Cancer treatment in Israel

The number of cancer patients is growing rapidly from year to year. Unfortunately, not all countries have specialized cancer clinics. The good news is that with the development of medical tourism, you can receive treatment abroad.

One of the leading countries in the treatment of oncological diseases is Israel. Israeli hospitals are equipped with the latest technologies. This allows for the treatment of cancer of any complexity. It is a pleasant fact that at the moment the cost of cancer treatment in Israel is one of the lowest among developed countries.

Benefits of Israel

Israeli cancer clinics have long specialized in providing medical care to cancer patients in accordance with modern international standards and protocols. Application of new specialized medical equipment, as well as the availability of qualified oncologists trained in the best clinics of Europe and the USA, has made oncological centers in Israel the best in the treatment of cancer diseases. There’s no type of cancer that’s not cured in Israel.

The state-of-art medical centers of Israel pay special attention to early diagnostics. After all, earlier cancer was detected, higher the chances of its successful treatment are. Modern equipment, precise laboratory tests, and professionalism of doctors allow Israel to demonstrate the best results in cancer treatment.

Modern equipment

There is no doubt that the clinics of Israel treat any type of oncology effectively. This is achieved thanks to the vast experience of Israeli doctors. Over 70% of surgical interventions in Israel are performed by a minimally invasive method. However, one should not forget about the availability of the latest equipment for cancer treatment:

  • The “da Vinci” robotic system.
  • Modern “Gamma Knife” radiosurgery unit.
  • Radiosurgery system “Cyberknife G4”.

All this equipment, as well as many other things, allows treating oncology of any localization and at any stage successfully. More than one million patients have successfully treated cancer in Israel with the help of modern systems. For the last 5 years the highest survival rate among cancer patients has been registered in Israel, which is an indicator of treatment efficiency.


Israeli doctors have the most effective ways to diagnose malignancies and apply gentle treatment methods. The system of efficient patient care also ensures quick recovery after surgery.

For precise diagnostics, Israeli clinics have all available types of examinations:

  • Modern ultrasound equipment.
  • Radiological examinations.
  • Computed tomography.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging systems.
  • Positron emission tomography equipment.
  • Modern endoscopic methods.

Modern methods of treatment

The cancer treatment methods that are used today in Israel are based on a comprehensive approach, i.e. the combination of several types of treatment that increases their efficiency.

At the moment, surgical removal of the tumor is the gold standard in cancer treatment. Israeli clinics use minimally invasive surgeries that spare healthy tissues and have minimal risk of complications. For such interventions, robotic systems, such as the da Vinci one, are used.

This robot allows to reach maximum accuracy of surgical operations. It also allows to eliminate the influence of human factor on the course of the operation and to treat oncology of any location. The da Vinci robot reduces trauma and blood loss.

The perfect place to treat cancer

Most clinics in Israel have a JCI quality certificate. This certificate proves the international standard of medical services provided. Among the huge list of modern clinics in Israel, we can highlight one of the most popular ones.

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, where several million patients undergo treatment annually. Over the years, the clinic has developed many innovative methods of cancer therapy, which has proved its high level of medicine.

The peculiarity of the clinic is a high level of patient care, which allows improving the efficiency of cancer treatment significantly.

How to undergo treatment abroad effectively?

Thanks to the development of medical tourism cancer patients can get the best treatment abroad. For receiving help, you can contact Booking Health – the medical tourism operator. With its help, you will learn all about the cost of cancer treatment in Israel, and you will be able to choose the best clinic for yourself.

In addition, during your treatment Booking Health will help you with all medical and non-medical issues, such as flight arrangement, translation services, purchase of medicines, communication with the clinic.

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