Chlorella Tablets: What Are They & What Do They Do?

Chlorella is an algae that’s native to Japan and Taiwan. Widely regarded as a “superfood”, it’s rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids that promote improved cardiovascular health, blood pressure and hormonal balance.

Like spirulina, chlorella is dark green in colour and is usually consumed as a powder mixed with water or other ingredients in a shake. Many people also use chlorella tablets as a quicker, more convenient way to enjoy the nutritional benefits of chlorella.

In this guide, we’ll look at what chlorella is and the specific benefits it can have for your general quality of life, cardiovascular health and body composition.


What is Chlorella?

Like spirulina — another popular nutritional superfood — chlorella is a supplement that’s made from dried, powdered algae. Chlorella grows naturally in tropical freshwater environments and has traditionally been used as a protein source.

Chlorella has a dark green/blue colour and a taste that’s somewhat similar to green tea. Since you only need a small amount of chlorella to get most of its health benefits, it’s easy to add to shakes and other meals without having too much of an effect on the overall taste.

Most chlorella comes from Japan, where it’s an abundant plant due to its fast reproductive life cycle. Like spirulina, chlorella is a very old plant — some scientists believe it’s one of the oldest plant species still in existence today.

Chlorella is a relatively new health supplement, at least in the Western world. It arrived on the shelves of health food stores in the UK just over a decade ago and has quickly caught on with people interested in health, wellness and supplementation.


Chlorella Nutritional Benefits

Chlorella is a nutrient-dense food — in fact, it’s so rich in nutrients that it’s become one of the latest additions to the list of superfoods.

A small serving of chlorella contains a large amount of vitamins A, B2 and B3. Chlorella is also rich in iron and zinc, both of which are important minerals for promoting health levels of mental and physical alertness and general energy.

Chlorella is also a fantastic protein source. Even a small three tablespoon serving of chlorella contains 16 grams of protein, making chlorella a fantastic vegan alternative to animal-based protein sources such as lean meat, egg whites and dairy products.

Beyond its great micro and macronutrient profile, chlorella can have significant health benefits for people that suffer from heart disease. One 2008 study shows that chlorella consumption is linked to lower levels of serum total cholesterol — a great thing for preventing heart issues.

The same study also indicates that chlorella is linked to lower levels of bodyfat, meaning that a diet rich in chlorella and other nutrient-dense foods could promote fat loss and improvements in overall body composition.


Should You Take Chlorella?

As a nutrient-dense superfood, chlorella is definitely worth considering as part of your health and wellness supplement protocol. It’s rich in protein, full of vitamins and minerals and closely linked to a variety of improvements in health.

It’s also inexpensive and easy to consume. Chlorella, either in tablet or powder form, is cheap and easy to order online, making it a simple and convenient addition to your diet and wellness toolkit.

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