How To Overcome The Teen Vaping Problem

Vaping has seen an incredible increase especially since a few years ago. The USA and the UK are the two biggest markets with many new small vape stores flourishing. Many users see e-cigarettes as a practical option to help them quit smoking. Health experts from around the world have concluded through various studies that vaping is 95 % less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Most vapers use an electronic device to heat vape juices and inhale the vapor that is released as a result. The vapor released by this method has lesser toxins compared to that found in cigarette smoke. While this is the most common method of vaping, there is another method that replaces e-liquids with dry herbs such as tobacco. This method has been slowly gaining popularity over the years. Here are the most important things to know about vaping tobacco.

What Is The Difference Between Vaping E-liquids And Tobacco

There are hundreds of dry herbs that can be used in a vaping device to replace e-liquids. Marijuana was one such herb that was commonly used in many parts of the world. Vaporizers can be used to heat the dry herb and release the THC from cannabis in vapor form, instead of smoke. Recently traditional tobacco leaves have also gained popularity among vape users.

E-liquids or vape juices typically contain nicotine, flavoring and other chemicals. While inhaling the vapor from the vape juice, you are also exposed to other chemicals released by it. However, when you are vaping tobacco, you are only heating the tobacco to extract its nicotine. Nothing else synthetic will be entering your body when you inhale.

This method of vaping has been slowly gaining traction compared to smoking cigarettes or even vape juices. This is after several high-profile illnesses and deaths linked with vape were reported by the media in 2019. Vapers have become more cautious and are looking for an alternative that is less synthetic.

What Is The Difference Between Smoking And Vaping Tobacco

Both cigarette smoking and vaping use different methods to deliver nicotine. Tobacco leaves are burned in a cigarette to create smoke. The burning releases tar and other chemicals which are poisonous.

Since the tobacco leaves are heated below the combustion point in the e-cigarette, it is less likely to release harmful chemicals. Unlike the strong odor produced by cigarette smoke, vaping releases a very subtle smell. The heating of tobacco leaves also does not cause discolored fingers or stained teeth.

Vaping is also easier on your wallet. Even if it’s a hefty initial cost to purchase the required devices, it is way cheaper than smoking. In a year, you will pay less for coil replacement and other requirements for vaping tobacco compared to buying cigarettes. It is definitely a better way to stay social while spending less.

There are some instances of smokers who after trying to switch to vape, turning back to cigarettes due to the lack of satisfaction. This is due to the synthetic nicotine present in vape juices that do not feel the same. This may cause withdrawal syndrome in some smokers making it harder to quit.

However, vaporized tobacco can make the transition away from cigarettes easier by

delivering the same authentic nicotine. Heating instead of burning may be the way of the future for tobacco lovers.


The decision to quit smoking while important is not always easy. A little help from technology can certainly make it easier. Although vaping is less dangerous than cigarettes, it is certainly not harmless. So it is important that you also plan to eventually quit vaping and adopt the right lifestyle for a healthier living.

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