Mobile Jungle set to revolutionise the UK’s refurbished phones market

ESSEX, UK; 24 June 2020 – Replacing your mobile phone every few years or when something goes unexpectedly wrong, is an unavoidable part of our modern lives. For some, it’s an excuse to get their hands on the latest and greatest tech, but for those looking to decrease their environmental impact, it can often be a bit more challenging. Shopping for refurbished mobile devices generally comes with mixed results.

Now there is a new, better way to buy refurbished mobile devices, whilst being kinder to the planet. Mobile Jungle is an online store selling high-quality refurbished smartphones and electronic devices direct to the public.

With a passion for sustainability and a vision to revolutionise the industry, Mobile Jungle is starting to get talked about for all the right reasons.

Based in Purfleet, Essex, Mobile Jungle’s team of technicians repair and refurbish all of their devices completely in-house. This has a substantial impact on both the carbon footprint of the business and the quality of the refurbishments.

“We’re here to raise the level of service that consumers seeking to buy a top quality reconditioned device receive,” says co-founder Justin Greenfield,“.  Historically certain customers within the refurbished smartphone market have been distrustful because of the lack of grading and quality control protocols in place, as well as less scrupulous e-commerce retailers leaving them waiting for months to receive the device or not refunding them promptly.

We’re on a mission to change all this by providing reliable service, high-quality and transparently graded products with no messing about”.

Mobile Jungle’s team of experienced and talented technicians take old, unwanted phones and turn them into like-new devices that operate perfectly, meaning customers can get an affordable phone without contributing to e-waste issues.

They may be a new business, but Mobile Jungle have big plans for the future, with ambition to launch a mobile repairs arm soon, where consumers can send in their existing devices for repairs.

Mobile Jungle customers have only good things to say about local business so far. Their trustpilot rating is the best in the sector with a trust score of 4.9 from over 110 reviews and growing.

“This truly is a business built for a modern world, built with conscious consumerism and our customer’s lifestyles in mind – which is why we also offer flexible payment options, including PayPal and Klarna. People’s mobile devices are their link to the world, so we understand how important it is to ensure they always have quick and easy access to a quality, functioning device,” says Greenfield.

Visit to see their extensive range of refurbished devices.

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