5 Wedding Tips They Don’t Tell You!

5 Wedding Tips They Don’t Tell You……

I have had the privilege of photographing wedding stories for over 13 years, attending more weddings than you ever will in your lifetime, shooting up to 30 per year, all over the world. Being both a destination wedding photographer and a wedding photographer in Milton Keynes has provided a great insight into the industry.

Submerged in that environment, learning how professional teams work and feedback from those around me has allowed me to soak up information, see what works, what doesn’t and just how your perfect day could be if you just tweak a few things. Here are the best wedding tips they don’t tell you.

1 – Choosing your bridal party

As difficult as choosing either your maid of honor, best man or bridesmaids I’ve seen a few of ‘the chosen’ ones bringing either stress, self absorption, jealousy criticism or negativity to the day. This needs to stop, please! Choose those people who you are going to LOVE having around and embrace the role not just those you feel obliged to ask.

You see your phone ringing the morning of your wedding, there’s seemingly a problem, now it’s time for them to step up, solve the issue and carry on enjoying your morning preparations, making that problem disappear. A bridesmaids dress doesn’t fit, that’s their problem to fix, not yours. If they need help, I am normally on hand to either assist where I can or advise on how to resolve. (male photographers can multi-task!)

Today, for just this once you need to be selfish.

2 – Embrace the day and breathe

Take time for you. Between 08:00-14:00 you are cramming in so much. PLEASE tell the photographer to leave for 30 mins, the videographer to wait, the bridesmaids to pop out, for Mum to take the kids out. Take some time for you in a quiet room if you can. This is an amazing day that can sometimes be consumed with so much organised chaos. There is no harm in asking for a little space.

3 – Step out, just you two

You’ve just married, there are another 10 hours of eating, greeting, wedding photography, video, dealing with kids, making sure Grandparents are ok. Go and spend some time with each other. JUST you two. Find somewhere quiet, reflect on the morning. Your guests, photographer and catering staff will be fine! This is your day that you’ve spent a small fortune on, enjoy it.

4 – Unplugged wedding

A little wedding photography tip now. It’s fab that so many people want to record the special moments but it all honesty those who are using phones and iPads will not be able to do much with those blurry, grainy photos other than getting their FOMO fix (fear of missing out) of uploading the first wedding picture to social media. Put them down, let the professional capture the moments without an iPad in the background. Too many cooks….

5 – Photography

Please don’t skimp on your photography, as with most things in life, honestly, you get what you pay for. A few hundred pounds more pays for; experience, technical ability, a person who embraces being around all kinds of people who is able to conduct themselves in a fun and professional way and who can stay focused and creative. Check out ‘Why hire a professional photographer’ for more help in deciding what decision to make. These images last forever. No re-takes.

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