regular writers doing the same task, with the exclusion of their name in the byline. Some writers may find the byline exclusion demotivating but experienced professionals are more than happy to do the task in exchange for higher rates.

How to Become a Ghostwriter

The writing industry offers a wide range of opportunities for novice and professional writers. There are writer jobs in marketing departments as well as proofreading positions in certain companies. The industry is also kind to freelance writers that take jobs from various clients through online services and social media. Freelancing can involve academic writing, guest posting, creative writing, and ghostwriting. If the byline exclusion is not an issue for you, then you may have the mindset to become a professional in the industry. Here are some tips on how to become a ghostwriter:

1. Develop above-average writing skills

Ghostwriting will require an individual to continuously write varying types of documents. These can include academic essays, research papers, and books. Writing these documents requires a writer to have decent writing skills and knowledge regarding academic formats. Acquiring the necessary skills is essential to avoid failed projects and unsatisfied clients. As a freelance writer, you must aim to meet client expectations to increase the chance of a repeat order.

To develop the necessary skills, you can apply for online writing and English language seminars. These types of events will provide you with the basic knowledge of academic writing and the common mistakes for beginners. Besides online seminars, you can start reading different types of written documents and take note of their formatting and utilization of language. Through this method, a writer can directly learn from a real-world example and avoid common mistakes.

Beginners should aim to continuously write every day to consistently develop their skills. After writing sessions, you should assess your work and take note of the mistakes and the aspects that require improvement. Writers can also utilize online services that offer to ghostwrite to learn more about the industry. Check the websites below for ghostwriting services.

2. Start a freelance writing job

Starting a freelance writing job may be the easiest way to enter the ghostwriting industry. Websites like Fiverr and Upwork provide freelancers with a free platform to offer their services. On these platforms, you can offer ghostwriting and other services to clients. Most of these types of websites contain categories that make it easier for clients to look for specific services. You can easily create an account and establish yourself as a freelancer. However, beginners should try to accept various kinds of writing services and not just ghostwriting. This will help in skill development as well as add to your writer portfolio.

The Different Ghostwriting Jobs

As mentioned earlier, ghostwriting involves writing various documents from academic essays to lengthy books. This variation divides ghostwriting jobs into multiple categories that require specific expertise. Being a ghostwriter does not mean that you should be an expert on all of the categories, however, being aware of them will help you better understand the industry and choose a specific field.

Ghostwriting for books, ebooks, blogs, and academic papers

Books, blogs, and essay tasks are the most common jobs in the industry and beginners should have no problem finding clients under this category. However, it is important to note that most books and academic papers have strict formatting standards that the writer must follow.

Ghostwriting for speeches and online videos

These jobs are less restrictive than academic tasks since writers can use formal or conversational language. Speeches are common jobs for company executives and event guests who do not have the time to write their pieces. Online videos for Youtube and other media have also become common ghostwriting jobs since content creators regularly discuss topics with their audience.

Ghostwriting for musicians

Amateur and professional musicians do not write all of their songs. Songwriters often approach them and pitch songs while other musicians hire writers to develop new music. This type of job can be difficult to find since you will need to be in a musician’s network to potentially write for them. The job also requires music skills since a writer must create lyrics that are meaningful and catchy.

Ghostwriting for creative works

Creative works include storybooks, website entries, video game lore, and short stories. These jobs require creativity since writers will have to develop fictional stories and lore. Some clients may provide a writer with established lore and expect them to create stories based on them. There are also cases where clients allow writers full creative freedom in developing certain parts of stories. Websites like Fiverr and Upwork have various creative work jobs for individuals on the platform which makes them perfect for ghostwriting beginners.


Becoming a ghostwriter can be as simple as creating an online page and offering the service to various clients. However, honing the necessary skills is important to become a credible and sought-after professional in the field. You can develop these skills through online seminars, reading written documents, and visiting online writing services. The skills you develop can help in freelance job acquisition as well as understanding the different forms of ghostwriting tasks. For ghostwriting beginners, utilizing services like Fiverr and Upwork can help start your career and become a well-established ghostwriter.

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