Why Should You Replace a Missed Tooth? Essential Points to Consider

When you have a missing tooth, things aren’t good for you! It can make you feel embarrassing or completely uncomfortable. The gaps in your teeth can make you feel self-conscious. Besides hurting your self-esteem, missing tooth can also be detrimental to your dental health.

Hence, replacing your missing tooth by using a dental bridge or implant is necessary. You can check out Allure Dental in Lafayette, Indiana, to know more about it. If you get in touch with an expert dentist, they will discuss all your requirements. You shouldn’t neglect this. Some of the essential reasons for replacing a missing tooth are:

  1. Teeth can loosen and shift – When you find that all the tooth are neatly in one row, they stay stable and lined up. When one tooth goes missing, it can shift others as well. It’s possible for teeth to move out of place, that leads to a change in bite, tooth decay as well as gum disease.
  2. Your face might change – When you lose a back tooth, it can shift your mouth and make you appear older. Each aspect of your face is interconnected. Hence, the loss of tooth can deteriorate your bone and make the dental muscles droop. When you replace the missing tooth, it makes sure that others are in place. It also keeps your mouth healthy. It ensures that your face don’t change drastically.
  3. It can hurt your mental health – In case you have a missing tooth, you will face challenges in chewing your food. You will think twice before smiling in public. And while you can ignore this discomfort for a while, things can get irritating after sometime. Also, having a tooth missing is fun for a kid, but not an adult. Few people have witnessed problems in their speech because of missed teeth, which can affect one’s confidence. However, when you opt-in for a tooth replacement, it can take some time to get used to it. But when you opt-in for a dental implant, you will realize its benefits. Also, the implant will like a natural tooth, that will add to your confidence.
  4. A TMJ disorder – There are muscles on your head side that enables you to chew and it also rotates the jaw, which is known as temporomandibular joints or the TMJ. Any change in the muscles and systems which it’s connected to can result in physical pain. Often, a tooth loss that hasn’t been replaced can result in a TMJ disorder. The best treatment for a TMJ disorder is prevention. And if you have a missing tooth, it’s best to get it replaced, so that you don’t get a TMJ problem in the future.

Today, dental technology has become very advanced. Hence, if you have a problem of missing tooth, it can get replaced with the help of an expert treatment, who will decide the best tooth replacement choice for you. You need to maintain your dental health so that you can hold on to your beautiful smile. The faster you take any action, the faster you can smile and get back your confidence.