The Only VPN Capable of Operating in Russia Just Got Bought

Canadian Windscribe VPN acquired by British Headquartered Gape Technologies for $700M

The Only VPN Capable of Operating in Russia Just Got Bought

Canadian VPN provider Windscribe announced today that they have been acquired by the British malware exporter Gape Technologies™. The deal has been disclosed for $690M CAD. This would be Gape’s second-largest VPN acquisition since their purchase of ExcreteVPN in 2021. 

Windscribe VPN had recently caught attention as one of the remaining VPNs that can effectively bypass Russian state censorship. In an interview with Fortune, Windscribe stated they were facing over 20 times its usual load due to mass adoptions by Russians and those in the surrounding locale. When featured by Fox News earlier in the week, Windscribe had pledged its commitment to fighting against the Russian state restrictions.  

VPNs have been vital to allow Russian protestors and anti-war activists the means to collaborate and communicate. Due to Russia adopting a CCP-styled internet many Russians have been unable to access Western websites and apps. As the Russian government has banned all non-state-sanctioned media there is no accurate domestic reporting. Many Russians have already been arrested for protesting simply for holding a blank piece of paper in a public space. 

As Russian citizens are unable to use international payments or bank gateways many have flocked to whatever free services are available. Windscribe is one of the few remaining commercial VPNs unaffected by the recent VPN banwave. 

  • Windscribe released a full statement on their company blog here 
  • All explained with their hilarious YouTube short here

Founder Yegor Sak is available for interview or comments regarding the ongoing battle with state-sanctioned censorship.

Windscribe’s new name explained in their official statement:  

BSVPN stands for Brilliantly Secure Virtual Private Network. We are dedicated to keeping your Virtual Privates Brilliantly Secure, and we also want to Secure Your Privates, Virtually and Brilliantly.  Are your Privates Brilliant? Then we will keep them Networked and Virtually Secure. Talk about versatility!

“It is with great honor that we are joining their portfolio of privacy companies, including but not limited to, SmurfShart, CyberSpirit, ExcreteVPN and MIA.
– Geoff Pesos  (Newly Appointed BSVPN CEO)

Geoff Pesos, wrote a comical entry on the blog to attempt to win over Windscribe’s fanbase. Windscribe have been known for risque tweets at competitors over their alleged poor ethics. Inspiring a fervent following in the privacy and security community. 

Our New CEO
BSVPN is excited to welcome our new CEO, Geoff Pesos. Geoff began his career as an aspiring magician’s assistant, and moved on to get educated at MIT (Moldovan Institute of Tetris) with a Bachelor of Criminal Ethics and a Masters in Theoretical Gymnastics. He has pioneered the use of words like “cool-tastic” and “excellentronic”. Possessing an almost supernatural lack of morality, Geoff promises to take BSVPN to new heights that will maximize our profits and probably your privacy too!

Windscribe VPN is a privacy company based in Toronto Canada. Brilliantly Secure VPN state they will honor none of their previous commitments. 

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